What heater Garage choose: the main types of thermal power units

Garage - sacred place of these motorists. However, district heating in these areas is a rare luxury, inaccessible to the majority of car owners. Therefore, in the winter cold for a comfortable stay in the garage is necessary to ensure its heating by household appliances.

The main types of devices

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  • The main types of devices
  • Selection device based on the thermal capacity
  • The best low-cost model

The main types of heaters for the garageWhat is better to choose the heater for the garage? Consider the main types of heaters are suitable for use in garages.

oil heaterone of the most familiar household electric devices, operating at the expense of heating oil inside the housing. The heating medium heats the metal body, which, in turn, gives heat to the surrounding air. Such a device is very easy to use and is one of the most low-end solutions. However, he is not able to heat a large area of ​​the room, the air temperature rises evenly and does so quite a long time compared to other types of equipment.

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What better heater in the garage? convectora device operating on the principle of natural circulation of air. Capturing the housing bottom cold streams that becomes hot when passing through the heating element, gives out unit heated air, which gradually cooling down, the room circulates, runs down again to the input convector.

This device is effective oil installations and is able to heat the room faster. However, it also will not be able to manifest themselves in the case of large-sized garages or presence of drafts.

Infrared heater unlike other heats not the air itself, and the objects to which it is directed radiation. They can be arranged thermal zones that will avoid unnecessary costs and improve the heating efficiency. The principle of operation is borrowed from nature - the heat is transferred by radiation, just as the sun heats the earth's surface. However, it is not recommended to stay a long time in the area of ​​direct exposure to the rays of the device.

Heat guns or fans are also a popular choice among the owners of garages. Such a technique has significant thermal capacity and high space heating rate. She is also not afraid of drafts and often opens the door. The principle of operation is based on the fact that the heated air inside the enclosure is thrown outwardly by the built-in fan. It follows the main disadvantage of this type of device - they work quite noisy.

Attention! Some heaters may be used as an energy source electricity, gas or fuel oil (diesel).

Electric models - the most expensive, but easy to use and safe. To use the heat gun on gas it is necessary to take special precautions to avoid fires, but with their help heating the garage will cost you less likely. Diesel technology, among other things, will require you to the organization of the exhaust system.

Heating cables or just warm floors used to when severe frosts do not occur with the car starting problems. They are placed locally on the parking spot, harboring machine cover of solid matter and warmed to a temperature sufficient to start. Floors consume a small current, economical, but highly problematic in the organization - their best lay in the process of construction of the garage.

Selection device based on the thermal capacity

Thermal power heater for the garageHow to choose the heater for the garage? The main parameter of the heating appliance - it's heat output. It is calculated from the dimensions of the garage in which the heater is operated.

For gas models measuring unit is BTU / hr for electrical - W. A simple approach for determining sufficient power - multiplication floor area 8, followed by rounding up to the nearest available models.

The best low-cost model

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy
  • Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy - IR Gas-action device power kBTU 4-9. Suitable for heating an area of ​​non-residential premises to 20m2;
  • Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD - heat gun on gas fuel with a maximum heat output - 60 kVTU. Cope with the room to 1 thousand. m2 and even more;
  • Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mount Quartz - infrared quartz heater, power 1500 W, it is suitable for small spaces 8-15 m2.

REFERENCE. All of these devices are in the $ 50-80 price range.

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