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Wet chicken - an unpleasant sight, wet chicken - dangerous, can die. A drinking bowl for chickens with their own hands is the only option to keep the dry litter in the henhouse. The drinking bowl will, always and in plenty provide the bird with fresh clean water.

What should be a drinking bowl for chickens

Each chicken drinks 2 times more water than feed. You need a chicken per liter of water a day. In this case, the bird tries to dominate. She climbs her feet in a bowl of food, into a basin of water. As a result, the feed sticks, and mud and litter float in the water. Poultry farms were provided with nipple drinkers, and the worse the country chickens? We will try to introduce them to hygiene, replacing the usual basins with drinking bowls for chickens.

The main condition, in the drinking bowl for chickens, made by own hands, you can dunk only the nose or catch droplets. This condition is met by:

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  • siphon;
  • nipple;
  • vacuum;
  • cup drinkers.

Adaptation does not allow the chickens to walk on water, and dirt is brought only by noses. What to do with this chicken! Have to wash the tank more often. There are certain requirements for chickens for chickens:

  1. It is necessary to provide automatic water supply so that during the day the drinking bowl is filled. It's good if the device is attached to a wall or raised on a stand.
  2. The device should be light and strong, so that in the event of a fall, the bird is not injured. Reliable fastening will prevent overturning and bottling of water.
  3. Material for manufacturing - food plastic, internal painting. Sharp edges should not be.
  4. The container should be well washed from the sediment at the bottom.

How to make a vacuum drinker by yourself

1-bank; 2-liquid; 3 - cup; 4 - creating a gap.

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The adaptations on the basis of glass jars of different capacity are numerous. A vessel turned upside down by a throat, from which water flows as the bowl is emptied, into which He is submerged The water is held back by the difference in pressure on the surface of the saucer and inside the bottle, at the top parts. When the level in the cup has dropped, an air bubble enters the bottle, which allows a certain amount of water to pour out. Such a drinking bowl can even be made by a child. A drinking bowl for chickens with their own hands, the photo of which is before you, does not require an explanation of how to make it.

However, the chicken, the bird is curious, restless, loves to occupy high places. Therefore, not a single crib will perch on the bank, fight without rules on it, and soon the bank will lie on its side, well, if it's whole. We will have to find a more stable structure for drinking chickens with our own hands.

When using plastic drinkers, it is important that the edge of the bowl is trimmed or a protective rim of their rubber is put on it. The hens can scratch on the sharp edge, then the clefts will begin.

Throughout the economy, bottles are used from under the water. It is not difficult to find them, in each courtyard several such items are in a secluded corner of the storeroom. The dishes are light, transparent and easy to work off.

We will make a drinking bowl for chicken from plastic bottles. The usual plastic pelvis with high sides is being taken. They will just be at the level of the chicken neck. In a bottle at a level of 15 cm from the bottom, make a hole, and in a filled form lowered into the basin. Water will flow out, fill the gap between the container and the walls of the dishes and will hold just above the level of the hole.

Water was drunk, the level in the basin dropped, an opening in the wall of the bottle was exposed. By way of bulb-boules, air will enter the bottle, the air bubble pressure will change and water will fill the basin. A five-liter bottle will last for 10 chickens a day.


The best adaptation of a drinking machine for chickens from two bottles is a device, which can be found on the video:

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Who can not see, describe the device. We take 2 bottles from under the water of different sizes. You can 8 and 5 liters, you can 5 and 3. They must have traffic jams. A large bottle is cut off as a saucer for water, more than 15 cm high, but that the bird is comfortable to drink. The second bottle is turned over and in any way inserted one into the other plugs connect. On the body of a small bottle is drilled an opening below the edges of the bowl.

The bottle is poured with water, the cork together with the bowl is screwed on top. The hole is held by a finger, and the container is installed in the holders on the wall. The opening opens, the cup is filled with water, a vacuum is created at the top. A drinking bowl made of plastic bottles is ready. The suspension must be done at the bottom, fix the bottle with a yoke from above.

How to make a drinking bowl for chickens from the sewer pipe, is shown in the figure. This is an open type drinking bowl, and that the hens do not swim, it should be located at the level of the back. In the tube, holes are cut, like troughs, with lintels. The material is easily cut with a hot knife. At the edges, install tees with plugs - additional elements, buy along with the pipe. The pipe can be piped and poured through the tap. Drain with a damper serves to clean the trough.

Nipple drinker

A sample of automatic feeding, economy and hygiene are nipple drinkers for chickens. Water can be in different containers, including a bucket, the main thing is a dropper, working on a chicken team. Therefore, the simplest nipple system is a suspended bucket with nipples protruding from the bottom. The device can operate from the storage tank or be flowing.

It takes a bit of skill in locksmith work and patience. But the drinker will not be worse than those used at poultry farms. Materials and tools should be prepared:

  1. Nipples, for the young and chickens need 3600, and for adult chickens -1800, this indicator shows the service sector.
  2. Pipe plastic square or round, but with internal grooves and wall thickness 22 mm.
  3. Plugs on the ends, with an adapter for connection to the main.
  4. Flexible hose for piping.
  5. Pipe clamps.
  6. Drill with a cross section of 9 mm and a tap for threading 1/8 inch.
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It does not matter which pipes are installed on the drinking bowl, the installation sequence is carried out in the following order:

  • marking of the pipe;
  • holes are drilled from the grooves;
  • the thread is cut;
  • screw nipples;
  • Close ends;
  • drop eliminators are installed;
  • the structure is attached to the wall;
  • water is supplied.

We will build an automatic drinking bowl for chickens with our own hands according to the drawing:

You need to get nipples, but it's better to take European ones at once, they are more reliable. Buy a plastic pipe and mounting equipment is easy. The pipe is muffled from the ends, it is marked under the nipples. They should be located 30 cm. It remains to drill the holes, cut the thread and screw the nipple with sealing tape or stick. Check the tightness of the connections and apply water from the tank to the embedded hose.

Drip trays made of bottoms of plastic bottles can serve as a dribbler. These light cups in case of missing the nipple will allow to leave the dry litter. As can be seen from the diagram, the nipple should be under the mirror of water.

The system requires additional automation, if the pipe of nipple flow is flowing. The installation must include a pressure regulator. But the water will not be stagnant, fresh.

It is not possible to describe all the designs of autopilots for chickens, invented by folk craftsmen. Only you decide, with reference to the arrangement of the coop, which is better.

Drinking bowl with a dispenser - video

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