How to remove scratches from the mirror: home methods, professional tools.

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Mirror.A mirror is a multifunctional object, which, in addition to its direct purpose, allowing a person to see his favorite reflection is often part of the interior, helping to emphasize style, improve perception, transform the room. Therefore, it is important that it is perfectly clean and free from scratches and other defects.

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Due to its reflective properties, mirrors are able to visually expand the space, add light to the room, hide its imperfections. Enclosed in beautiful frames with built-in lights, clockwork, ornaments, drawings or inscriptions, they perform a decorative function, and can also be part of the decoration.

Mirrors need regular and proper care.

The expected effect is reduced to zero if flaws appear on the mirror surface. This often happens with improper care, because with the apparent strength, the mirror is a rather fragile material. Of course, it will not be possible to completely eliminate the defects, but you can try to mask scratches on the surface yourself.

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ATTENTION! To extend the life of the mirror, it is necessary to carry out quality care for it. Do not use sharp objects, hard sponges, or abrasive cleaners to clean or wash. For bathrooms, it is better to purchase special mirrors designed for rooms with high humidity, where the coating is protected from destruction by moisture.

How to remove scratches from a mirror

The essence of correcting such defects consists in filling them with various substances and further polishing the mirror surface. To do this, you can use improvised materials or professional tools.

Home Ways

To mask small, barely noticeable scratches, the most affordable home remedies are used:

  • toothpaste, it must be applied in a small amount to the scratch and gently rub, and after drying, remove excess with a tissue and polish with a soft flannel;
  • mustard powder plus table vinegar, they are mixed in equal parts, applied and polished with a soft cloth;
  • colorless nail polish, they are filled with deeper scratches, they remove excess fluid with a flat stick and allow it to dry, after which it is brought to a shine;
  • foil, which with adhesive tape tightly sticks the defect on the amalgam on the back of the mirror (for which it is carefully removed), the foil should be perfectly smooth, without wrinkles.
How to remove scratches from a mirror.

IMPORTANT! Be careful using various sticks and knives so as not to make new scratches and do not press on the mirror too much during polishing, otherwise it can be broken.

If these methods do not work, you can use professional materials.

Professional Tools

The following materials may be more effective:

  1. Universal polishing paste GOI, which is used for any surface, from metal and plastic to ceramics and glass. You can buy it at a building materials store. The product must be crushed to a state of dust, scored with a cotton swab and fill in the scratch. This is followed by polishing with a new stick for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Epoxy adhesive that has leveling properties. The damaged area must first be treated with a glass cleaner, dried and coated with glue, avoiding the formation of air bubbles, and the remaining surfaces should be cleaned with a flat tool. The glue dries in a few days, after which the surface to be treated can be polished with GOI paste.
  3. Silicone adhesive sealant. They fill the defect with a stick or a toothpick, after drying, remove the residues and polish the paste in several stages.
  4. A cerium oxide preparation that can smooth out all minor scratches and bring the product to a shine. It is diluted to a paste-like state, applied to the treated surface and polished with a soft damp cloth until the scratches disappear. The cloth is periodically wiped with a clean cloth, and the surface is moistened so that the drug does not freeze.
GOI polishing paste for a mirror.

After finishing work, wipe the surface with a glass detergent and wipe dry. If the mirror cannot be put in order on its own, it is better to take it to the master, who will restore the surface using a special grinding machine.

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