What is a screen: what does a screen consist of, classification of screens, what is a screen for

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screenAlmost everyone with large apartments faced the problem of zoning. It is quite difficult to divide a large room, while maintaining design and beauty. A screen will come to the rescue. This element of the interior will help to highlight the desired area and give the room style due to the unusual and elegant appearance.

What is a screen in the general sense

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  • What is a screen in the general sense
  • Screen classification
    • Depending on the material of manufacture
    • Depending on destination
  • Screens and their significance in antiquity
  • Screens in the modern world

What is a screen in the general senseA screen is a small compact partition, which is a stylish element of the interior. A multifunctional element will help make part of the dressing room or relaxation.

The design was first invented in Japan in the 7th century. In ancient times, the interior was made of rosewood. The first products were plain and of the same type. A few years later, the partition began to be decorated with drawings of gold and silver. Also, the inside was pulled with a dense, expensive cloth. Unusual wave-like shapes allow the interior to fit into any room design.

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Screen classification

Sliding partitions are classified into several types.

Depending on the material of manufacture

When it comes to zoning, most often they use partitions in the form of an accordion. They are made of various fabrics and materials.

Casement partitions.Casement partitions. The classic version of the product. The accordion-shaped partition consists of several sash frames. They are usually made of wood or plastic. Sashes are connected by hinges. In the classical model, usually 4–5 folds are used.

Remember!The length of the standard model is 1.5-1.7 m. According to many experts, this is the best option for the decor of the room.

Single Screen PartitionsSingle screen partitions. The design consists of one continuous leaf. One significant drawback of such a screen is that it does not add up. The inside is made of thick fabric or plastic. There are different color options with ornament. Some models are available with wheels for easy movement.

Flexible designsFlexible designs. The design has 4–5 wings; in the middle they are connected by flexible material. The screen folds into a compact roll. There are vertical and horizontal options. Typically, these partitions are placed in the bathroom or dressing room.

Screen panelsScreen panels. This is a single-screen view of a partition. Some designers attribute these types of screens to types of roller blinds. The frame of the structure is made of wood; synthetic fabric is used as the material.

Original optionsOriginal options. Every year the demand and the number of various design options is growing. There are options of different sizes, shapes and design solutions. Today the frame is made of wood, iron, plastic. The model can be either completely solid from one material, or with decor. For example, a stylish option with inserts in the form of a fabric or a mirror.

Depending on destination

Portable partitions are also classified according to their intended use. Each model is designed for a specific area and room.

screen for the bedroomFor the bedroom make decorative and functional products. In such a room, a partition is placed to divide the room into two parts. One for changing clothes, the second sleeping area. Folding small options are usually put in the bedroom. They do not take up much space and well complement the interior of the room.

screen for the bathroomFor the bathroom quite rarely a screen is picked up. However, if the dimensions of the room allow you to install a glass or plastic partition to separate the bathroom from the entire room. In this case, the design helps protect the room from water and steam.

screen for childrenConstruction also used in the nursery. These rooms separate the sleeping and playing areas. Quite often, an interior item acts as a decor and does not fulfill its main function.

Screens and their significance in antiquity

Screens and their significance in antiquityZoning structures first appeared in China in the 7th century. The ancient people used the screen not only to separate the room, but also to protect themselves from evil spirits. The Chinese believed that an amazing design could save a person from evil spirits and negative energy. Therefore, wooden and fabric models were placed in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Screens in the modern world

Screens in the modern worldToday, multifunctional screens are used for zoning and are purely practical. Bright creative models are placed at home, in the office or in the dressing room. The decor item helps to complement the interior of the room and divide them into several zones.

A screen is a convenient portable partition that helps divide a large room into several zones. Designs today are available in various sizes and shapes. It will be easy to pick up a compact partition for any interior.

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