How to make a toilet in the country with their own hands? Choice of a site and stages of construction

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The first building that appears on the cottage is not a house or a shed for inventory, but a street toilet. Without this uncomplicated building, you can not get along only a few hours after your arrival at the dacha. But before asking the question: "How can I make a toilet in the country house with my own hands?" And start building a temporary one, albeit not the simplest structure, you need to thoroughly study your own site and understand where it is best to build a toilet, and what kind of construction it will be.

And then you can look for drawings, prepare building materials and take up tools.

What toilet is better for a dacha?

Even in a fully equipped area where there is a house, many summer residents prefer to have both a street and a home bathroom.

  • The toilet in the house is irreplaceable at night and in bad weather. We can not do without it if the dacha is used all year round.
  • A street toilet for a dacha is very convenient in the midst of garden work, allowing you to quickly dispense the need and not to put dirt in the house.

Types of outdoor toilets

  1. Toilet with a simple cesspool. When the pit is filled, the house is moved to another place, or the cleaning can be carried out with the help of sewers.
  2. The loft-closet also has a cesspool, but here it is hermetic and can only be cleaned with a special machine.
  3. The peat toilet is applicable where the aquifers are close. Here, instead of the pit, there is a container for collection of feces under the toilet seat. From the smell saves backfilling with dry peat or sawdust after each use.
  4. Dacha toilets, acting on biological additives or chemicals, can be arranged both on the street and in the house.

Make a toilet in the country with their own hands is easy. The main thing when choosing its device, take into account the level of groundwater under the site. If the water layers here are deeper than two and a half meters, then you can safely build a toilet of any design. Otherwise, a toilet with any cesspool can be a dangerous structure.

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The rules for placing a toilet in the country

Before the construction of the toilet at the dacha, it is important to determine its location, taking into account the existing restrictions, which, above all, concern structures with cesspools.

And here, in addition to the groundwater table, you should pay attention to:

  • to water bodies, wells or other sources of water was not less than 25 m;
  • to the bath or shower, arranged on the site, not less than 8 m;
  • The toilet was located below the point of water intake;
  • to the house, cellar or cellar was not less than 12 m;
  • up to trees - 4 m, and up to fruit bushes and fences no less than a meter;
  • A car could come to the cesspool, the hose for evacuation which usually has a length of 7 m.

When choosing a location, the preferential direction of the wind and the location of the toilet door are taken into account, so as not to incite unpleasant smells and other awkward moments neither to neighbors, nor to relatives.

With your own hands

To equip the toilet is not difficult, if the summer resident has even the initial skills of working with various building materials and tools. To begin construction of a toilet on a summer residence it is necessary with drawing selection or from its own handicraft development. The easiest way to calculate and build a toilet without a cesspool. There will be no need to erect a foundation, or unavoidable excavations.


The dimensions of the toilet house are chosen in such a way that the building is easy to use.

The most common variant of a country toilet has:

  • width from one and a half meters,
  • depth not less than a meter,
  • height at the highest point is not less than, meter.

If desired, the dimensions can be increased.

Toilet Drawings

You can use one of their ready drawings, which are now available on the Internet, the main thing is that the toilet for the dacha in the photo was accurately calculated, fit the dimensions and fit into the selected area. If there is the necessary preparation, then the calculation can be done independently.

What is the best way to make a toilet?

Although the most popular ones are wooden toilets for cottages, other materials are used along with planks for lining of cottage dwellings. This metal siding and slate, multi-ply plywood and other materials, erect toilets and made of bricks.

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Asked by the question: "What is better to make a toilet in the country? Many summer residents choose sheet materials, which allow to reduce the time for carcass plating. However, in a wooden toilet house, it is much more comfortable, as the tree breathes, carrying out air exchange and removal of excess moisture. However, it should be remembered that all the wooden parts, and especially those in contact with moisture, need to be treated with a special impregnation.

Foundation for toilet

A dacha closet does not usually require the construction of a large-scale foundation, since the building itself is made of fairly light building materials. Fill the foundation of the toilet is only that when it is built of bricks or blocks, as well as the construction of a concrete pit.

For supports used and wooden beams, and concrete structures, which are more durable because of the resistance to humidity, temperatures and other environmental influences.

  • First mark the building site, determining the corners of the toilet house.
  • Then, to these depths from 50 cm, asbestos-cement pipes of suitable diameter, smeared with bituminous mastic, are dug in. Depth in this case depends on the design of the toilet for the dacha and the features of the ground.
  • Then the pipes are poured with concrete for a third, which is carefully compacted.
  • Now the pipes are inserted into poles made of wood, concrete or corner, and again the solution is added to give the structure strength. These pillars can serve as vertical guides of the frame, and therefore, you should check their location with the help of level or plumb.

If the supports on which the frame is to be made are made of blocks or bricks, then before installing them, it is necessary to remove the 30-centimeter layer of soil and compact this base. In addition, the bottom can be sealed with a sand backfill, on top of which concrete blocks are installed, or a brick foundation is made.

Toilet frame

The framework for the toilet in the dacha with their own hands is easy to make from a bar not thinner than 50x50 mm or metal corners.

With traditional toilet construction, the frame consists of:

  • four vertical supports carrying out the supporting function;
  • roof tie and at the level where it is supposed to make a toilet seat;
  • framework for the doorway;
  • diagonal ties on the back wall and on the sides of the toilet.

Already at the stage of construction of the frame it is important to calculate the height of the toilet seat. To do this, you need to designate the level of the future floor, and then count upwards of 40 cm, taking into account the thickness of the strap.

Roof for toilet

Roofing is made from any available materials, for example, metal roofing or sheet corrugated board. With a wooden crate, the roof is made of a roofing material or other material that provides reliable protection against moisture. The roof can be gable or one-pitch, the main thing is that it is reliable and does not retain moisture. Do not forget about the hole for the vent pipe, which to prevent leakage is sealed.

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In the toilet for the dacha from under the floor, from the pit or the tank for collection of feces a vent pipe is taken out. And it should be higher than the level of the roof of the toilet house.

Sheathing of toilet walls

The next stage of the construction of the toilet in the dacha is the cladding of the erected frame. At this stage, you can choose any of their favorite materials. More often you can see wooden toilets for dachas - such structures are convenient, practical and durable enough. When used for wood sheathing, it is better to take boards from 15 to 25 mm in thickness, which are tightly fitted and fastened to the frame. To prevent moisture from flowing, the boards should be placed vertically.

Stool and floor

When calculating the toilet seat, it is important not only not to make mistakes with its height, but also to make a hole at a comfortable distance from the edge. The frame of the toilet seat is carefully lined with boards and treated with sandpaper and painted. It is convenient to make the lid of a toilet seat on hinges.

The door in the toilet

The door in the wooden toilet for the dacha is made of the same material as the walls. The construction is hung on loops, the number of which depends on the weight and size of the structure. And from the outside, and from the inside, mount any closing mechanism, whether it's a hook, a latch, a latch or other device.

Another door is made on the back wall. It can serve to withdraw the waste container or to immerse the sewing machine arm.

To provide at least a small but natural light, a window is cut above the door.

When the construction is completed, drainage should be performed around the house, especially if the toilet for the dacha is located above the cesspool.

Video: construction of a summer cottage with own hands

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