Where to hang a mirror in the hallway

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mirrorMirrors visually expand the space. If you correctly place such an accessory in the apartment, you can not only make the room more spacious, but also lighten. Such a piece of furniture will be indispensable in the hallway, since most often this part of the apartment is dark and small. In addition, such a product is an excellent design solution for a miniature room.

When planning and decorating the entrance hall, rarely do any of the owners think about the proper arrangement of objects. The situation in the hallway, its atmosphere and energy will depend on this. When choosing a mirror, you should also pay attention to the shape, size of the subject. Its location in the hallway will depend on its size.

Where to hang a mirror depending on the size

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In the hallway you can hang a product of any shape depending on the style and interior. Designers recommend choosing oval or round shapes without sharp corners and bright prints. The product can be decorated with various decor in the form of drawings or elegant ornaments.

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hallway mirrorTo make it convenient for a person to look at himself in front of the street, the accessory should be of medium size. Some hallways cannot be hung or put a large mirror, so it is better to choose the average size. In such a mirror you will be able to see yourself almost completely, and it will not take up much space.

Place the product near the outer closet. To make it look comfortable. If the entrance hall is large and has a large dressing room, the mirror can be fixed on one of the doors. There is also the option to hang it on the wall. If there is another interior door in the hallway, the accessory can be hung on it. However, in this case, the door should open outward, and not inside the room.

Where can I not hang mirrors

broken mirrorIn order for the apartment to have a cozy atmosphere and everything is arranged according to Feng Shui, you need to know where you can not place the product. First of all, it can not be placed opposite the window, if they are in the hallway. However, it is worth paying attention to the owners of non-standard housing.

REMEMBER! The mirror surface does not hang in front of the front door, as other energy will not be able to penetrate inside.

In addition, a person entering an apartment or house will experience discomfort when he sees a mirror product. Therefore, it is better to abandon such an undertaking.

How to hang mirrors

First of all, choosing a product you need to pay attention to its quality. It must be durable and well crafted. The mirror surface should not distort reflection. And in it a person must see the full figure, and not in parts, as this can provoke illnesses in the family or problems.

In the hallway, a Feng Shui mirror should hang on the side of the doorway. It is best that it reflects the figures of storks, the sea breeze or other symbols symbolizing wealth and prosperity. After all, such attributes of the hallway quickly accumulate energy and reflects it into the room.

The mirror is hung on the wall or closet, dressing room, located in the room. The mirror surface should be firmly fixed to the surface so that it does not fall. Otherwise, it is a bad sign. Broken glass in the house brings only failure.

where to hang a mirror

Experts do not recommend laying mirror tiles in a living room. It does not completely show reflection, which leads to a deterioration in the condition of a person. There is a feeling of weakness, apathy, fatigue.

REFERENCE! In order for such an interior decor to bring only positive emotions, and to keep good energy in the room, you should choose the size and shape of the accessory correctly.

Place the mirrors in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on them. Also, the mirror can not be hung opposite the front and interior doors. It should display only one room. In the hallway there must be a large or medium mirror, in which everyone will look before going out or upon arrival home. Do not keep a cracked or broken product in the apartment. It is necessary to get rid of it first of all, it attracts bad energy and troubles. In addition, all mirrors in the house should always be clean. Only then will they bring good luck and keep positive energy in the room.

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