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Modern trends in the development of technologies in the field of heaters, aimed at developing and implementing economic and efficient models. The main goal - the creation of economic heaters for the home.

Energy saving has long been a hot topic when choosing heating appliances. Very often, before buying, a person is interested in the characteristics of the device and the point of consumption of energy carriers. Accordingly, attention is also concentrated on the heat transfer point with economical consumption.

Many manufacturers try to concentrate all the wishes of the consumer in their developments. The result of the constant search for optimal solutions are economical heaters.

Review of economical heaters

Even with the advent of the first cold weather and the approach of winter, many homeowners and gardeners are beginning to search for optimal heaters.

On sale, today, you can find a wide range of economical electric heaters:

  • Infrared heater;
  • Inverter heating device( air conditioning);
  • Electric convector;
  • Mictermic Heater;
  • Ceramic Panel.

Infrared heater. This is one of the types of economical heater, which replaced a lot of consumed oil radiators, electric convectors, fan heaters.

The heating element is a quartz radiator, with which it heats nearby objects, not air. It is effective only for temporary and operational heating of the room, as well as creating a local zone of directional radiation in the room.

Outside of infrared radiation, thermal comfort dries out.

Most often they are installed on the legs, but there are options for installing on the ceiling. They can also be used outdoors. The most popular infrared heaters are - UFO, Runwin, Saturn, Beko, Eko.

About 120 minutes is enough to heat a room up to 20 m2.Electricity consumption –90 W / m2.Depending on the size, the time for heating the room will be significantly reduced.

Inverter heating device( air conditioning).The inverter-type heating device also takes part in deciding which heater is more economical. This is one of the modern and recent developments, which went on sale and immediately attracted the attention of summer residents.

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It consists of outdoor and indoor units. The principle of operation is based on the functions of the heat pump. This method of heating is very different from the classic heater.

The pump draws warm air from outside to inside through the heat exchanger, even at sub-zero outdoor temperatures. For this special gas is used - freon. It is condensed under high pressure in a heat exchanger in the indoor unit, warming up to 80C.Then the liquid freon is returned to the outdoor unit, where, at low pressure, it turns back into a gaseous state. After boiling it in the outdoor unit, freon flows back to the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. This process, in nature, is nowhere to be found, but scientists have long worked to create a unique technology.

By carrying out such fluctuations, the consumption of electricity is reduced to 2-5 kW / h, depending on the type of model. Because of this, inverter air conditioners are able to heat large houses. A room of 20 m2, they can heat for 3-4 hours. The most popular models are LG, Samsung, Dekker, Daikin.

Electric convector. Making an overview of economical heaters, you should focus on such a simple and reliable type, as an electric convector. If we consider the principle of operation of the convector, it is a bit like the work of an oil radiator. But, unlike him, the convector can be left unattended for a long time.

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The room is heated by circulating air through a heating element inside the convector. Circulation occurs due to the heating of cold air, which rises up, cooling down, it returns down and the heating process takes place again.

The most reliable and economical devices are Atlantic convectors( France).The manufacturer offers heating devices with power from 0.5 to 2.5 kW.To heat a room of 20 m2, it will be enough to purchase a model with an electric consumption of 2 kW / hour. To heat such a room takes about 4 hours.

Micterothermic heater . Some of the most efficient and economical heaters. Appeared on the market recently. This is the latest technological development, which was previously used in medical institutions and in the field of cosmonautics. They are very compact, they can be installed on the wall and on the ceiling.

Based on infrared longwave radiation. This device has several non-metallic plates coated with mica. Due to this, the heating efficiency is very high. They are able to heat even distant objects, while the heater itself remains cold. The only drawback is its price, which far exceeds the value of its counterparts.

The most reliable representative of mikatermicheskih heaters is the brand Polaris.1.8 kW of power per hour is enough to heat a room of 20 m2.

Ceramic Panel. This is the most economical heater at the moment. The principle of operation is based on infrared longwave radiation. The heater has the appearance of a ceramic panel( plate).The infrared heating panel is placed in a steel energy-saving and heat-conducting box. Thanks to this design of the case, the heater will fit into the interior of any room or room. It can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling.

Ceramic panel consumes from 0.2 to 2.5 kW / hour, depending on the size. To heat a room of 20 m2, you need 1 kW of electricity per hour. Full heating of the room can be achieved in 1.5 - 2 hours.

The most economical electric heaters

According to the review of economical electric heaters, the ceramic panel and mikatermichesky heater were the most economical, ergonomic, efficient and durable. By purchasing such heaters, you can be sure of the 100% result.

If we already determine the absolute leader, the ceramic panel gets a “palm”.Its characteristics speak for themselves, and are ahead of the nearest competitor mikatermichesky infrared panel heater.

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The most prominent representatives of ceramic heating panels are:

  • NTK Kid( 0.25 kW), Eco( 0.35 kW), Atacama( 0.5 kW);
  • Venice “Bio-convector” PKK700( 0.7 kW) and PKK 1350( 1.350 kW);
  • NTES Evolution 400( 0.4 kW) and NTES Evolution 800( 0.8 kW).The peculiarity of these heaters is that their front part is made in the form of a glass-ceramic panel. Outwardly, they are very similar to modern TVs. When they are mounted on a wall, they are not much different from a regular TV.

Developers of modern heating systems will not stop at this. To date, the question of which heaters are the most economical and more efficient can be answered in the affirmative - a ceramic panel, and its direct competitor is a mikatermichesky heater, which loses very little to it.

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