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Low-growing tomatoes lead in the country sites and gardens. What is the reason for such success? Why did tall vines with large fruits give first place to their inconspicuous relatives?

  • Low-growing varieties of tomatoes do not require tools for planting, a lot of attention and high yield.
  • Most undersized varieties do not need to pinch, they grow with a stem.
  • Quickly become fruiting and delight in a rich harvest.
  • Differ in friendly fruiting, which is important for hostesses.
  • Tomatoes of this species have time to give the main part of the crop before the onset of the active phase of late blight.

Each gardener chooses the best varieties of low-growing tomatoes individually, depending on the region of residence and growing conditions.

In order to choose the right tomatoes for your plot, you need to know that all low-growing tomato varieties belong to the determinant group, which is divided into three subgroups:

  1. determinant;
  2. semi-determinant;
  3. super determinant.
  • The determinant subgroup of tomatoes is intended for planting in open ground and in enclosed spaces. The side shoots of the bushes are very dense, so that a shtab is formed, which does not require tying and pinching.
  • Semi-determinant tomato varieties are recommended for cultivation in open ground. If you do not pinch the top at a height of 80-90 cm, then it can reach 120 cm. Tomatoes in this group do not recommend pasturing, to collect a larger crop, but experienced gardeners resort to this method to speed up fruiting of the bush.
  • Superdeterminant tomatoes are characterized by early and medium ripeness, amicable fruit yield, good yield. For these tomato varieties characteristic short growing season. After a friendly return of the fruit, they do not form a new ovary. All varieties of tomato in the superdeterminant group require staining and forming a growing point.

It is better to buy hybrid seeds of low-growing varieties of tomato for greenhouses and open ground in all three subgroups in specialized stores, as they are self-collected lose maternal properties, and instead of a small bush can grow on a bed a long vine.

Choosing the best varieties of undersized tomatoes for greenhouses

Everyone is used to tall varieties of tomatoes growing on a long trellis in the greenhouse. But there is not always time and opportunity to engage in the formation of a bush, the distribution of brushes, pasynkovaniem. Then come to the aid of low-growing varieties of tomatoes, for which is simple and easy to care for.

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Among the wide variety of tomatoes I want to highlight some of the best varieties of low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses:

  • "Magus H" is a hybrid of early fruiting, it is distinguished by disease resistance and yield. The growing season is up to 65 days, the fruits are red, rounded, weighing up to 180g.3-4 plants can be placed on one meter, which is very important when grown in greenhouses, as thickened plantations increase the yield several times. The main condition for planting this variety is frequent airing of the greenhouse and the absence of condensate.
  • Has well recommended itself in greenhouse conditions the novelty of the last season “Orange Princess”.It is a short, very fruitful variety of medium late ripening, intended for growing in greenhouses and greenhouses. With good care and farming, with one bush for the season you can get up to 40 kg of sweet orange fruit.
  • Cherry tomatoes have become increasingly popular lately. Such stunted varieties as “Aztec”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Duckling”, and “Banana Feet” should be distinguished from this group. The mass of fruits of these tomatoes does not exceed 15–20 g, and the sweet, fragrant taste does not leave anyone indifferent. Especially beautiful are small fruit-peas in marinades, as a decoration for salads and baked meat dishes.
  • Among dwarf tomatoes are popular dwarf and ampelous varieties. Tomatoes "Talisman" feel great in baskets and hanging pots. They serve as an excellent decoration for winter gardens and greenhouses, look beautiful in the garden, hanging on tree branches.
  • Variety "Aztec" is ideal for apartment and balcony cultivation. Often the plants of these tomatoes are planted in tubs and flower pots. Tomato bushes then play the role of decoration, not just food. Dwarf tomatoes and cherry varieties have healing properties: regular consumption of them reduces the risk of cancer.
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The best low-growing tomatoes for open ground

All varieties of low-growing tomatoes are suitable for open ground. A huge variety of tomatoes in this group allows you to pick up tomatoes for any color, taste and size.

  • Many people like tomatoes undersized for open ground of Siberian selection: “Siberian Garden”, “Siberiada”, “Heavyweight Siberia”, “Abakansky Pink”, “Ballerina”, “Siberian Troika”, “Moscow Pear”.Varieties of this series are characterized by high yield and resistance to viral diseases.
  • Novice gardeners should pay attention to such tomatoes for open ground as "Alaska", "Parodist", "Boni-M", "Bobcat".They are distinguished by even and tasty fruits, independently form a lush bush and do not require staving.
  • Lovers of high-yielding varieties will love the following varieties: “Rocker”, “Tourmaline”, “Russian Delicious”, “Sunny Bunny”, “Buyan”.With proper care, up to 5 kg of even fruits weighing from 150–200 g can be removed from a single tomato bush of these varieties.
  • The ultra-early hybrid tomatoes “Giving luck” and “Gayas Bekseev” deserve special praise. They are distinguished not only by high yields, but also by resistance to heat and dryness of the soil, diseases, and are recommended for cultivation in areas unsuitable for horticulture and agriculture.
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