When to sow Pelargonium on seedlings

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Pelargonium - the flower of many. We will grow geranium from a small seed, which will then turn into a magnificent and amazing plant with charming flowers.

Pelargonium, or as the people call "geranium" - a plant that grows on everyone's windowsill in the house. Homeland of the beautiful plant South Africa, to Europe it was brought in the 17th century and since then, the plant pleases many florists. Advantages of the plant is that it multiplies easily, blooms for a long time, and most importantly it is easy and easy to take care of. It is these qualities that have subdued gardeners.

When is it necessary to sow the seeds of pelargonium on seedlings?

Many people know that pelargonium reproduces by cuttings, but now the seeds of the plant have appeared on sale. Therefore, to multiply geranium at home became even easier.

Advantages of seeds are that they quickly and well emerges, the plant has a compact shape and constantly blooms. Young shoots of the plant blossom by 5 months.

Sow geranium can be a whole year, but it will need to take care of good lighting. Therefore, the most optimal time of the year for growing a plant is spring and summer.

How do the seeds of pelargonium look and what do you need to do with them before landing in the ground?

The seeds of the plant are solid, large and have an oblong form of brown color. For seeding, it is necessary to prepare the soil, it must be necessarily loose.

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The composition of the land should be something like this:2 parts of sod land and one part of sand and peat. That the plant does not fat, the substrate should not be rich in nutrients.

Before planting it is necessary to decontaminate the soil (steamed, calcined or poured with a solution).


In order for seeds to ascend quickly you need to make a scarification. This procedure is the treatment of seeds with small nazhdachkoy. We take each seed and carefully three solid shells. After this procedure, the seeds will start to rise quickly.

For seeding, you need to prepare a shallow container. Seeds are spread over the surface at a distance of two centimeters from each other. Seed the soil with soil, about 1 centimeter. It is necessary to keep the container with seeds warm. Soil should not dry out, so moisten it with warm, steady water.

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Also, in order for seedlings of pelargonium to ascend faster, it can be covered with a film, but it is necessary to make holes for airing in it. As soon as the shoots appear, remove the film immediately. Seedlings should be kept in a well-lit place. Soil should be moderately moist, avoid drying out and not pour. Avoid direct sunlight.

Care of seedlings of pelargonium

Growing seedlings Pelargonium is a pleasure. This process is very interesting and fascinating not only for an adult, but for a child. Seedlings will appear about a week later. It's so nice to watch the velvet leaves appear from each seed. All is certainly good, but it is necessary to transplant the Pelargonium seedlings in separate pots. Therefore, do the following procedures:

  • As soon as the plant has four leaves, it is time to transplant them into the pot. It will take a container in diameter of about 8 centimeters.
  • The plant must be dive. This means that each plant must be transplanted from a common soil (container) into a pot.
  • Each plant with a small scapula to get with a small clod of earth, so as not to damage and not disturb the roots.
  • Put pelargonium in your pot.
  • The earth in the pot should not be rich in useful substances. Therefore, if you use a purchased mixture, and it is mostly peat, it must necessarily be diluted with garden soil and compost.
  • After planting, you can now observe the growth rate of the plant. If you follow all the rules, then geranium grows in leaps and bounds.
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Now it remains only to wait for flowering. Of course, many believe that the young plant blooms in a year, do not believe the rumors. Waiting for flowers will take about five months.

You can also face such problems as yellowing of leaves and the appearance of brown and yellow spots. This may be due to heat. Therefore, many gardeners and flower growers plant geranium on the garden. The result of many surprises. As the plant becomes even more beautiful, it always blooms, there are no yellow leaves. This method can be used to save your favorite flower in the hot season.

With proper care, the plant is not sick, and it is not damaged by pests. Therefore, let this wonderful and unpretentious flower please you for many months.

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