Fertilizer application in the spring planting of roses

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This year, my dream of owning a rosary has almost come true - we bought a summer residence on which I have already reserved a place for roses. Even the seedlings are waiting for the rains to end and it will be possible to start planting them. I would like to do everything right, but I still do not have the experience of growing roses. Tell me, what should I fertilize roses at a spring planting? Whether it is possible to use mineral preparations or it is better to bring organic?

As soon as the spring sun warms the ground a little, the air temperature will become stable and freezing frosts will return, it is time to plant roses. To all lovers of the proud beauty for a long time it is known, that it demands a lot of attention. The pledge of lush flowering roses - nutritious and loose soil, and this can be achieved only by regular feeding. Even the most fertile soil is eventually depleted and is no longer able to provide plants with the necessary substances. What to say about young seedlings, which are particularly in need of nutrition. In addition, by providing roses with a vitamin complex even during planting, you do not have to worry about additional fertilizing until the next season.

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How to properly fertilize roses in the spring planting

Before planting the seedling of the rose, the soil must be prepared and "refilled" with nutrients. On how to do this, the opinions of gardeners differ. Some believe that it will be correct to dig and fertilize the entire site intended for the rosary. Others recommend adding fertilizer directly to the well, then mixing it with the soil. You can use any option, however, if a large rosary planting is not planned, for several bushes it is more convenient to put fertilizers immediately in the planting pit.

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Which fertilizer is better to use?

Young seedlings of roses need strength for growth and the formation of new shoots, which means they need nitrogen. It is in large quantities found in organic fertilizers, which must be made during the planting.

Since roses are very fond of slightly acidic soils, it is recommended to add wood ashes when planting. It will also protect plantings from fungal diseases.

Formation of pink buds is impossible without phosphorus, which, in turn, accelerates the overall development of plants. This and many other trace elements are contained in mineral fertilizers, without which also can not do with growing roses.

The most optimal variant of fertilizing roses is to combine organic and mineral preparations.

So, when planting one bush in the soil it is necessary to make:

  • , kg of humus;
  • 1 tbsp. l. superphosphate;
  • 30 g of wood ash.

To use fresh manure categorically it is impossible - he will burn down very young roots and destroy a seedling.

Planted roses must necessarily be covered with sawdust or fallen leaves of fruit trees. This will help to retain moisture and protect the rose garden from the invasion of weeds. More about the use of urea as a fertilizer - read on our website!

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