How to choose and install the lock on the gate

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Protection of the private house from unwanted penetration provides a reliable fence and a quality lock on the wicket. This device can be of various designs and degrees of reliability.

Types of locks for the gate

Locks vary in the following types:

  • hinged;
  • invoices;
  • internal (mortise);
  • electromechanical;
  • electromagnetic;
  • radio wave.

The first to enter the use of padlocks, today the most demanded overhead and mortise devices.


Lock models are universal for installation, as they are suitable for wickets of any design. They are reliable in operation, have convenient prices and are always available in a wide range. To increase the protection against burglary in modern versions, the arms are made of a high-strength cable.


The overhead lock on the wicket of the corrugated board is convenient for installation, the locking structure has a sufficient level of reliability. The keyhole can be on either side of the wicket or only from the outside, and inside it is a handle. From a practical point of view, the first option is more protective than the second.

According to the design, the overhead locks can be of the same type (with internal secrecy) and cylinder locks (also called English locks).

The lock lock on the gate is quite strong and reliably protects from breaking the working mechanism in the form of plates with different cuts. The presence of a key on both sides can be considered, rather, a virtue than a disadvantage, as it increases the protection of the territory. Excellent for outdoor use.

Cylinder locks are neat in size and weight, rational in design: it is enough to change the core of the device (larva), leaving the lock the same. These locking devices do not tolerate weather costs (freezing, moisture, dust, rubbish), so they require separate care: a special niche from sorines and regular processing of special lubrication in cold period.

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Overhead locks are in high demand. At an affordable price you can buy the necessary device of high quality.


Very popular now is the combination lock on the gate, which can not be broken or opened with a master key. The device opens with the correct set of cipher, which can be changed as many times as desired. There is no need for keys and duplicates.


Consist of a bolt, which moves through the loops when you open and close the lock. Durable and durable, but because of the simplicity of the design, the key can easily be faked. In addition, the keys to the rack bolt are very cumbersome and inconvenient to carry with them.

Mortise locks

It is installed inside the end of the gate, has small dimensions, a huge selection of designs and models. By itself, the lock is comfortable and reliable in operation, but it will not provide absolute protection against hacking.


There are overhead and mortise options. Work from electricity or autonomous power. Excellent system both in operation and in terms of level of protection against hacking. The electromechanical lock on the wicket, when closed, pushes out powerful rods that reliably block entry to the territory from uninvited penetration.

Remote control of this modification allows visitors to enter through the button. The lock can be opened with an electromagnetic key (such as an intercom system), with a code set or mechanically in the event of a long absence of electricity.

A solid price is not a disadvantage, as it fully corresponds to the functionality of the device.



The working part of the electromagnetic street lock for the wicket, in contrast to the previous type, are magnets. Operated in the presence of electricity or an autonomous power source.

To open the device, an attacker will need to overcome the force of attraction more than half a ton. There are particularly powerful structures in which the magnetic thrust is twice as large. The device is opened with a special contact key, which is activated by the magnetic field of the working mechanism.

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The set-set of electromagnetic lock on the wicket contains:

  • lock with fasteners and slats;
  • power supply to ensure uninterrupted power supply;
  • button for remote opening of the wicket from the inside;
  • keys (card, key rings);
  • controller for lock control;
  • an invoice information reader (recognizes a key or a card from the kit).

To ensure that the protective unit does not wear out, and its parts are not displaced from sudden impacts, the door closer is required when installing.

Radio wave

Work with radio waves, similar to car alarms, have a control panel for a distance of up to 100 meters. Variants of design are different: with a key and without it (only with a remote control). The scheme of the electronic lock device on the gate is of a high degree of reliability from breaking.

How to choose the necessary model

Regardless of the design, a successful locking device must have:

  • tightness to maintain the efficiency of the mechanism (tightly closed body without wide slits and slits);
  • resistance to minus temperatures;
  • sufficient degree of protection;
  • the possibility to close the gate with a key on both sides.

If you need reliable and at the same time inexpensive locks, then you can choose hinged and overhead options. Electric locks of a mechanical or magnetic performance will not afford everyone, but once spent, the owner of the house will not worry about protecting his home.

Lock installation

It is easy to install the lock on the gate with your own hands. For example, for the installation of an overhead lock you will need:

  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian (universal tool for cutting and grinding in this case of metal);
  • drill.

In addition to the tools, a metal bar (if it is not welded in the manufacture of the frame of the wicket), a steel plate of 3 mm (for the counter plate), a triangle, a marker must be at hand.

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The installation of the locking device depends on the design and material of the wicket. How to install the lock on the wicket from the corrugated board? For an overhead locking mechanism, you first need to weld a cross bar (if it was not originally) at a height of 1 m from the ground. It will serve as a fixing point for the castle.

One of the mounting holes must be marked at the level of the cross member. The device itself may be under the bar or above it. Attaching the lock to the inside of the wicket, mark the place for the other holes. Then drill the necessary holes for the lock, handle, locking rod (crossbar).

To mount the mating part on the support, holes for the bolt are marked. The wicket must be closed while the locking mechanism is open. Then the bar is welded and the necessary grooves are drilled on it.

To install the mortise lock, you must first make a box (niche) of a metal profile or corner, which protects the lock from rain, snow, dirt and dust. The prepared box is welded to the frame of the gate.

The next step is the marking of the future groove for the tie-in of the lock and the fastening holes. The groove cut by the Bulgarian and the drilled holes are cleaned.

Place a street lock for the wicket in the finished niche, fix it with self-tapping screws and check its operation in action. If the lock does not seize, then insert the handles with the connecting rod and tighten the bolts. For safety, again check the work of the lock for lack of warpage. The final action is the processing of the locking device with special lubrication, closing the box.

The correct choice of the lock for the wicket from the corrugated board, competent and accurate installation of it will reliably protect the tenants, providing them with peace and moral comfort.

How to choose an electric lock for a wicket - video

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