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The charm of the most beautiful and well-groomed plants will not be complete if they are planted in different pots, differing in shape, size, material from which they are made. An excellent solution to the problem - pots for flowers. Purchased in the store or made by themselves, they will complete the look of the collection on the windowsill and help decorate the countryside.

Selection of ready pots for indoor and garden plants

The assortment of ready-made planters in stores is incredibly great. In order not to get lost in the choice, experts advise paying attention to several aspects. Among them:

  • the price of the sample you like;
  • the destination of the plant;
  • the size of the pot to be decorated;
  • conformity to the style of the interior or landscape design;
  • practicality of the product.

More often flower growers prefer flower pots for flowers from polymeric materials, burnt ceramics or clay, glass.

Flowerpots for flowers made of plastic

The most accessible samples are made of plastic. They are easy to wash, can be used inside and outside the house. Due to the presence of drainage holes and the ability to easily make new ones, the plants in the pot are protected from decaying the root system. Another useful quality is lightness, which is of no small importance if the florist needs a hanging flowerpot for ampel plants or an effective garland of their flower pots. Despite the thin walls, the container located in the sun does not heat up to critical temperatures, does not cause overheating of the soil and the root system.

If desired, plastic flowerpots can easily be decorated with wood fragments, textiles, beads or simply painted using safe and bright acrylic paints.

Plastic pots, bought in the store, can easily be transformed with a coil of rope and glue. The lateral surface processed by it is tightly wound with a string or cord.

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However, with a lot of advantages, plastic pots have a couple of drawbacks. They are not too stubborn when used outside the home, and the products can not be called original.

Ceramic pots

For a long time, pottery of various types has been used for making flower pots and pots. The clay is incredibly pliable. It can take a variety of forms, the natural material stores the warmth of the hands of the master, transferring it to the interior or the cottage area.

When choosing a ceramic pot, you should pay attention to the presence of a drainage hole, as well as an external coating.

Unglazed clay retains porosity, which improves the microclimate inside the pot, but reduces the longevity of flower pots for flowers. When watering tap water on the walls may appear inaccurate stains. Outside the house, the container is threatened with destruction:

  • high humidity of air;
  • sudden changes in temperature, especially freezing and thawing.

Painted or glazed pottery looks very impressive and is much stronger, but it slowly warms up and poorly removes excess moisture.

Because of the high weight for ceramic products, especially when manufacturing suspended flowerpots for flowers with your own hands, you need a reliable fastening. It is easy to make with the help of strong rope and macrame techniques.

Glass flowerpots for flowers

Transparent or colored glass - a fragile, but effective material that will help decorate the interior, will make the house unique.

At the same time, having shown a fantasy, making such a flower pot with your own hands for indoor flowers is not difficult.

As a basis, you can take glass jars of suitable size, glasses, vases or even a small rounded aquarium. Connecting the vessels with a rope, fixing them on a stand of wood, you can build a garland for flowers, make pots at once for several pots.

How to make a flower pot with your own hands

The ornament of the window sill and the garden will be the pots not found in the store, but made by the florist themselves. Such samples, as a rule:

  • many times cheaper than analogues from the store;
  • They are created taking into account the tastes and preferences of the master;
  • are unique.

But, relying on your imagination, the florist should remember about the reliability of the future pots, safety and practicality. It is especially important to take into account the variability of weather and the influence of external factors, if we have to collect pots for the garden with our own hands.


The most popular materials suitable for such work are:

  • wood, including planks, bamboo, dry branches, collected in the garden;
  • cement mixtures, which turn after hardening into strong, moisture-resistant structures;
  • Strong types of twine and rope, from which wicker pots are made;
  • textiles treated with wear-resistant paint.
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For the original pots or materials for its production, it is not necessary to go to the store.

It is only necessary to look around to notice things that have become obsolete, but which can turn into a unique interior or landscape object.

Suspended flowerpots for flowers by own hands

Handmade pots for the house - an excellent occasion to show your imagination and demonstrate the ability to create practical and absolutely unique things.

The simplest version is a hanging pot in the technique of macrame. Woven on the size of the pot, it:

  • fits perfectly into the interior;
  • decorates any container in which the indoor flower grows;
  • can be used for conventional and ampel plants;
  • in conjunction with others, forms a multi-tiered garland that saves space on the windowsill and gives the window a unique look.

In addition, the plant pot allows to significantly improve the lighting of plants and simplifies the care with a large number of flowers in the house.

When choosing a rope for weaving, it is better to give preference to samples from wear-resistant fibers that do not stretch under the load, do not burn out in the sun and are not afraid of exposure to moisture. The same requirements apply to wicker pots for the street.

Outdoor and desktop flowerpots for flowers

Large plants, such as a roomy lemon, monstera, ficus or a lush fern, are a magnificent home decoration. To make them look even more effective, the pot can be placed in the original pots.

The choice of a suitable design and size is not always possible, but to produce a high floor flowerpot for flowers by yourself for everyone.

One of the options - pots of cement. As a basis, take a quick-setting mixture, which is poured into the prepared form and after a while receive a strong cast-pot. Another way to use the material is to drink a textile flap and give it a suitable appearance, wait until the composition dries. This pot can be used in the house and in the garden. For a greater decorative effect, the casting is painted and even covered with mosaic.

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A fine box for a large flower will serve as a box of suitable shape. Preliminarily it is polished, treated with a waterproof varnish or painted. To protect the floor and other surfaces, for example, a table under the wooden flower pot, a pallet is installed on the bottom to collect excess moisture. Free space between the pot and the pot can be filled with coconut fiber.

Simplify the care of a large green pet, protect the plant from moisture deficiency and drying will help the plant with an integrated irrigation system. It can be bought or made with own hands from auxiliary materials.

In addition to the container for the pot, there is a cavity for water and a tube for its filling, as well as a system of holes that feed moisture to the roots and remove excess water. A similar design for colors of any size can be assembled at home. It will be useful both on the windowsill and in the garden, especially when the plants are deprived of the daily attention of the florist.

The simplest pots with automatic watering can be made from a conventional plastic pot. The main thing is that it is a suitable size, and its bottom had a lot of large drainage holes. Perfectly suitable transportation container, in which flowers enter the store. Under the drain, a mosquito net of plastic is laid on the bottom. It will not allow the soil to wash out. Through the holes pass several nylon cords so that their ends remain free to hang.

Putting such pots with home or garden flowers on the gravel in a water filled pallet, you can be sure that the plant will not suffer from drying out. On the rope, the liquid rises to the ground, but does not cause rotting roots.

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