What is a cabinet: varieties and model range, styles and materials.

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Cupboard.The cabinet is a piece of furniture made of various materials, with or without shelves and doors, designed to store various items and clothes. The product can be equipped with hangers, mirrors, locks and other functional additions. There are many varieties of wardrobes that are made in different styles, models and from a wide range of materials, their cost depends on this.

What is a closet?

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  • What is a closet?
  • Varieties and lineup
  • Styles and Materials

Varieties of cabinets.A similar piece of furniture is a necessary detail of the interior of the living room or bedroom, which stores clothes, shoes and other things of the landlord and other household members. In the traditional view, the wardrobe is furniture with two or three leaves, equipped with drawers and a special bar for subsequent hanging hangers with objects wardrobe. Often on one of the wings a large mirror is attached, in which a person can see his reflection after putting on the selected outfit.

REFERENCE! Initially, the piece of furniture was a special room and was called a wardrobe. Only in the 19th century did the interior of the room look like a modern wardrobe with special shelves and bars.

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Modern wardrobes are made in various stylistic decisions and differ in size. There are models:

  • with opening flaps;
  • “Compartment” (sliding doors);
  • with folding wings.

Also in the salons you can find models with large dimensions, which have many sections for storing things. Small single-door products, popularly referred to as the “pencil case”, are usually installed in small rooms. They are designed to contain a small amount of things intended for daily wear.

Large wardrobes are provided for large rooms and for storing much more wardrobe items, shoes and hats. They are equipped with shelves, drawers, often there are holders for belts and ties.

Varieties and lineup

All such furniture products can be divided into two types:

  • "Coupe";
  • swinging.

Classic swing models are monolithic products that have two side walls and a back wall, as well as several swing doors. The second model, the “coupe”, is a similar product, but the doors are rolled back one on top of the other.

Closet.The difference between the classic wardrobe and the "compartment" is that the wardrobe can be easily placed anywhere in the room, and if necessary moved to another place. Sliding wardrobe is a built-in piece of furniture that does not have its own bottom, sides and rear wall. Usually it is partially or completely attached to the wall and cannot be moved to a new place or its rearrangement will require a lot of effort.

Among the models also distinguish:

  • direct;
  • angular;
  • radius.

The choice of cabinet model should occur only after a complete understanding of the concept of repairing the room and the proposed interior. In order for the piece of furniture to fall into place and have the necessary dimensions, you will need to first calculate the dimensions of the room and the decor.

Styles and Materials

Cabinets can be divided into models according to the material from which they are made, and by style. Depending on the stylistic performance, there are:

  1. Classic. These include models in the style of Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and others, they fit well into any room and are always at the peak of popularity.Antique wardrobe.
  2. Ethnicity. The wardrobe in ethnic style is very original and requires appropriate framing. Perhaps after installing it, you will have to add several stylized objects that can complement and maintain the overall style.
  3. Modern. Concise and simple, smooth surface without any decorative elements, flat surface, often using metal inserts, such a cabinet fits well into any room, without requiring additional effort to create a common style premises.

IMPORTANT! You need to choose a cabinet not only depending on the size of the room, but also on the style that was chosen during the repair. Ethnic-style wardrobe will look ridiculous in a modernly furnished room.

As for the materials from which the cabinets are made, there are a lot of options. Solid wood cabinets are considered to be very strong and durable.. They fit perfectly into the interior and retain their original qualities and appearance for a long time. In the cheaper segment of the market are models from MDF and particleboard. They have a wide variety of shapes and colors, so they are in demand among consumers.

A cabinet is a necessary piece of furniture, convenient and functional. It is available in almost every apartment and effectively emphasizes the style of the room.

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