Lamp for plant growth on Aliexpress

Lamps from China consist of 126 diodesTo grow flowering plants, you must consider the following factors:

  • water solutions for soil nutrition;
  • priming;
  • quality lighting.

Lamps for plant lightingLED lighting for flower plants is one of the most necessary products for gardening enthusiasts. The lamp can be installed in the garden in the country, in the greenhouse or even on the balcony in your apartment.

Phyto lamps allow the plant to provide all the necessary microelements, so their growth will be accelerated.

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In domestic stores, such lighting for plant growth will cost you 500-3000 rubles (depending on the manufacturer, product quality and type of lighting).

The cost of goods on AliexpressFor a cheaper price, such lamps can be bought on Aliexpress. The cost of goods on the Chinese site is 103 rubles per item. Each lamp is packaged in a separate cardboard box and plastic to prevent damage during delivery.

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According to customer reviews, the lamps are of good quality, shine brightly, are well packaged and have a compact size. Among the shortcomings of the goods can be identified not the most durable plastic.

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The declared characteristics of the product: the power of 15 watts, one lamp consists of 126 LEDs.

Lamps from China with a capacity of 15 wattsThe lamp can freely work for several years without additional repair or replacement of parts. The main advantage of such lighting is its versatility, because the light can be used absolutely for any kind of plant.

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Good quality lampBy purchasing such a product on Aliexpress, you will not only save on the price of lamps, but also get the opportunity to issue free shipping to anywhere in the world. Also on the site you can order additional LEDs and strips for installing lamps.

To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of such lighting and about the lamp from China, watch the video product reviews on YouTube:

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