How to make an infinite mirror with your own hands: a mirror with the effect of infinity, design features

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An endless mirror is a new-fashioned decoration of a home, which is quite popular due to its unusual appearance. The illusion of infinite depth, which is his "trick", is deceptive, because the thickness of the product is only a few centimeters. How to make an endless mirror with your own hands and is it really difficult?

Endless mirror

Design features with infinity effect

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  • Design features with infinity effect
  • How to make an endless mirror with your own hands?
    • What materials will be needed?
    • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Determine the light source

Such mirrors have successfully found application in the form of stylish countertops, wall panels, as well as ceiling lamps. Their feature is transparent glass, on the one hand, and a mirror surface, on the other. The product is called a Gesela mirror or "Spy Mirror" and is quite rare in stores, and if sold, then at a biting price. Fortunately for those who want to decorate their homes with them, the design is not difficult, and it is quite possible to make it yourself.

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How to make an endless mirror with your own hands?

All that is needed to implement the plan is the acquisition of simple materials, a little patience and perseverance. The mirror can be of any size and shape of your choice, as well as have various shapes inside.

Endless mirror

What materials will be needed?

For manufacturing, you can take a translucent mirror, a device with which you can turn off and use as a classic product, and a mirror on one side and transparent on the other. In general, the list of materials is as follows:

  • ordinary mirror;
  • sheet of window glass;
  • polystyrene foam and a knife for cutting it;
  • putty and putty knife;
  • mirror film;
  • sandpaper;
  • LED garland;
  • glass cutter, marker, suction cup and jigsaw.

The thickness of the glass is desirable at least 4 cm, since in this case its strength will not cause doubts. In order not to dust and save power, you can purchase it with pre-processed edges.

Step-by-step assembly instructions

The chosen scheme is a circular endless mirror, but any other form is made according to the same principle. So you will need:

  • Mark with a marker on the glass the correct circle of the desired size, then make a cutter along its contour with a glass cutter. Next, you need to gently and gently tap under the furrows until cracks appear, then put the material on a towel and break off the excess pieces.

IMPORTANT. At the initial stage, you need to be as collected and careful as possible, since the glass is fragile, and the shape of the circle can be broken. As a result, the diameter of the future mirror will decrease significantly, and the amount of time spent will increase.

  • DIY endless mirrorPlace the obtained element under a stream of water and sandpaper to carefully clean the sharp edges, being careful when doing this.
  • Make a mirror blank in the same way as a glass blank. A prerequisite - cutting is performed on the glass side, but not silvering.
  • Cut the housing out of expanded polystyrene. To do this, he is given a square shape, with a marker two circles are drawn - the outer and inner, after which they are cut out. It is advisable to leave a small allowance at the edges and make the inner ring 1 cm smaller than the mirror.
  • Make holes on the inner surface of the housing and fix the LED strip in them. Next, another glass circle is cut out and a mirror film is glued to it. If you want to place any figure inside, then it should first be cut out of polystyrene, after which LEDs should also be placed around the perimeter.

TIP. In the process of gluing a mirror film, air bubbles may form underneath. To avoid this, you need to smooth it from the center to the edges with a bank card or something like that.

The final stage is the assembly of all components into a single design and the connection of the LED strip. In order to be able to hang a mirror on the wall, special fasteners are purchased at a hardware store. Before sticking them, the back wall is wiped with a solvent.

Determine the light source

Endless mirror LED strip is the best option, because after assembly the whole structure is tight and the light source should not generate heat. Preference is given to RGB, which will create incredible optical effects. Products with a voltage of 24 V have a maximum brightness, in addition, it is easier for them to shine through a mirror film. In order not to waste time and nerves on manipulating the LED strip, you can purchase a ready-made version equipped with a controller in the store. Thus, the process is simple and does not require special skills and experience - it is enough to spend a little time and effort. As a result, you get a stylish mirror with the effect of infinity, which will decorate your home and will delight guests with its unusual appearance.

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