Installation of infrared heaters

Today FREH (Ceiling infrared heaters film type) are conducted unscientific conversations. According to Kazakh colleagues in tenge turns 1.5 times cheaper utility payments from the boiler, radiators and other accessories. Masters say that in the square. m. for 60 watts, then there is no need for a gas boiler. Eyewitnesses claim that the 80-square-meter wooden cottage takes 6 kW. It seemed wrong in search engine Yandex was typed query "calculation capacity of the boiler." We began to find out whether the installation of infrared heaters really eliminates the problem.

Assessment of the appropriateness installation of infrared heaters

class of devices will enable to structure the space into separate areas, which is very fond of the designers.

The complexity of the installation of infrared heaters film type

Russian search engine has led to site. After a series of experiments, it became clear that the calculator can be trusted. Installation of infrared heaters in the house is preceded by calculations. Without thinking, brought to the typical values ​​of the design parameters:

Installing the IR heaters in the house

  1. Room temperature 20 ° C.
  2. The minimum temperature is taken outside minus 20 ° C. This is not the smallest value in the territory of Russia, but there is no purpose to drive the manufacturers of infrared heaters in the conditions of the North Pole. Taken loyal temperature below the frost it happens anywhere in the Russian Federation.
  3. Since the wooden house in the video, ask decided maximum log walls (a calculator) 25 cm thickness.
  4. New windows take the usual, with double glazing, in the house where it is supposed to establish an infrared heater.
  5. The ceiling height is 2.5 meters, in real housing meets and higher. We did not seek to create difficult conditions for infrared heaters.
  6. Finally, the window size for the room is ridiculous. Defined four openings of 1.5 x 1.5 meters. This is a low figure.
  7. Gender is taken boardwalk built over a typical cellar.
  8. The ceiling leads to the attic.

Storey house with an area of ​​the external walls of 80 square meters. Self installing infrared heaters compensate for the loss. The result was that the leak:

  • through the window is 1 kW;
  • through the walls of at least 6 kW;
  • through the floor and ceiling of 1.5 kW.

Given that rounded result is obtained 10 kW. It's a half times more than the promise of film producers ceiling heaters. It argues that further arch space is insulated, whereby the loss is reduced. It adds that deteriorates the permeability of the vapor and increases the construction cost. Installation of ceiling decorative coating becomes difficult, and the emissivity of the equipment is likely to get low, which is no good effect on the efficiency of the heating sector. Just think that if you put on the ceiling insulation, ceiling tiles resistance is acceptable simply discarded as too low. Although it made of polyurethane foam.

  1. Sprayed insulation for foundations, walls and roof - polyurethane foam.
  2. Insulation of boilers, water heaters - polyurethane foam.
  3. Plates for thermal insulation of facades, buildings - polyurethane foam. polyurethane plates

It turns out that the insulation above and below the same. A film heats mostly itself. Sandwich-type design obtained from at least three layers: a heat insulator film, ceiling decorative coating - which disrupts the normal vapor permeability. So do not build the attic: a pitched roof equipped with special membranes when the air layer cladding metal tile or slate. Such a move is likely to disrupt the construction of the building technology. It is required to consider the smallest details.

Silent simple fact that in apartment buildings need insulation, difficult to perform. If the flood on top of the heater well, if not detected the slightest cracks, and the device does not work at a particular moment. Otherwise the consequences are sad. Water and electricity - are incompatible with human life things. And the installation of infrared heaters in the apartment is complemented by actions:

  1. Penetrating waterproofing the ceiling and the upper edges of the walls, it's worth a lot. Those who do not believe, it is recommended to ask the price Kalmatron (about Penetron is better not to think). Waterproofing of the ceiling and the upper edges of the walls
  2. Buying a differential protection device in order to avoid electric shock to persons.
  3. Purchasing power in the quota, in an apartment building often even impossible. The new generation of skyscrapers is not so flimsy shield will probably pull the load.

Plus installation of infrared heaters on the ceiling

We see only three described plus the advanced technology:

  1. I do not need a project for work.
  2. Appearance is not spoil radiators.
  3. Work is carried out during the day.

And electricity comes out more expensive natural gas. And recall boilers willingly consume diesel fuel, coal and wood. Cost is not the fact that the remains of ceiling infrared heaters film type. The calculator determined that little 6 kW for heating, the resulting losses are greater numbers. While the area is specially understated and soft conditions selected. Radiant ceiling heaters replace boilers of central heating radiators, or only a mild climate, there is advantageous to use equipment.

Ceiling infrared heater in the house

That is, if the house is not hot water. And if there is, the electric heater will still need to fasten, to complement a boiler for energy storage. In this light setting radiator pipe laying, expenditure for the additional recirculation pump look not so bad in comparison with the already done work.

Where to use infrared heaters film type

We examined the intricate aspects that advertising forgets in a hurry to tell, but are present situation, when the film heaters appropriate. Firstly, cottages in unprotected villages. Thieves will take away the pipe and the boiler that heats the ceiling, can not see - if carefully remove the thermostat from the wall and bring the city together with the wiring. At the same time the hot water supply in the country is not available, are usually present: bath, sauna, shower, river, etc... And in the off-season conditions are not so stringent, therefore, the complex overhead infrared heaters done deal and will not freeze to death. Thus it is not canceled quota of energy, differential protection devices do not prevent, along with preservatives or plugs.

Installation of infrared heaters in the country looks appropriate. Do not forget about the conductivity. PR managers say there is no difference than cover infrared heaters on the ceiling give a real life event.

Winter, frost of 20 degrees, the windows betrays kitchen. Working stove, the ceiling tropics, but cold feet. The ceiling is probably found a temperature of not less than forty degrees Celsius (as in FREH advertising), but there is no heat effect. Where is the infrared radiation. Several answers, for example, a whitewashed ceiling bad emits waves. Kind and warm, but not warm. The second reason is the absence of insulation. Infrared heating is capricious, no wonder manufacturers make radiators Peony by micro-arc oxidation. Without such tricks efficiency is reduced by half to compensate named at the beginning of money. The creators of the complex suspended ceilings Armstrong produce special tiles, not separated from the room, employees infrared heaters type.

In addition, heat is effectively penetrates into the ceiling to the neighbors and the street. Along thermal bridges - the steel reinforcement. Therefore, the inside heater give insulator forming direction of energy flow.

Think of these nuances. Infrared heaters are good to keep the house warm, but in the harsh Russian winter would like to have something more tangible. For example, Russian stove. Before you install an infrared heater, calculate with pencil and paper.

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