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Meeting with a squirrel always brings a lot of positive emotions. To draw these funny animals to your site will help the feeding trough for the squirrels, cooked by own hands.

Article in the topic: a bird feeder with their own hands.

Feeder Requirements

The feeder, as well as the house for fluffy beauties should be made in accordance with certain rules:

  1. For the feeding bowl for squirrels, they use only natural wood with their own hands, and not impregnated with lacquer chipboard or, in general, plastic fragments. First, the proteins live in the forest and all kinds of paints, laminates and plastic attributes are extremely dangerous for the tender organism. Secondly, the smell of varnish can scare off a squirrel and your works will be a waste.
  2. You need to do a compact structure.
  3. If the feeder is closed, then it needs a round climb.
  4. To ensure that the squirrels visit the feeding trough, it is necessary to hang it correctly - only on a tree, and at such a height that you can safely put food and delicious food there.
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Manufacturing techniques

For feeders for protein, you can use any natural boards, including slabs. The main requirement is that the material used must be absolutely dry. It is advisable to choose boards with a wall thickness of -3 cm. So the feeder will last longer, and the animal will be comfortable inside.

There are several basic options for creating a feeder for protein (a photo of some of the options below).

Of the boards

This method is the most simple and fast. You will need boards with dimensions of thickness / width / length in, / 30/300 cm, respectively. The total length should be three meters.

Technique of production:

  1. Using a square for cutting, measure and cut a board 55 cm long. This will be the backside of the feeder. Above and below, cancel 5 cm. It is they who will fasten the trough to the tree.
  2. Now cut off the sidewalls - two boards 25 * 45 cm and an internal partition with dimensions of 20 * 25 cm.
  3. The remaining two brusochka will play the role of a porch.
  4. Using a jig saw on the front and back side of the future feeder, round lazy is cut through which the squirrel will get to eat. Wooden sections should be carefully sanded with nest, so that the proteins are not injured.
  5. Think about whether you did everything, whether all the details are correct. If there are no shortcomings, you can glue the trough.

To be sure of the strength of the feeding trough for the squirrel, the parts can also be attached with screws. Nails in this case is extremely undesirable, so that animals are not cut.

From the bank

Strangely enough, but this method is not only interesting, but also simple, popular and looks very original. In addition, the food will be reliably protected from birds.

Choose a large enough bank, at least 15 cm in diameter, so that the squirrel can not only climb into it, but also sit and eat nuts.

A feeder for squirrels with their own hands (the drawings are attached) is a small house, placed on a long ledge-base.Approximate sizes of the house are 45/25/20 cm (length / width / height, respectively):

  1. Cut out 2 sidewalls, one front part, a roof and a back wall, mark a hole for the jar.
  2. In the front part, also make a hole, but it must correspond to the diameter of the neck of the can.
  3. In each sidewall a hole is cut with a diameter of no more than 10 cm. This is the entrance to the feeder.The base of the feeder should be of such length that it can hold a small house, a jar, and a small reserve for placing a limiter, which will securely fix the jar. As for the rear, it, in addition to the function of the wall, is still the holder of the whole structure, since it will be attached to the tree.
  4. Having cut out all the details, it is processed by sandpaper, glued and fixed with screws.
  5. It remains only to attach the trough to the tree and pour in the feed.
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Using the tips, you can make a feeder for the squirrel yourself and revitalize your garden.

Making a feeding trough for squirrels - video

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