How to hang and fasten a water heater on a wall, features of fastening to different materials

A water heater is an integral part of many housing. With it, you can always be sure that there is hot water at home. However, during installation, the difficulty arises - how to mount the water heater on the wall? Today we will talk about this in more detail.

Mount Features

The content of the article

  • Mount Features
  • Necessary parts, tools
  • How to fix - instructions
  • How to attach to the walls of different materials
    • Drywall
    • Foam concrete
    • Concrete

boiler mounting featuresBefore proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to visually and technically familiarize yourself with the device. This information can prepare you for future work, and will help you more familiarize yourself with the features of the mount:

  • It is recommended to arrange the device taking into account future electric wires and water supply (or with the possibility of convenient access to replenishing water manually - it depends on the type of heater);

If the building project is only at the construction stage, then it is worth paying increased attention to this issue. Sockets are best installed immediately with protection against dust, with the possibility of emergency shutdown when water gets into them. Water supply pipes should be installed in such a test, where they could be reached and repairs made (if necessary). It is not recommended to use “flexible” pipes, they quickly become unusable, better made of copper, or “hard” plastic pipes. At the same time, it is worthwhile to show concern about the future design and appearance of the apartments - this is laid in the design and construction phase.

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  • It is worth worrying about a special cabinet in which the installation will be made;

cabinet for boilerA special cabinet is the best place to install a water heater. He will be able to protect him from accidental blows and visually “hide” him from prying eyes. It is recommended to install it in a special place. It is not difficult to make a cabinet, but it is worthwhile to worry about this feature in advance.

  • Make sure that the walls are strong enough and that the humidity level is satisfactory.

There are various types of walls (we will talk about this a bit later), but you need to first estimate that the wall will hold the weight of the heater. It is important to have an idea of ​​its strength - it must be sufficient to support a given weight (and the weight of future heating systems). Humidity can destroy the fasteners and make the internal parts of the heating elements unusable, which is unacceptable, since the humidity level should be at a satisfactory level. If the humidity is too high, it is recommended that you think about changing the mounting location to a more suitable one.

These features are important information that you should have "on the pencil", which will allow you to carry out the installation correctly and reliably!

Necessary parts, tools

For fastening you need an insignificant set of tools, parts:

  • Construction gun;
  • Hammer drill;
  • Electric drill;
  • Steel hooks (10 mm);
  • Dowels.

How to fix - instructions

  1. With a construction gun (or drill), holes are drilled in the wall into which a screw for fasteners is placed.
    fastenersThey come complete with a hook, in addition (for better fixation) it is recommended to use dowels. Dowels are different and must be suitable for the type of wall.
  2. For better adhesion of screws, a small amount of epoxy can be added.
  3. After installing the "nest" (the entire first paragraph), the hook is wound.
  4. The water heater is fixing. It is suspended by special mounts (brackets) that are provided in its housing.

Done! The water heater is fixed!

How to attach to the walls of different materials

Due to the fact that different houses have different types of walls, it is worth knowing about the features of fastening to certain, the most common types of materials.


drywall wallsDrywall has a soft structure, which makes this type of wall the most difficult type for fixing. It is better to use metal plates for the dowel, which increase the area of ​​pressure on the wall. Such linings are sold in any hardware store, if desired, you can make them yourself from a thin sheet of metal.

Heavy loads (more than 100 kilograms) should not be attached to drywall.

Foam concrete

To fix the dowels in foam concrete, it is better to use their nylon analogues, which are in the form of spirals. Their purpose is to work with foam concrete walls. They will be able to take into account the features of the wall and give maximum grip.

To install heavy devices, it is recommended to use metal dowels with a nylon lining.


concrete wall mountFor fastening to concrete, tips are applicable, as for foam concrete, with one condition that instead of nylon dowels, it is better to initially put metal, because concrete does not allow for their further replacement with another type dowels. Also, concrete creates a lot of noise (at work), if installation work takes place in multi-storey buildings, then try to choose the time for work when this noise will not cause inconvenience.

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