Why halt a mirror in the house of the deceased? And how to observe this ritual?

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Tradition curtain all mirror surfaces in a house where a man died, has its roots in antiquity. Superstition we got more from pagan beliefs, many do not even remember the essence, but continue to strictly observe the ritual.


why halt

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  • why halt
    • What do folk omens
    • What the church says
  • How to observe this ritual

Anyone who has lost a relative, experiencing grief and is in a depressed state. In this state, some of the sensitive nature notice in the depths of a mirror image, see the shadow.

curtained mirror

Before the mirror covered with mercury, and it was believed that it absorbs the energy of the people, including the dying emotions. They can be transmitted to a living person, if you touch a surface. Now the manufacturing technology has changed, but the signs were.

What do folk omens

There are a number of beliefs justifying total closure of all reflective surfaces:

  1. Any mirror can open a portal to another worldCausing the soul of the dead and missing evil spirits, who are able to do much harm to the living.
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  3. The soul leaves the body, It can scare the type of self-reflection.
  4. The Spirit will take the living person, if he sees otherworldly visitors.
  5. The soul will live forever in the mirror, without getting into the kingdom of heaven. The multiple reflections create a maze with no exit, closing the dead energy.
  6. Reflective surfaces double mount.
  7. Devils are able to steal the soul through reflectionAnd she will not get into heaven.
  8. The first one looks in the mirror, after the funeralHe is going to die or seriously ill, so you first need to bring the cat, because she had nine lives.
  9. Broken Mirror for 40 days after death will bring one more loss.

During the mourning can not smarten up, it is regarded as a snub to the woes.

What the church says

Custom carries a pure pagan rite, which has no relation to OrthodoxySo the priests answer these questions evasively, recalling that this tradition is not spelled out in the canons of the Orthodox rituals.


Some church leaders recommended the mirrors the ninth, the fortieth day and while the deceased relative in the home. According to the Christian religion, the soul is on the ground for 40 days and then "born" in the sky. At this time, we should recite prayers and observe mourning.

To help the soul of the deceased to withstand the tests and ascend to heaven, religious people - relatives bought the church for 40 days from the date of death dirge, lithium, Prayers. Countdown lead from the date of death. Prayer service allowed for the dead baptized.

How to observe this ritual

curtained mirror

During the funeral, everything that can flip the image, safely sheltered, the water splashes. The first 9 days of the shower is next to the body, then it is separated and goes, At that moment a dead energy is lost from home. At this point, open the TV and computer, as in a difficult period of life is difficult to be in silence, it is necessary to digress a bit from gloomy thoughts.

According to the signs it is necessary to clean up the room where the coffin.

The timing of opening mirrors opinions diverge.Someone thinks that it is enough to wait for 9 days, especially superstitious people are waiting for 40 days. The choice is for families that observe mourning. Admiring themselves and preening considered by discharge of mourning. Time should be devoted to prayer and meditation.


Deep grief after the loss of a person enters in a slightly altered state.It would be hard to see the reflection of the room, especially if he gets the photo of the deceased, candles, wreath, casket.At this time it is not necessary to watch your own face darkened, it impairs health.

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