Features of Tsarskaya cherry plum and its cultivation

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Alycha Tsarskaya was bred in Russia as a result of breeding. This is a low tree with a compact crown of the average maturation period. Alycha is sufficiently frost-resistant, slightly damaged by diseases and pests. Fruits are roundish, yellow in color, ripen in the middle of summer. Gardeners note the excellent taste, juicy, with a slight sourness.Fruits are well preserved, which allows you to transport without problems.

Features of the variety

Those who wish to grow cherry plum should be familiarized in advance with the description and photos of this variety. A blossoming tree is very decorative and will be an ornament of a spring garden.

Alycha Tsarskaya is a self-fertile variety. To obtain a crop on the site, it is necessary to plant pollinating trees.

The best pollinators for cherry plum are considered to be the self-fruit varieties of cherry plum, for example, the varieties Kuban comet, Naidena, Mara, the Gift of St. Petersburg.

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How to choose the seedling and the place for planting

Before buying, you should carefully inspect the seedling. There should be no damage and traces of the fungus. The root system of a good seedlings is developed, rootlets are healthy, not rotten.

A variety of cherry plums Tsarskaya is absent from Rosreestr, therefore, it is better to buy material for planting in the nursery.

Stagnation of groundwater tree can not stand, their level should not be higher, meters.

If the groundwater is close to the surface, plum should be planted on a mound and it is necessary to provide good drainage.

The best place to plant cherry plums Tsarskaya will be the southern side, protected from the winds.

How to plant a plum properly

The landing pit at the selected site should be excavated in advance, so that the ground shrinks. Prepare the soil: the garden soil is mixed with the overgrown manure or compost, add ashes, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. For acidic soils, add slaked lime or dolomite flour. Drainage is poured into the bottom of the pit, a mound is formed from the prepared soil, a seedling is planted on it and the roots are carefully spread. Then pour the remaining soil and compact it. The neck of the seedlings must be above the ground level. After planting, the young tree is watered abundantly along the near-barrel circle.

Correct planting of royal plum and good subsequent care will guarantee a long life of the tree and abundant annual fruiting.

Care of a tree

Care for cherry plum is simple - regular watering in the dry season, sanitary spring and forming autumn pruning, feeding and protection from pests. Damage to it basically caterpillars of a moth-eater. To protect against them, the tree trunk is wrapped with hunting belts, regularly collecting under the trees a carrion. Before flowering the crown can be treated with a preparation from the moth.

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An effective tool may be planting under a tree of plants, which repel butterflies and caterpillars of the moth - wormwood, tansy, marigold or marigold.

Correct pruning also reduces the likelihood of plague damage to the plum.

In any photo of a healthy fruit-bearing tree, it is clearly seen that the crown is not thickened and evenly illuminated by the sun. Sparse plantings and timely spraying with fungicides will prevent the disease of moniliosis in plum - a common fungal disease. In group plantings for spacious growth, each tree needs 9-12 square meters.

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If the region is characterized by frosty winters, before the beginning of cold weather it is necessary to adulter the near-bottom circle with compost, leaf lard, and lapnik.

Planting cherry plums Tsarskoy - this is a good choice of any gardener. The yielding and unpretentious tree will provide for a long time truly royal tasting fruit in the summer and a variety of compotes, jam and jelly for the winter.


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