Green pharmacy for orchids - succinic acid

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To restore sick orchids succinic acid is one of the most effective means. Even healthy flowers respond well to feeding with acid, which helps them maintain a beautiful decorative appearance and influences growth and flowering.

What is succinic acid?

In industry, this acid is extracted from brown coal. For flowers, it is a kind of biostimulants and can not completely replace mineral fertilizers.

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Interestingly, succinic acid is not capable of harming orchids, even in the case of an overdose, as the plants themselves will not take unnecessary. In addition, amber is not peculiar to accumulation in the soil, under the influence of air and light it evaporates rapidly.

The influence of acid on the development of orchids

After processing plants with succinic acid:

  • orchids begin to actively grow leaves;
  • the turgor is restored;
  • new roots appear;
  • flower stalks are laid;
  • increases resistance to various diseases of orchids.

Magic tablets act as a growth stimulant for all plant species. In addition, they have the property of neutralizing toxins in the soil.

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How to use the drug?

A solution based on succinic acid tablets can be fed by using one of three methods or alternating them:

  1. Wipe the leaves moistened in the solution with a sponge or cotton pad (including the lower part of the sheet plate).
  2. Spray the green mass, avoiding liquid entering the growth point.
  3. Water the flower. Part of the drug settles on pieces of bark, and even after the excess liquid drains into the pallet, it feeds the lower roots of the orchid, stimulating their growth and the formation of new shoots.
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To restore orchids after a transplant or a disease, apply amber fertilizing at least 2 times a week.


After spraying the orchid, wipe the center of the flower with a dry cotton pad to remove moisture from the socket.

To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to grind 1 tablet of succinic acid and dissolve it in a l of standing water at room temperature. If the preparation is in the form of a powder, a given amount of water is sufficient for 1 g. Do not store such a product for reuse.

Addition of orchids with succinic acid - video

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