What is the difference between a boiler and a water heater

BoilerA boiler is a device with a tank inside, in which water of a set temperature is constantly located and maintained. In no, there is a thermostat and a magnesium anode. For heating use a thermal electric heater (TEN).

The temperature controller is necessary to control the temperature set by the user. It turns on and off the heater, bringing the temperature level to the desired value. As soon as the faucet opens, hot water leaves the upper part of the device, due to the fact that cold water coming from below pushes it out.

To reduce heat loss between the body of the device and the container is a heat insulating material that acts on the principle of a thermos.

The magnesium anode performs an anti-corrosion function by protecting the inside of the tank.

Boiler device

Differences between the boiler and the water heater

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  • Differences between the boiler and the water heater
  • Varieties of boilers and their features

Instantaneous water heaterInstantaneous water heaters are fundamentally different in that the water in them does not accumulate, but heats up, passing through the heating element

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(Heater, heating coil or gas burner). Thus, you can heat an unlimited amount of water, because in this case the tank is not used. The water heater turns on automatically when the tap is opened.

One of the advantages of a instantaneous water heater is its small size and weight. It can be easily placed, for example, above the sink, while installing a boiler will require much more space, and the weight of the filled device is decent, which means that it will be necessary to more carefully approach its issue installation.

Another advantage of a water heater is a more economical energy consumption. In the case of a instantaneous water heater, electricity is spent only on heating water during its use, i.e. only when the tap is open. The boiler consumes electricity not only for heating, but also for maintaining the desired temperature.

But after opening the tap, water of the temperature we need flows out. In the case of a flowing water heater, when you open the tap with hot water, first what is in the system will merge, i.e. cold water. Due to this, its consumption increases.

ATTENTION! Some instantaneous water heaters require special mixers., while when using boilers, the usual ones already available in the room are suitable.

Varieties of boilers and their features

There are devices for direct or indirect heating.

Direct heating boilerDirect heating boilers represent devices with a tank for water, the heating element is located either directly in the tank itself or under it. They use heating elements or gas burners. Devices of this type are widely used in apartment buildings during the shutdown period of hot water supply in the summer.

Electric, in turn, are using a dry heater (the heating element itself does not come in contact with water, it is in a special flask) or wet (immersed heater). Devices with dry heating elements are more expensive, but they work 3-4 times longer.

Indirect reserve boilerIndirect heating boilers heat water through the use of a heat exchanger. Water is supplied from the boiler through a pipeline. The coil is most often used as a heat exchanger; the more turns it has, the faster the heating. Devices of this type have found application in private homes and premises that do not have central heating.

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