Seasonal treatment of plants with copper sulfate

Copper sulfate is used by gardeners to treat plants for fungal and viral diseases. A solution of copper sulphate is also sprayed on cultivated plants with external signs of copper starvation.

For dressing use solutions of a low concentration of the active substance( 2-3 g per 10 l of water).Feeding is carried out during the formation of the ovary and in the summer. Plants with yellow twisted leaves are sprayed with this solution every 10 days during the month. After treatments with copper sulfate, the color of the leaves will turn green.

Using a copper sulfate solution in the preparation of Bordeaux liquid

To treat plants for fungal and viral diseases, it is necessary to prepare a disinfecting solution of copper sulfate. The percentage of copper sulfate in such solutions is 0.5% –1%.Concentration is chosen, focusing on the state of plants and the degree of damage to their leaves by a fungus.

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Copper sulphate solution is a strong fungicide. He will help to cope:

  • with a scab;
  • anthracnose, blotch and other spots;
  • Peach Curly;
  • rot;
  • viral diseases.

This tool is used to combat aphids, leafworm and weevil.

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To increase the efficiency of treatments with copper sulphate, you can mix the solution of the drug with lime. The result is a suspension of the consistency of liquid sour cream, which will linger on the branches and the trunk of trees - Bordeaux liquid.

If you add 700 g of urea to a 10-percent solution of copper sulphate in 10 l and treat the plants with this agent in early May, then you will have a disinfection and delay the flower buds for a week. This will allow to wait out the spring frosts and carry out the first fertilizing with nitrogen, which means to get a good harvest.

To prepare the fungicidal solution, a powder of coarse or fine fraction is used. Crystals of the drug should be well dissolved in water.

Which plants can not be treated with copper sulfate

Spring treatment with the preparation is carried out for fruit trees, strawberries and blueberries. A solution of copper sulfate is not treated with such plants:

  • chokeberry;
  • irgu;
  • viburnum;
  • Black Negus Gooseberry;
  • honeysuckle;
  • Blackberry.
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These berry bushes have strong immunity, so they are not prone to damage from rot and viral diseases.

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