Some filler for the sofa better species and their review

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When buying any furniture it is important to look not only on external characteristics, but also on the internal content. From the sofa filler it depends on how it is comfortable, and its service life. Bad filling quickly deteriorate and furniture will be with recesses. Before buying a sofa, you need to define its purpose. Office is one to bed completely different. To sleep on the couch, you need to select it rigidity. The spine should be in a natural position for a man to relax. At high hardness muscles are in constant tension, with strong soft shape of the vertebrae becomes irregular.

Description, pros and cons

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  • Description, pros and cons
  • Top 5 fillers

Polyurethane foam, or foam - is one of the newest fillers used in recent years. Foam is cast and a block, first produced in plants where is poured into special molds, the second is made, and then cut into blocks. The advantages include long service life - 8 years, strength, elasticity, firmness, quite a low price. The material does not accumulate dust, it is not an allergy, it does not deform under high loads. The material is water, but may deteriorate from exposure to sunlight.

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polyurethane foam

sintepon - synthetic fiber. It takes up little space, weighs easy, flexible material, safe, is moisture, keep warm. On the downside is the fact that the filler is not a long-term, can form clumps with time. It is very important when buying to make sure that the material was of good quality.


Periotek - the material consists of two outer layers and the core average. Exterior may be made of natural and non-natural fibers from. The inner layer is made of cotton or wool. The advantage is the convenience, safety for humans, long service, hypoallergenic, air circulation, flexibility. The disadvantages include the fact that it is difficult to find material in the stores, as the production abroad. Fans of a cigarette lying on the couch, this option is suitable as periotek fire resistant.


Struttofayber - active filler consists of three layers, the inner layer is basic, it distributes the load evenly. The good thing about a long period of use, the material does not rot, does not absorb water, the price is very affordable. Struttofayber flexible, restores the original appearance, using it at a curvature of the spine, due to the flexibility. The material did not appear mites, does not accumulate dust, it does not cause allergic reactions. On the downside can be attributed only to the fact that the repair filler is very complicated. Professionals speak well about this vehicle, it is advised to use.


Felt and padded - felt dumped wool, is different widths. He dense, reliable and comfortable, is not expensive, but it is used more often as liners. Natural felt is long. Jacket is made of cotton and fabric that surrounds it. Padded soft, is not expensive, friendly, but does not hold the shape and quality of fabrics are very often bad.

felts and jacket

hollofayber - one of the popular fillers, which is made from padding polyester. The structure resembles beads or plates, fibers twisted. Positive attributes is softness, lightness, flexibility and elasticity. The material does not wear out, it is up to ten years, non-flammable, repellent odors breathable. The cost is very high.


foam rubber - the material has a high density, flexibility, good air permeability, has many cells, hypoallergenic and waterproof. The greater the density, the longer it will serve as a foam.

foam rubber

Latex - beds with latex fillers are considered to be very good. Made of rubber sap, it has many cells. Pluses: lack of toxicity, durability up to 20 years, air circulation, weight distribution, good shape, can be used in orthopedic applications. The cost of such furniture is high enough.


dyurafil - reminiscent of spring, it consists of polyester. The advantages include the fact that it is soft, elastic, holds its shape well and for a long time is not deformed, repels dust, do not let the moisture. The price is acceptable. The buyer will not have to be cleaned from dust and dirt.


Top 5 fillers

In the first place of the excipients is a spring assembly, since the spring steel most robust and durable. Polyurethane foam is in second place in popularity, it consists of several layers of synthetic, resembles a sponge. Third place goes to sintepon, it is the most economical option, consists of polyester fibers. Hollofayber on the 4th place, it is also made of polyester fiber. Sintepuh ranked fifth, is a substitute for fluff, is inexpensive.

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