The principle of operation of the knitting machine: types and classes of knitting units.

The principle of operation of the knitting machine.Knitting is a great way to equip yourself and your loved ones with warm and exclusive wardrobe items. For some, this activity is very difficult and time consuming. This is what caused the creation of such a device as a knitting machine. Many needlewomen are afraid of its terrible appearance and, at first glance, a complex design. But if you look a little - everything is simple and understandable, and the knitting process becomes fast and tireless. And if desired, it can turn into an additional way of earning.

What is a knitting machine

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A knitting machine is a device that allows you to easily and quickly make knitwear with a variety of patterns. It makes it possible to obtain material with various color patterns. By purchasing such a machine, you can create unusual things for all family members and not only. But first, you will need to figure out how to work with it.

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Unlike hand knitting, on this tool the fabric will turn out smoother. Among the main advantages of this device:

  • speed of work;
  • smooth and dense rows of loops;
  • the ability to easily make any openwork pattern.
Work knitting machine.

REFERENCE! It should be noted a large selection of these devices on the market. This makes it possible to choose a machine class that allows knitting from yarn of various thicknesses.

Knitting machine device

This device has many needles on which the web is formed. This makes it so productive. The carriage acts as a second spoke and makes loops. True, such a device makes the machine very overall and "demanding" to the workspace.

Having figured out what parts this mechanism consists of, it will be easier for you to understand the principles of creating tissue in it and begin to work effectively. The main elements of the device are:

  1. Fontura. This is the basis of the mechanism. Knitted needles are attached to it, its other name is the needle bar.
  2. Punch card or computer. It is attached to the background from above. Here you can customize the canvas pattern.
  3. Needles. Mounted in a long row in the needle bar. Participate in the formation of loops. Most cars have about 200 of them.
  4. Carriage. The main mechanism. Freely moves along a number of needles, serves to form loops. The carriage has a knob density regulator in the form of a disk.
What a knitting machine consists of.

There are single and double-circuit machines. They differ in functionality and the number of available patterns when knitting. There is also a large variety of accessories for knitting machines that will simplify the work and give new opportunities.

The principle of operation of the knitting machine

Knowing the purpose of all the details of this unit and its operating principles will make the knitting process easy and quick. The main element of the design are the needles. It is on them that the web will be formed. Needles have four working positions, which are marked on the background with the following symbols:

  1. ZNP (back nonworking position). The heels of the needles are pushed back all the way to the rear rail.
  2. PUP (forward non-working position). The needles are pushed forward all the way.
  3. RP (working position). Used to knit a flat cloth.
  4. PRP (front working position). Various patterns fit into it.

ATTENTION! In different models, the marking may differ, for example, be such: A B, C, D. For clarification, it is better to refer to the instructions of your model.

The carriage of the machine is designed to create new loops. She does the main work here. This part has a regulator of the density of the material at the outlet. Work on this unit is carried out by moving the carriage along the needles on which the yarn is worn. In this case, a new row of loops is formed and the web is produced. The pattern depends on the position of the needles and the presence of thread on them.

Types of knitting machines

Knitting machines of several types, differing among themselves in their capabilities and purpose. Household items basically have a single-band knitting system, which leads to the need for additional seams. By the number of needle beds, there are devices:

  1. Single-loop. The simplest and most common option. Has the ability to knit a small number of different patterns, is not able to make a circular cloth.
  2. Double-circuit. A more advanced and professional copy. It is more difficult to operate and more expensive, but at the same time it provides many additional functions. Among which are knitting a large number of ornaments and the ability to make colored patterns.
Types of machines for knitting.

Devices also differ in the way they control the needles. They can be both manual and punch-card or computer controlled. Electronic systems allow you to customize the desired pattern and easily embody it on the canvas. Punch cards allow you to do the same, but to select a different pattern, you have to buy the appropriate plate. You can also do them yourself by punching holes you need in a plastic card designed for this with a special punch.

Knitting aggregate classes

Classify these devices according to the distance between the spokes. The density of the finished fabric and the thickness of the yarn that can be used depend on this. The third grade has a distance of 9 mm and is well suited for thick threads. The tenth is 2.8 mm, it is suitable for the thinnest yarn.

The knitting machine, although it looks “intimidating”, does not represent anything complicated in the work. Having spent a little time on its development, you can give yourself and your family unique items of clothing. At the same time, without spending as much time as with hand knitting.

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