How to hang a mirror on a wall: ways to mount mirrors, mount a mirror without a frame, how to attach a mirror to walls of different materials.

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How to hang a mirror on a wall.A mirror is a must in every home. This is not only a functional interior item, but also an element of decor. Sometimes there is a need to personally attach a new mirror to the wall. A well-made mount will not only protect the expensive item from damage, but also make the appearance of the fixation points as elegant and beautiful as possible. As a result, the interior will not be spoiled and the appearance of the mirror itself will be impeccable.

Ways to mount mirrors to the wall

The content of the article

  • Ways to mount mirrors to the wall
    • Wall mounting without drilling
    • How to hang a mount on a dowel
    • How to hang a mirror without nails
  • How to attach a mirror without a frame
  • How to fix a large mirror on the wall
  • Features of wall mounting from different materials
    • On a brick base
    • Tiled in the bathroom
    • On drywall
    • On wallpaper

In order for the mirror attached to the wall or cabinet door to be securely fixed, you should decide on how to install it. There are several of them, and in order to choose the most suitable one, you need to consider the following:

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  1. The nature of the surface on which the web will be attached. How easy it is to drill holes or hammer a dowel in it.
  2. Product Size With a large area, some mounts can deform the mirror and cause cracks.
  3. The presence of a framework. In this case, you can use glue or double-sided tape, although not in all cases.
  4. Possibility of dismantling the mirror afterwards. Excluded when using glue.
  5. Desired appearance. Few people want to see protruding hooks or other details.
One way to mount a mirror.

Given the above, it is easy to choose one of the mounting methods:

  • dowels, nails;
  • special holders;
  • glue;
  • Double-sided tape.

Now thanks to the development of the chemical industry, there is a large selection of fairly reliable adhesives. They will perfectly cope with the task and will firmly hold the glass product on the wall. There is also a good selection of mechanical mounts.

Wall mounting without drilling

Fastening with the help of special holders will be simple and reliable. They do not require drilling a mirror. The choice of this hardware in stores is very large and allows you to choose the holders for every taste. Installation is performed as follows:

  1. Attach the mirror to the wall, mark the mounting points. You need at least six (2 from the bottom, left and right).
  2. Drill holes, install dowels in them.
  3. Slide the selected holders onto the screws.
  4. Screw the screws into place.
  5. Insert the product on top.
Mount the mirror holders.

A mirror mounted in this way will not be drilled, which eliminates the risks associated with this.

How to hang a mount on a dowel

Using dowels to hang a mirror will be more time consuming and problematic. This is due to the need to drill holes in it. Without proper skills and a special tool, you can spoil the product. For fixing with dowels, you need:

  1. Take care of the holes in the canvas. It is better to order this service from professionals.
  2. Make marks on the wall at the mounting points. To do this, attach the mirror to the surface and mark the necessary places.
  3. Drill a wall at marked points.
  4. Insert dowel sleeves into the holes.
  5. Attach a mirror and tighten the screws, pre-installing the clamping parts on them.
  6. The last step: checking the strength of the installation, and closing the screw caps with special caps.
Mounting the mirror on the dowels.

ATTENTION! When making such a fastener, you need to be careful, especially with the marking of places under the dowels. The mirror should clearly stand in the right position.

How to hang a mirror without nails

The main means for such fastening are special double-sided tape and glue. In addition to aesthetic purposes, this method will be preferable if the wall is made of fragile material, such as drywall or foam block. Such a surface is not able to hold the heavy weight of the mirror on the dowels.

This operation is performed as follows:

  1. Prepare the wall. The surface should be even and smooth. Primer if necessary.
  2. Degrease the surfaces to be bonded.
  3. Apply glue to the decor or stick tape. You should be careful with the glue near the edge - if it is squeezed out of the border, it can ruin the appearance.
  4. Press the product against the wall. If glue is used, it will be necessary to install supports and hold for some time.
Mounting the mirror on tape or glue.

ATTENTION! The choice of glue or tape should be taken seriously. Any means do not fit, you will need specially designed for this. Find the right tape or glue at your local hardware store.

How to attach a mirror without a frame

Depending on the surface of the wall, there are several options for attaching the product without a frame. The simplest is with glue or double-sided tape. This method is perfect if the wall does not hold nails very well, for example, from a foam block or drywall.

Another option is to use a decorative profile or special holders. This accessories is reliably fixed by expansion bolt shields or self-tapping screws. First, the lower parts are attached to which the web is installed.

How to fix a large mirror on the wall

A large mirror will look good in many interiors. But fastening it is not an easy task and requires a professional approach. If you decide to install it yourself, you should pay attention to such things:

  1. Be sure to make sure that the wall is perfectly flat. Otherwise, the mirror will not last long.
  2. Choose high-quality glue or adhesive tape. If the web is heavy, add an additional profile mount from the bottom.
  3. Apply glue according to the instructions. After installation, fix the canvas with supports and hold it for several days.
How to fix a large mirror on the wall.

Having a large mirror in a house can be dangerous - the likelihood that it will break higher. As a precaution, it is advisable to glue it with a special film, especially if there are children. Such a step will prevent the possibility of the spread of fragments.

Features of wall mounting from different materials

The properties of some materials will not allow you to reliably hang a mirror on them. For example, drywall has a very fragile structure, for which gluing methods of fastening are preferable. If there is a need to use the expansion bolt shield - it is better to use the butterfly plugs specially designed for this purpose.

You can attach a mirror to concrete in any way. Before working with glue or tape, the surface must be prepared - coated with a primer. Another feature of this material is strength. It is more difficult to make a recess under the mount than in others. To do this, you need a hammer drill.

How to fix a large mirror on different surfaces.

Hanging a mirror cloth on PVC panels, which are often used to decorate toilets, is quite problematic. Silicone glue will help here. Drilling holes in polyvinyl chloride will be a bad idea - it will turn out not very reliable.

In order to avoid problems with this task, it is necessary to take into account not only the characteristics of the wall material, but also the size of the mirror, the chosen fittings.

On a brick base

Before work, you need to prepare the surface. To do this, it is cleaned and primed. Mounting on a brick surface can be any.

If glue is selected, it must be remembered that after installation, the fabric can no longer be removed. Therefore, you need to work with extreme caution. Use glue according to the instructions, without smearing them with the entire surface of the decor element.

The easiest way to attach is double-sided tape. To use it, it is enough to degrease the surface, stick it in strips at intervals of up to 8 cm, remove the protective film and press the product to the surface.

Other ways to hang the canvas on a brick base are carried out in the same way as on other surfaces.

Tiled in the bathroom

When working with tiles, gluing the product is the best choice. Glue should be selected as moisture resistant as possible. Silicone sealant is well suited for these purposes. It is also resistant to temperature extremes. When fixing the product in the bathroom, it is a good idea to remove the tiles in the mounting area. The ideal option is to foresee and not veneer the location of the future mirror. It is not necessary to remove tiles. Well-chosen glue and thorough cleaning of surfaces from grease and dirt will make the connection quite reliable.

How to fix a large mirror on a tile.

Other holders will also cope well with the task. It is advisable to try to choose such a size of the product so that they can be installed in the joints between the tiles.

On drywall

Products with a large weight (from 10 kg) on ​​a drywall should not be hung. Drywall is a very fragile and unreliable thing. The best choice when installing the mirror is glue and double-sided tape. If in the future it is foreseen the need to dismantle the product (this is not possible with glue), you can use the fastenings on the dowel-butterfly.

On wallpaper

Hanging the canvas on the wallpaper with glue or double-sided tape is not a good idea. This method is possible only if the product weighs no more than two kg, but in this case, the use of these funds is not desirable. It is better to use any mechanical fasteners (holders, decorative strips).

The task of hanging a mirror yourself, though difficult, but doable. Before you start it, you need to carefully prepare. Get the right tool, make measurements and calculations. If you treat her with due attention and patience - everything will work out.

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