We fertilize indoor plants with Agricola

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Write, please, the instructions for the application of Agricola fertilizer for indoor plants. How often can I use it and for what colors is the preparation appropriate?

Among the variety of drugs for fertilizing indoor plants is to allocate fertilizer Agricola. A special complex composition of fertilizer includes a balanced combination of the most essential nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In addition, it contains many other trace elements, and in an accessible form easily assimilated by plants, as well as active particles - energy. Thanks to this rich composition, Agricola improves plant growth, stimulates abundant flowering, enhances the immunity and resistance of flowers to various diseases.

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The instruction how to apply Agricola fertilizer for top dressing of indoor plants depends on the form in which the fertilizer is presented. This is due to the fact that there are in its lineup as preparations used for regular supplementary feeding, and prolonged action.

Agricola fertilizer for indoor plants is available in the form of:

  • a liquid solution;
  • dry granules;
  • chopsticks.

Liquid form of fertilizer can be used for root and leaf fertilizing of flowers, pre-preparing the working solution.

How to use a liquid solution?

Agricola fertilizer in liquid form (Aqua) is a concentrate. On its basis, a working solution is prepared, which is directly and supplemented with indoor plants. For watering once a week, dilute 10 ml of the drug in a liter of water. Once in two weeks, the flowers can be sprayed by preparing a solution of 5 ml of fertilizer for the same amount of water.

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Agricola Aqua can be either universal or for certain categories of indoor flowers:

  • ornamental-deciduous plants;
  • flowering;
  • orchids;
  • palms;
  • indoor roses;
  • cacti and succulents.

Dry granules as an economic variant of fertilizer

The use of Agricola in dry form also provides for the preparation of a solution based on them, but only for root dressings. Granules quickly and without a trace dissolve in water, besides they contain a full complex of nutrients. Due to this, such a preparation is very economical: in order to make 1 liter of nutrient solution, it will take only g granules.

Classification of fertilizer depending on the types of indoor plants is the same as that of Agricola Aqua.

Features of application of fertilizer in sticks

Agricola in the form of rods is a fertilizer of prolonged action, which is suitable for all indoor plants. The method of application is fairly simple - the sticks just need to be stuck completely into the soil (after irrigation) between the edge of the pot and the stem of the plant.


The number of sticks per vase depends on its size: the larger the pot, the more chopsticks are needed. So, a pot with a diameter of up to 9 cm is enough for one stick, and for a capacity of more than 40 cm you need six or more rods.

With each successive irrigation, the rod is gradually released nutrients, and so for 2 months.

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Spraying flowers Agricola Aqua - video

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