Screen for kindergarten with their hands: photo, multifunction screen for kindergarten, especially

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Environment in kindergarten should be a positive influence on the organization of educational process and increase of interest to him children, and their all-round development. Given that kids spend most of their time in the group in the room must be the objects aimed at the realization of children's fantasies, it also helps the caregiver to more effectively training. These include a screen - one of the most effective and functional attributes, photo screen you can see in the article.

Screen for kindergarten with their own hands

Screen for kindergarten - what is it?

The content of the article

  • Screen for kindergarten - what is it?
    • design Features
  • How to make a cover for kindergarten?
  • Multifunction screen with your hands: step by step guide

Screen - a construct which contains hidden elements that contribute to the organization various scenes and performances, as well as used in educational, educational and developmental purposes. For example, designed in the style of the doctor's office, it helps to teach children how to take care of their health. Numerous tools and decoration in the workshop-style small repairers will skillfully manage them.

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design Features

Developmental subject-spatial environment to which the screen according to the Federal State Standard should be:

  • safe;
  • convertible;
  • available;
  • variativnoj;
  • content-rich;
  • multifunctional.

Screen for kindergarten with their own handsWith the design manages to hold the attention of children for a long time to develop the uptake by determining the excess of objects, their classification and generalization. It allows you to organize a variety of tasks on logical thinking and trains children's fingers fastening objects on Velcro, zippers, straps and so on. The screen makes it possible to tell stories and poems, organize games, study animals, plants, carrying the child and thereby increasing its interest in the proceedings. With design, you can quickly zoned premises, for example, during a quiz or the children are not distracted during class. The product can be used as a tent, covered with her veil, or as a stand placed inside transparent pockets cognitive images. The study of complex material is given a much easier if the study takes place in the playful form of a game.

How to make a cover for kindergarten?

Make a screen for kindergarten with their own hands is very simple - it would require quite a bit of time and inexpensive materials. The main objective is to give the construction of high strength and stability, because it will always be the center of attention of children and to be sure to withstand active use. In addition, you should avoid heavy elements and sharp edges that could injure children.

REFERENCE. In most cases, a screen consists of 3 parts - the central and 2 side, but the value varies according to your preference. The same applies to the fabric, which can be selected with the children, and then cut from a single piece of material, and can be "blind" from several colored fragments.

Make the design even more versatile help several variations of fabric design, which will be attached to the frame using Velcro and vary depending on the need.

Screen for kindergarten with their own hands

Multifunction screen with your hands: step by step guide

The simplest and most accessible material for the frame - polypropylene pipes, the cost of which is low, and they are strong and durable. For connecting their fragments used plastic fittings, which fixing is carried out by a special soldering. Soldering process takes a matter of minutes, so in the purchase of the instrument is not necessary - it is sure to be found in his father's workshop of one of the children.

To work required: tape measure, marker, plastic pipe, a saw for cutting them (you can buy a tube has the desired length in the store), soldering, fitting, fabric, scissors, fastenings. The process takes place in several stages:

  1. Screen for kindergarten with their own handsDrafting drawing future design with all dimensions. Further on it is cut the right amount of tubes of appropriate length - a major effort is not required.
  2. Production of whole carcass. Soldering iron heated ends of the pipes and fittings, after which they are connected and slightly compressed for a few seconds. To each of the parts of the structure can move relative to one another, used plastic connecting elements which fit over the tube and fastened together by soldering.
  3. Sewing slipcovers. Their cut pieces of matter fragments by size sections, with their edges is desired stitch. It is advisable to fix the tissue with the help of special Velcro or buttons.
  4. Painting and Decorating. If desired, the plastic parts can be painted, but doing it is recommended outdoors, and then wait for their complete drying. It is necessary to use a mask and gloves. Screen decorated with carved figures, applications and so forth.

In order to organize the exhibition and presentation make it easier, you can attach the plastic in transparent fabric pockets, into which the folding tools. Furthermore, the use of stretched yarns with pegs and other fixtures also significantly simplify the task. If the fabric covers during idle items change to the garden mesh, then it is possible to hang children's drawings, toys and photographs, various training materials.

Account options, methods of assembly and finishing is not - it all depends on the imagination of teachers and children. the manufacturing process, if desired, can be turned into a fun and exciting game, where each child will take an active part. In future a functional screen may be implemented in reality useful and interesting ideas that contribute to the full and effective development of children.

Screen for kindergarten with their own hands
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