Juicer with your hands: the washing machine agitator type, with a horizontal load.

Juicer with their handsUse of kitchen appliances for cooking delicious food does not always cause positive emotions. Harvesting juices in winter requires special grade juicer selected model. The high cost of high-quality equipment, often makes it inaccessible. Making reliable juicer with their hands, solve the issue of their own economy a reliable technique for vitamins workpiece.

Principle of operation

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  • Juicer with their hands out of the washing machine agitator type
  • Homemade juicer of washing machines with horizontal loading
  • How to make a press manual juicer for apples

On design features two types of juicers:

  • centrifugal;
  • screw.

The principle of operation of the first lies in the fact that the centrifugal force at high speeds separates the juice from the pulp. The motor and the drum are heated, which promotes oxidation juice loss of vitamins and mineral micronutrients during the spin cycle.

Job screw Juicer made at low revs, which contributes to juicing "careful" mode without heating while retaining all beneficial ingredients the resulting mass.

ATTENTION! Excess of vitamins at a screw spin cycle 6 times compared with centrifugal!

Both methods are used in industrial scale, and in everyday life. By purchasing a juicer, consumers often do not think about the method of separating the juice from fruits and vegetables. Handwritten manufacturing allows you to thoroughly examine the specifics of spin, and a constructive method of work equipment.

Juicer with their hands out of the washing machine agitator type

Juicer with their hands out of the washing machine agitator typeFor DIY manufacturing need to find unnecessary stiralku, which rotates the drum, as in modern designs, and the shaft with plastic or metal vanes for stirring laundry. It is the use of the principle of operation of spent activator technology will allow to build the required unit for juicing great performance.

Phased implementation of the work will be as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to disassemble the mixing mechanism of linen: to remove activator and drive shaft.
  2. Prepare a shaft with three or more blades for installation in a regular place machine.
  3. Then, thoroughly wash out the inner surface of the machine and close the drain hole.
  4. Of aluminum or other stainless material mesh is made with holes of 1.5 mm diameter. It is positioned within a centrifuge and rigidly attached to the inner surface. The shaft is positioned within the centrifuge, the entire structure is inserted in the proper location and rigidly twist machines.
  5. Time switch, which previously functioned as a switch, replace the toggle switch to control the drive shaft.
  6. Include machine and loaded inner cavity of the centrifugal device. For pressing the juice with the help of a self-made designs, there is no need to pre-slitting apples.
  7. By adding a few apples, you need to make sure that the surface of the shaft with knives is not covered apple pomace. At least part of the inner filling waste centrifugal mechanism unit is stopped, and purified inner cavity of the centrifuge. Then, set everything in place and continue juicing.

ATTENTION! At the discretion of the manufacturer, the centrifugal mechanism of the housing can be integral and then the juice will be collected within the centrifuge. Drain the juice will not be easy, t. To. Have to tilt the entire unit.

The resulting construct juicers can process a large number of apples. Pre-cut fruit is not necessary, t. To. Knives, located on the shaft, perfectly cope with this function. The great disadvantage of using this design is the need for frequent disassembly of the shaft for the complete cleaning of the interior of the centrifugal mechanism. When cleaning without disassembling the shaft, can be injured by sharp edges of the cutting knives.

IMPORTANT! In order not to be cut when serving centrifugal mechanism used metal fixtures, made beforehand for this purpose.

The juice which is produced during the spin cycle, it is advisable to pass through gauze after it could stand for a while.

Homemade juicer of washing machines with horizontal loading

Having old, broken washing machine allows to produce a centrifugal juicer, spending a small amount of effort. User home appliances known for different modes of operation the machine, when performing tasks in the laundry washing and spinning. It is the latter function, or rather, it will allow the recovery is now not wring clothes, and juice from fruits and vegetables. To implement the planned you need to:

  1. Ensure the integrity of the drum and the motor efficiency.Homemade juicer of washing machines with horizontal loading
  2. To disassemble the machine, pull drum, wash, clean all the inner surfaces of the unit, especially the rubber sealing elements. If necessary, sandpaper rusty surface scum.
  3. Using the tester, to determine the possibility of the electric motor in the extraction mode, and in the absence of the tester to find the direct connection wire of the motor at maximum speed. Set the switch to break the circuit found.
  4. Remove the filter and drain pump system. Replace the drain hose - perfect for a new or cleaned old. Draining equipped with a ball valve for regulating and controlling the flow of juice.
  5. Close, riveted, make all unclaimed for draining the juice channels and holes inside the machine, in addition to water supply port (it is used for cleaning the equipment after extraction). Dismantle the heater. Embedded cavity cleaned and checked for a perfect seal.
  6. Set the drum on a regular place, fix and tilt the machine so as to cover a horizontal loading was at the top.
  7. To test the efficiency of termination and the density of the cavities within the housing, in the machine forcibly poured water and kept for 10-15 minutes, after closing the drain valve. In the absence of leaks, the assembly include both open the drain valve.

ATTENTION! The presence of small leaks when checking is not a reason for the mandatory removal. Commensurate importance of the location of a leak, the user determines whether to repair detected problems.

After checking, the unit can be loaded with fruit, squeeze the juice and preserve it for the winter.

Description of a domestic alteration unit - in other accomplished using stiralki core. Most of the craftsmen at redeveloping the washing machine in a juicer, do not use the casing of household appliances for rework. This is due to bulkiness and a large number of extra parts rectangular design of equipment for washing and fewer cavities are sealed by using the drum and its housing. What is important is the principle of work and rework pressed.

REFERENCE! Not all washing machine have a convenient drum cover for conversion into a juicer.

Hull automatic machines inconvenient presence of the lid, which when alterations replaced by metal. Make it out of stainless steel or aluminum, with round neck in the middle, without stopping to load equipment. When the tab is convenient to use fruit pipe through which hole apples are fed into the lower part of the working machine. A variety of design features of the alteration of the washing machine in a juicer limited user imagination.

How to make a press manual juicer for apples

A press juicer for applesSince ancient times, our ancestors used for squeezing juice from fruit Mechanical hand press. Simplicity of design, ease of use, put it in some of the most reliable and efficient tools for vitamins workpiece.

The operating principle of the press for squeezing juice is that fruit is placed in the immobilized container, the walls of which have openings for exit of fluid extruded. After loading apples piston presses on them, which area corresponds to the cross section of the tank. Under pressure spread out fruit and juice, through the holes, drains into the tray or other device to collect fluid.

The effort it takes to make great for crushing apples. Therefore, for efficient extraction using a system of levers, screw rod, a jack or hydraulic. Making a simple mechanical press includes the following stages:

  1. Stainless steel sheets need to cut a wide band, which will become the body containers. Then drill holes uniformly over the entire area of ​​the cut material.
  2. Perforated strips to construct a cylinder whose height is larger than the diameter of a few times. Weld joint circular tank.
  3. For the convenience of the press, from the same stainless steel casing made of perforated container, the diameter of which is greater than the first 3-7 cm.
  4. The lower part of the tank and the housing is welded round lids of stainless steel with a hole in the middle for fixing each other. At the bottom of the casing cavity directly make a hole for draining the juice if the casing is not used as a container for collecting liquid.
  5. Now it is necessary to manufacture the supporting frame. For this purpose metal profile pipes of rectangular cross section. First welded support in the form of a square stable and then is welded to a support frame to which is attached piston rod.
  6. In the center of the upper beam drilled hole larger than the diameter of the rod and welded threaded nut.
  7. Before installing the rod, piston and pick attach it to the bottom of the shaft with thread. The piston is made of wood, metal or plastic. The main thing that he passed the stem force. For this purpose, a wooden or plastic material to protect the metal plate.
  8. The perforated container together with the casing mounted on the support and fixed. Check the accuracy of the piston match the capacity. Case of inaccuracies, eliminate them.

IMPORTANT! Bore make 2-3 mm smaller than the capacity of the press, and the stem has a clear on its center. The displacement of the rod will not allow a large force is uniformly distributed over the entire pressure area.

Press ready to work. Loading, spin, waste discharge takes a lot of time. But the quality of extraction such pressure is the best compared to other methods. To expedite the process, used as a drive motor with reduction gear or a hydraulic jack.

Making your own hands juicer require some effort and time. These costs are offset by positive emotions, when consuming juices at any time of the year.

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