Chicken droppings as fertilizer for tomatoes and cucumbers

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For several years I have been selling tomatoes and cucumbers that I grow in my plot. But this season only the harvest has pumped up a bit - the tomatoes are rather small, and there are many barren flowers among the cucumbers. I heard that with the help of chicken manure you can increase the yield. Tell me how to use chicken droppings to fertilize tomatoes and cucumbers?

Chicken droppings are widely used to fertilize garden crops. Owners of chicken coops can only envy - they have free access to the most valuable fertilizer.
Chicken dung is much better in its composition than various complex fertilizers, because it has a higher concentration:
• magnesium;
• phosphorus;
• potassium;
• Nitrogen.

A special feature of this fertilizer is that the litter has a positive effect on the soil for the next 3 years after application.

Chicken manure for fertilizer is used in the following forms:
1. Liquid fertilizer. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1:20( litter: water) and insist 10 days. This fertilizer is watered only between the rows, it cannot be brought under the roots, so as not to burn them.
2. Compost. In order to make the compost, in the fall the litter should be laid out on the grassy litter( you can also use harvested tops) and mix with the ground. In the spring with compost it is already possible to fertilize a vegetable garden - mix it with straw and spread it out in between rows.

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Fertilizing crops with chicken droppings as an infusion is recommended after watering the beds or after a good rain. It should be borne in mind that in the pure form of the litter can not be made.

Top-dressing tomato

To fertilize chicken droppings during such periods:
• before planting tomatoes - as dry compost( granulated chicken droppings can be used);
• during the growing season - in the form of infusion.

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It is advisable to do the feeding of liquid infusion twice. The first time is after three weeks have passed after planting the seedlings, and the second one in a month. To prepare an infusion for liquid feeding, fresh chicken dung is poured with water in a ratio of 1:20 and watering the soil between the bushes with a tomato. It is necessary to ensure that the liquid does not hit the bushes themselves, and if it did happen, wash the solution off the leaves with clean water.
When making litter, you must carefully monitor the growth of the tomato, so as not to overdo it. If after the fertilizer the bush began to intensively increase the green mass, the leaves and stems increased in thickness - you need to stop feeding, otherwise it threatens to decrease the yield. It is recommended to bring the next batch of fertilizers only after at least 10 days, and then only organic species. And in order to correct the situation and bring the metabolism back to normal, it is good to use an infusion of water with ash.

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Feeding cucumbers

To increase the yield of cucumbers they are fed with various types of fertilizers during the season twice. As soon as 3 leaves have formed on the bush, cucumbers need to be fed with liquid fertilizer from chicken manure and water at the rate of 1:10.
For the second feeding( before flowering), use a solution with the addition of sodium sulfate( it is necessary that the liquid resembled a weak tea in color).Pour the solution with soil before the flowering of cucumbers - this will reduce the number of barren flowers in the ovary. Processing also carried out only between plants.

Video on how to prepare dry manure from chicken litter

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