Plating baths enamel: the need for enamel coating bath as a bath cover enamel at home

If we start a repair, there is an overwhelming desire to bring order everywhere. Bathroom also falls under our gaze. That's already got a new wall covering, ceiling great, plumbing, all new... But there is an old bath, with yellow spots and chipped. Change it - a little expensive. But desperate situations do not happen. The old coating can be easily restored - it will cost much cheaper, than to change the bath entirely. Even professionals do not need to be invited.

Advantages of recovery bath cover

The content of the article

  • Advantages of recovery bath cover
  • What is needed to cover the bath enamel
  • Forms to enamel bath
  • How to cover the enamel bath at home

For the purchase of the bath is necessary to spend a considerable amount of money. Especially if it is a good plumbing, for example, of cast iron. You can buy an inexpensive, made of metal. But it is a problem too - filling with water, it is accompanied by a sound that "enjoy" all the neighbors. Especially when you consider that the sound insulation in our homes is far from ideal.

In addition, a new bathroom still need to install and dismantle the old before it. Easier said than performed. Such work is always quite dirty. Woman and generally deal with it will almost reach. But apply a new layer of enamel - a task that can handle any.Bath before and after.

Important! If the site with damage is not eliminated in time, there will be rust inflict irreparable harm. Then without buying a new bath can not do accurately.

Of course, to recreate in his apartment the factory technology is impossible. And perfect reconstruction of enamel is also not achieve. However, you can apply it again, and it will give the bath a nice view, and will not require additional costs.

Reference! Independently wrought coverage is different from the factory. It serves it's not so long. Deal with it must be carefully - it is less resistant to damage.

What is needed to cover the bath enamel

To feel like a restorer bath, you need to purchase the following equipment and tools:

  • respirator;
  • brush and roller for enameling;
  • latex gloves;
  • sander;
  • rags;
  • primer;
  • acetone;
  • actually, the enamel bath.

It should also stock up on special clothes.

Today in any hardware store you can easily buy a wide variety of enamel bath, they can be the professional level, as well as to such homegrown restorers, as we are. When you first try to restore the bath - a simple purchase option.The coating bath enamel.

IMPORTANT! For reconstruction formulations designed for application with a brush are best - they are very well fall on the old coating and easy to use. Aerosols longer useful, if you have small chips. The enamel of the aerosol container out unevenly. The restoration kit is generally comprised of two parts: the actual enamel and curing agent for it. We need more means for the pre-treatment bath. Updating the enamel, and can re-paint bath. It is necessary to add the dye desired color.

Of the variety of means of enamelling baths are the following:

  1. Reafleks-50. This is a professional kit. He has a very liquid consistency, so novice restorer will work hard with him. In order to hide the old layer, you need to put a few new ones. The whole process takes a week. Duration of the procedure is explained by the fact that each layer must be dried. For a long time, but the result is worth it.
  2. "Svetlana" and "Fantasia." The most suitable formulations for self-application. At work do not spread. The compositions are easy to apply with a brush. The set is available and each drug for pre-bath treatment. With these enamels is possible to use colorants.
  3. Epoksin-51. It is very thick and viscous composition. Due to the density of the composition is difficult to use, but it is easy to bear, and does not leave unsightly smudges. Preliminary plaster is not needed. On drying it takes two days.
  4. Acrylic filler. This means, in fact, is not the enamel. They are well restore the bath - you can just pour on the surface.

Forms to enamel bath

All existing types of enamel bath differ on the following parameters:

  1. Structure. The shops have different compositions for dyeing bath. They are divided into two categories. Formulations of epoxy resins and acrylic. Acrylic is more expensive than epoxy resins, but its shelf life above and has no odor.
  2. Application. Applied compositions may be using brushes and rollers, or simply pouring onto the surface. aerosol cans are used for removing small chips.Application of the enamel bath.
  3. Completeness. For a convenient and high-quality work is better to use ready-made kits. Their composition is generally included: a base element hardeners, colorant, filler and skin.
  4. Color. Most formulations are white, but with the help of dyes can be achieved easily in any color.
  5. Price. The cheapest part - epoxy enamel. Aerosol cans a little more expensive acrylic refers to the most expensive.
  6. Life time. Dyes are used in aerosol containers of not more than two years, epoxy enamel can last up to seven and acrylic - fifteen years.Dyes for baths in aerosol containers.

Enamel, which are based on epoxy resin, are fairly simple to use and inexpensive. It is composed of two or three components. This epoxy resin, a thickener, and plasticizer. Apply the enamel is necessary to brush, in several stages. Each layer must be given time to complete solidification.Epoxy Enamel.

Advantages enamels based on epoxy resin:

  1. Low cost. When compared to other compounds, the epoxy enamel quite cheap.
  2. Conveniently applied. Due to its density of enamel is easy to apply, at the same time filling all the bumps and cracks.
  3. Large service life. If the bath be operated very intensively, the coating of epoxy enamel will last up to seven years.
  4. Easy to use. This is the easiest option for self-repair baths. Enamel is applied easily grasped for a long time, which gives time for easy operation.
  5. A particular strength. Coating easily contacts the liquid. Not afraid to shock and mechanical damage. The layer thus remains whole.

Acrylic enamels are the modern means to upgrade the plumbing. They allow you to get a smooth and glossy finish up to six millimeters thick, fairly resistant to damage. Acrylic enamels comprise two components - and acryl directly thickener. The main difference from epoxy compounds in high yield strength and ductility. Acrylic applied with a brush or in bulk.

The advantages of acrylic enamels:

  1. Resistance. Damage acrylic serves to fifteen years.
  2. Self-cleaning. Coating Acrylic smooth and not porous, dirt does not accumulate on it.
  3. Easy maintenance. Bath content with an acrylic coating in its pure form sufficiently washed once a week with a soap solution and rinsed after use and dry.
  4. Resistance to wear. Since the coating layer is rather thick, it is highly resistant to wear even with active use.
  5. Aesthetic appearance. Acrylic based coating is very smooth and does not become yellow with time.
  6. Color variety. Using dyes, acrylic can be painted in any color.
  7. Environmentally friendly. There is no smell of acrylic and it is not toxic, the coating can be used, even when children are present.

How to cover the enamel bath at home

Started by bath home restoration, you need to follow:

  • first thing in the bath is cleaned of old coating - it can use the grinder with the planar nozzle of the metal;
  • once the coating is completely removed, the surface is cleaned of fat;
  • means for degreasing then removed from the surface;
  • evenly applied enamel - first layer serves as a primer;
  • once the dry primer layer is applied a final layer - the need to work slowly and gently.

This technique will create a layer of six millimeters. If all the technology correctly observed, the coating will last up to ten years.

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