How to make flower beds from plastic bottles in the country?

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Deciding to decorate the homestead territory, pay attention to the beds of plastic bottles in the country dacha neighbors. This is the cheapest option of landscape design.

If there are a lot of plastic bottles in the country, everyone starts to think about their recycling. Given that the material from which they are made, is not prone to decomposition, it's easy to throw them out. In order not to litter the site and not cause harm to the environment, you can build flower beds from plastic bottles at the dacha, thereby not only reducing the amount of accumulated containers, but also ennobling the adjacent to the house territory.

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How to make a bottle of flower bed?

Deciding to make a flower garden on its own, it is worth taking care of the availability of a sufficient number of bottles. It does not matter what was in them before. The flower garden from the bottles of soda water or beer and vegetable oil is equally beautiful.

The container capacity is also of no special significance. When creating a flower garden, you can use absolutely all bottles:

  • small (before, l) can be used for zoning space and manufacturing individual elements;
  • Large (5 - 6 liters) can be used as a separate small flower bed in the form of some animal.
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You will also need a special tool. It is worth taking care of the availability:

  • Sharp scissors and a knife. With their help, you can cut out the elements of the desired shape and size;
  • Stapler for connecting different elements among themselves;
  • A quality cord, often used to connect bottles to each other;
  • Sheela;
  • A sheet of paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Sticks;
  • Rulers.

Before you begin to directly produce a flower garden, you should first carefully work out the sketch. If you can not think of something interesting, you should look at the photos of flower beds from plastic bottles. Perhaps, something like it and will act as an idea for creating your own masterpiece.

Having decided what you will do, you need to take a sheet of paper and make the first sketch. Work should be on a scale. This will not only simplify the implementation of the idea conceived in reality, but will also allow us to calculate whether the available material is sufficient. You may have to wait or send to the store for shopping.


Ideas for the subsequent incarnation

Most often the flower bed of plastic bottles, made by hand, has the shape of a circle, square or rectangle. But if you want you can show creativity by laying out with plastic bottles a flower bed in the shape of a butterfly or some funny animal.

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The sequence of work in this case is as follows:

  • A site is prepared;
  • Outlines of the future flowerbed from bottles are outlined;
  • On the line of marking for optimal depth, plastic bottles are poured in;
  • Inside the flower bed is poured soil to obtain the optimum height of the flower bed;
  • The flowers are planted.

Zoning of the territory

If the area of ​​the country plot does not allow you to place such a flower garden, you can go to the vertical plane. For this purpose, mini-flower beds from plastic bottles are fixed on the fence and wall of the cottage. Such a flowerbed does not take much space, but will require more attention, since watering will have to be done much more often because of the rapid drying of the soil.

If this option seems simple enough and labor-intensive, it is worth considering the possibility of making a flowerbed of a swan made of plastic bottles. As a basis in this case, a five or six liter container is used, which is covered from the inside with a white paint. The neck of the swan can be made from a piece of thick wire, bending it into a characteristic shape, and pasting with plastic pieces of bottles, imitating feathers. The soil can be poured directly into the "body" of the swan, i.e. five-liter bottle, or in special vases, which can then be installed there.

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For those who find the swan too complex figure, the pigs may like. To produce them, one large bottle is enough. Cutting a hole for the ground, from the images you can make ears and a tail. From inside, the bottle must be covered with pink paint. The lid of the bottle is the heel of a piglet. You just need to paint the characteristic lines and put two points. Also do not forget about the eyes. They can be painted in black. If desired, you can provide small legs from small bottles. Everything, the flowerbed is ready: you can plant flowers.

The advantages of flower beds from bottles

In addition to reducing the negative impact on the environment, we can also note:

  • Long service life of such a flower bed because of the durability of the material used in its manufacture. This is especially true when growing perennials. Fencing from plastic bottles will not allow the roots of plants to expand beyond the flower bed;
  • Ability to prevent excessive drying of the earth;
  • The possibility of replacing individual flower bed elements in case of damage to one of them.

Video: beds of piglets from plastic bottles

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