Growing sprouts of balsam

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Balsam is a room and garden. Cultivation of adult flowers of indoor varieties and care for varieties of garden selection is different. Despite the different conditions of growing adult colors of balsam, their seedlings are grown equally. To obtain a quality planting material, you need to prepare the seeds of balsam, choose the right soil composition, and also increase the daylight of the shoots and fertilize the soil.

Preparation of balsam seeds

Seeds of balsam must be soaked in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Seeds are placed in a warm solution for half an hour. To overdo the seeds of balsam in solution it is impossible, otherwise they will not be suitable for planting. Since the seeds of balsam are very small, a solution with seeds is best filtered through a sieve.

After the seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, they are planted in a common container with loose fertile soil. In this capacity, the balsam is germinated. Seed sowing should be done no later than March 10, as it rises very slowly and unevenly.

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Transplanting seedlings into separate cassettes

Do not worry about the fact that the balsam rises unevenly. It is convenient for transplanting seedlings into separate cassettes. When the bonsamine seedling forms two seven-leafed leaves, it is transplanted. By this time, the root system of the seedling deepens into the soil for 3-5 cm. The plant is carefully excavated from the general container with a garden scoop, and then transplanted into a new separate container, trying not to injure the root system. Seedling is buried in the soil to seven-leaf leaves.

Immediately after the transplant, moisten the soil with an atomizer. To increase the seedlings of the powerful aboveground part, the light day of balsam is increased to 12-15 hours. Balsam can stretch out due to lack of light. Such a plant will not bloom abundantly.

Transplanting seedlings in open ground

In the open ground seedlings of balsam are planted in mid-May, when no more frost is expected. One liter of water is poured into the hole and, without waiting until the soil dries, plant balsamic sprouts. The well is covered with fertile soil. You do not need to water balsam after transplantation. If you plant balsam in the warm season, then it will blossom in early June. During flowering, balsam must be supplemented with potassium fertilizers, and watering should be reduced.

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