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Demand for seeds for seedlings of tomatoes rises in mid-March. No exception are the dacha residents of the Moscow suburbs. Residents of these regions need to have time to choose the best varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region.

Every year dacha find the seeds of the best varieties of tomatoes, which would bring a large and high-quality harvest. The peculiarity of these regions lies in the climate, which is characterized by sharp changes in temperature and humidity, as well as the onset of early cold weather. Tomatoes - plants are thermophilic, therefore, in order to grow quality tomato fruits, it is necessary to choose varieties of early or middle maturity.

The period of growth of tomato bushes is about 90 days. Seedlings of the selected variety must be in time to grow until the moment of landing in the open ground immediately after the late May frosts. To begin with, tomato seeds for the suburbs are planted in greenhouse conditions. This should be done around the middle of April. Sometimes, if the weather forecast and the state of the climate allows, you can start growing seedlings in the beginning of April.

The search for new varieties does not affect the planting of long-proven types of tomatoes. This is a kind of experiment in the garden and garden business, which consists in the desire of summer residents to find new properties of the derived varieties of tomatoes.

Hybrid varieties obtained by crossing a line of one variety are more in demand among modern dacha-and-vegetable farms. This is due to the fact that crossed tomato plants have better quality properties than parental raw materials. For this, seeds of the 1st generation are used (they are denoted by the abbreviation F1).

Which tomatoes should be planted in a greenhouse?

Selection of the best varieties for growing tomatoes under closed conditions is a purely subjective decision. It is based on the general opinions of the population of the region. There are several varieties that should be distinguished from other good options. So what kind of tomatoes should be planted in a greenhouse in the Moscow region?

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De Barao. It refers to mid-ripening varieties (125-130 days). The peculiarity of these tomatoes is that seedlings need to be prepared 2 weeks earlier than other species. Planted seedlings of 3 plants per 1 m2 of area. The bushes of tomatoes are tall and require the installation of additional trellises (wooden supports). Shrubs have a predominant property - resistance to the formation and development of late blight.

The fruits of De Barao oval and weigh about 70 g. One brush produces at least 10 fruits, and from one bush, summer residents collect about 4 kg. ripe vegetables.

Tomatoes of this variety have excellent taste qualities, so they can be used for pickles, marinades and salads. They are stored for a long time without losing their taste qualities. The fruits of De Barao can have a yellow, pink and red color.

The most useful are yellow fruits, because they contain a lot of carotene. This substance helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Nevsky. The early variety of tomatoes, which is grown in greenhouse conditions. The period of full maturation is 90-100 days. Shrubs of this variety do not need tie to the abutments, the fruits are not large, have a rounded shape of red color, weighing up to 60 g.

Approximately 5 plants should be planted per square meter. The best period for this is April. When planting it is recommended to introduce nitrogen fertilizers in a small amount. When the fruits of the variety Nevsky reach a pinkish hue, they need to begin to collect.


Sweet Bunch. This is the best sort of tomato for the Moscow region, which has the shortest period of ripening, (85-90 days). Intended for a variety of sweet bunch only for greenhouses. One brush of this plant can produce up to 50 small tomatoes weighing about 40 g. The bush can reach a height of up to 2 meters, so they require special care and a garter design. During the whole period of ripening the plant is not affected by most of the known traditional diseases.

It is very useful to use juices from the fruits of this variety in a fresh form. Also, a lot of summer residents like to preserve them.

Andromeda F1.The variety belongs to early hybrid plants. The period of their full maturation is about 90 days. The tomato bush is not tall - 70 cm, but the performance is impressive - 10 kg / bush. On one square meter you can plant 4 bushes. The weight of a single fruit can reach 120 g.

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Seeds for seedlings should be grown at the turn of March / April. Planting seedlings should be in the soil, which is heated to 18C. Be sure to hold a pick. The plant needs constant watering.

Tomato varieties for greenhouses near Moscow should be selected in accordance with the subjective opinion of experienced summer residents of the region.

Tomatoes for open ground near Moscow

In addition to greenhouse species, there are also varieties for open ground in this region. How to grow tomatoes in the open ground in the suburbs?

Ogorodniki practice cultivation of several quality varieties, which are ideal for the climate of the Moscow region:

  • Sort of Demidov. This plant can reach heights, m. The variety is distinguished by high yield and resistance to late blight. The period of maturation is 100 days. The weight of one fetus can be 100 grams. Seeds for seedlings are prepared in early April. On 1 m2 of area it is allowed to plant about 6 bushes at the same time. The plant requires careful watering once a week. Mineral fertilizers should be added when planting.
  • Tomato variety Sultan F1. This plant is a Dutch hybrid. It is ideally suited for the open climate of the Moscow region, as it adapts quickly to unfavorable environmental factors. The maturity period is 70 days. Fruits have a weight of about 200 g. It is grown mainly for preserving tomato paste, juice. Seedlings are prepared in the middle of April. Planted in open ground in early May.
  • Variety Fitous. Medium-ripening variety, which has many properties (resistance to late blight and other diseases). The maturation period is 100 days. The plant is not high, up to half a meter. Fruits have a weight of up to 70 g. From one meter square square you can collect about 12 kg. fruits. Seedlings should be prepared in early April, and planted in early June in well-watered soil with the addition of 10 g. superphosphate in each fossa.
  • Sibirsky early ripening variety. The maturation period of tomatoes is about 90-100 days. It has resistance to a changeable climate. The bush can reach a height of up to 80 cm. fruits have a bright red color. The shape of the fruit is round. The weight of one tomato can have 100 g. Excellent for canning and eating fresh. Seedlings are prepared in early April. When planting, you should make about 10 g. superphosphate. Water every bush after sunset every day with a small amount of water.
  • Tomato variety Bullish heart. The name of these tomatoes is due to its shape in the form of a heart. This is a great salad variety, which has a good taste and impressive dimensions. The weight of a single fruit can reach up to 400 g. The color of tomatoes is pink-red. Bushes need a garter to the abutments. Also it is necessary to make a picking of bushes of this sort. It is carried out when the first leaves appear. To leave it is necessary 2 stems, for this purpose the stepson from the first brush is used. Other stepsons are removed. Bushes love water, because they need to be watered regularly. To feed the plant should be in the period of vegetation with mineral fertilizers.
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Thanks to the availability of tomatoes for the open ground of the Moscow region, you can expect a high yield. It is only necessary to properly grow the seedlings and plant it in the open ground on time, observing the methods of watering and feeding.

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