Garden shredder for holiday homes on the marketplace of Aliekspress


Owners of suburban plots are familiar with the problem of waste disposal, which appear after harvesting or other work. Recently, many gardeners have increasingly resorted to the help of garden shredders branches. These products recycle branches, leaves, grass, weed stems and tree roots on compost or mulch.

There are several types of garden shredders:

  1. Disk. Grinding in such an apparatus occurs by means of a disk to which several knives of steel are attached. The speed of this system depends on the material being processed. The disk shredder is well suited for processing thin branches and grass. One of its main advantages is the low cost of consumables and spare parts.
  2. Milling. He recycles the material with a steel gear. This principle of operation allows grinding large branches up to a diameter of 45 mm, grass and roots. The main advantage of a milling shredder is that it automatically pulls the branches into the inside.
  3. Electric. These models are equipped with an electric motor. They are good for people who have never used this technique. They work almost silently. Electric garden crushers are suitable for the processing of small waste.
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  4. Gasoline Crushers. They have a large capacity and are able to process roots, as well as thick branches. The main advantage of gasoline shredders is their mobility.
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You can buy garden shredders both in specialized stores and on the Internet. In Russian online stores a huge selection of models, but we will try to compare the cost of shredders with similar technical characteristics.

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One of the popular models on the Rosette site is the Bosch AXT 25D.

Main technical characteristics:

  • type of supply - electric;
  • the grinding speed is 40 rpm;
  • power, kWt;
  • up to 175 kg per hour;
  • the volume of the grass catcher is 53 liters.
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A little cheaper similar goods can be bought at Alyexpress.

Main technical characteristics:

  • power, kWt;
  • the volume of the grass catcher is 50 liters;
  • the maximum diameter of the processed material is up to 40 mm;
  • type of supply - electric.

The main disadvantage of buying garden shredders in China is the lack of warranty service.

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