How to make a greenhouse for seedlings?

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Vegetable seedlings and early vegetable crops, before planting in the soil in the garden, need preliminary development. Preparation of seedlings begins in early March. Grains of vegetable crops are first planted in small pots. For the further development of plants in conditions close to the environment, a greenhouse for seedlings is used.

A greenhouse is a structure intended for the rapid growth and development of plants and fruits of vegetable crops and flowers. It has the ability to regulate the internal microclimate (air humidity, temperature, precipitation).

The greenhouse can be used not only for seedlings, but also for growing fruits (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini).

To grow seedlings, you need to build a greenhouse. The most valuable and effective option is to make a greenhouse for seedlings with your own hands. To do this, any wooden material (boards, beams, beams, window frames that are not used for their intended purpose) and metal material (metal strip, bent from the armature of the arc, thick metal darts) available on economy. The internal microclimate is maintained by the sun. If this source is not enough, different stoves are made of stone material, thermal cables are installed or a container with hot water is used.

We make a greenhouse for seedlings

There are several basic constructive solutions for creating a greenhouse:

Frameless greenhouse. The easiest option for growing seedlings of early crops (radish, greens). To make such a home mini greenhouse for seedlings, you need:

  • Prepare a small piece of land. Usually its preparation is carried out in March;
  • Then pour the earth with hot water;
  • Sow seeds of future seedlings;
  • Install the metal structure in the form of a wire mesh. The grid cell can be within 10x10 cm;
  • After that, cover the design of the youngster for seedlings with polyethylene film. The size of the film must be greater than the total area of ​​the site, so that it is possible to wrap its edges;
  • The wrapped edges of the film are pressed by the ground, or wooden boards or beams are used;
  • Along with the growth of seedlings, the crate must be raised, placing it on supports made of stones or wooden beams.
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Frame tunnel greenhouse. The most accessible kind, which is characterized by the simplicity of its design. It is intended for plants that do not tolerate freezing. A skeleton greenhouse can be made both stationary and portable.


The most common material used in the structure of a stable frame is arcs from metal strips or reinforcing bars.

The wooden frame is used in the installation of a micro-pot for seedlings. It can take the form of a gable roof or a small rectangular tunnel. Wood is a natural material, which is preferred for seedlings from the ecological point of view. Along with this property, the tree is not resistant to moisture.

To build a skeleton greenhouse for seedlings with your own hands, you need:

  • Prepare the soil. An important element in the preparation of land for plants are fertilizers (natural manure or other organic substances);
  • Install metal arcs (they are inserted into the ground to a depth that will allow to purchase the durability of the structure), or a wooden frame;
  • After installing the frame, stretched polyethylene film;
  • The wrapped ends of the film are pressed with wooden boards.

On sunny days a skeleton greenhouse can be opened without special difficulties. When unwanted precipitation or cold, it can also be easily covered.

Stationary, home greenhouse with a window-screen and a box. Such hotbeds are built in two structural solutions: a wooden frame or brickwork.

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To make a mini-pot for seedlings with a wooden frame, you need:

  • Prepare wooden boards of the right size, depending on the size of the area;
  • You can fasten them with nails, screws or metal staples;
  • On each side, cut the top of the box at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • Attach window frames to the top of the frame. If they are not, you can make a rectangular frame and insert a glass in them;
  • The construction should be oriented with inclined frames to the south. So growing seedlings in the greenhouse will be more effective.

To make a greenhouse for seedlings with brickwork, you need:

  • Choose a place;
  • To deepen the soil by 30 cm:
  • Mix the mortar and masonry along the perimeter of the excavated pit;
  • On the upper part of the structure to install window frames with glass;
  • On the lower part of the opening make an emphasis for the window frame.

Some tips for installing a greenhouse for seedlings

The main requirement for choosing a place to install a greenhouse - there is a direct hit of sunlight. The sun plays a major role in the process of photosynthesis of plants, therefore, the location of the greenhouse should be selected solar, away from trees or buildings. If the owner decides to make a mini-pot for seedlings near the house, you need to choose a place where the sun shines the longest inside the hotbed.

Under the installation of a greenhouse it is necessary to choose an even and windless place. A strong wind can cause the destruction of the film cover, which, in turn, can lead to damage to seedlings.

When the place is selected and all the elements are ready, you need to dig a small pit, a depth of 50 to 70 cm. At the bottom of the pit is lined with a layer of heat-insulating material (crushed stone - 10 cm. and 10 cm. sand). After this, it is necessary to establish a layer of organic litter (humus or straw). Next, it is necessary to fill a layer of biofuel (the preferred biofuel for growing seedlings in the greenhouse is horse manure). When the soil is ready, the foundation of the greenhouse is inserted in the foundation pit and the earth is covered with a thin layer.

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Modern technologies allow to use for small greenhouses instead of polyethylene film a stretch oilcloth, which has the property of stretching. Due to this property, the stretch oilcloth does not sag, as a result of which air cushions are created in the greenhouse. They, in turn, create the high temperature necessary for the best development of plants.

Innovative solutions allow the use of alternative materials for the construction of a mini greenhouse for seedlings. One of such materials is polycarbonate. To make such a greenhouse will not be difficult for any owner-truck farmer. For this, it is necessary to prepare several metal profile pipes, with a diameter of 20x20 and a strip of 30x4. The band should be bent into arcs and secured to the integral frame with the proftrub pipe. Then make a semi-arched cover. The entire frame must be covered with polycarbonate sheets. Due to its two-layer structure, polycarbonate has high thermal insulation and can withstand significant rainfall loads.

A greenhouse made by own hands is a convenient and economical option that will meet all your requirements and will ensure reliability when growing seedlings.

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