Growing pepper seedlings: how to plant seeds

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In our family, everyone loves Bulgarian pepper, so we plant it in decent quantities. They always bought ready-made seedlings, but last year it was not very good and very ill, and it was decided to grow a home-made pepper. Tell me, how to plant peppers on seedlings? Do I need to soak seeds before sowing?

As you know, the pledge of abundant harvest is a strong seedling. No exception is pepper. This culture is characterized by a long period of vegetation, so growing seedlings approximates the time of its fruiting. In addition, young bushes are demanding for temperature and watering, and the seedling method allows provide seedlings with comfortable conditions, due to which they grow more developed and form more ovaries. To get quality and healthy plants, it is important to know how to properly plant pepper on seedlings. The choice of seeding time, seed preparation, selection of nutrient soil - all these factors play a decisive role, so let us dwell on them today in more detail.

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Sowing time

Pepper is a heat-loving culture, and in order to grow it in the open ground, the seeds are sown on seedlings in early spring. The exact time depends on the climatic conditions, because at the time of landing bushes in the ground on the street should be a stable plus temperature and heated soil, namely:

  • in the south you can sow pepper in early February;
  • in the middle lane it is better to wait until the end of the month;
  • in the northern latitudes and should not be sown earlier than at the end of March.

Preparation of seed

To accelerate the germination of seeds, they must be pre-prepared. For this:

  • select the hollow seeds, soaking everything in salt water (good will remain at the bottom, and they will float up, you must throw it away);
  • Disinfect, having sustained in a solution of potassium permanganate pink color within half an hour;
  • stimulate, soaking in Epin for about 20 minutes.

Treated seeds are better to germinate before sowing, because in dry form, the shoots will have to wait a long time. It is not difficult to do this: we need to lay the seeds on a piece of cloth and cover it with a second shred. The cloth should be periodically sprayed, and as soon as the sprouts appear, immediately plant.

What kind of soil is needed for seedlings?

Healthy pepper seedlings will grow only on fertile soil, which can give the plants the necessary nutrition. Such soil mixtures are sold in the store (on the packaging it should be written "for seedlings"). Also, the soil can be prepared independently by mixing;

  • 1 share of sand;
  • 2 peat shares;
  • 3 shares of garden land.

Home substrate is subject to mandatory disinfection by piercing in the oven.

How to plant pepper on seedlings?

Pepper is very freedom-loving, it requires a lot of light and space and does not tolerate the tightness of landings. In this connection, it is better to sow seeds directly into small individual cups, laying 1-2 seeds in each.

The most convenient option - peat pills or pots, it is also easy to grow seedlings in cassettes.

When sowing, it is not necessary to deepen seeds, it is enough to sprinkle them lightly with soil, otherwise the shoots will delay their appearance for a while. The planted pepper is abundantly sprinkled and a shelter is built above the containers to create greenhouse conditions. After germination, it can be removed. Seedlings should be periodically moistened (the pepper loves moisture) and keep it in a bright place, if necessary, ensuring that it does not stretch.

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Video about the subtleties of pepper sowing on seedlings

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