Marking of washing machines Indesit: interpretation of symbols

Have decided to buy a washing machine Indesit? The identification of goods will help you determine. To show the main technical characteristics, the manufacturer must mark the product. It is placed in a prominent place in front or behind the body. Coding allows you to determine the model, the manufacturer of equipment, year of manufacture and much more.

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What does "Indesit" marking mean?

The marking of Indesit washing machines may differ for CIS countries and Europe. However, the design and the set of programs remain standard. Let's consider in more detail

What does

How to decode the code "Indesit" for Russia:

  • The first letter N denotes which series the automatic machine belongs to - INNEX. The machine features a built-in inverter engine, the presence of technology Water Balance Plus. The water consumption is calculated depending on the amount of loading. Also the series is characterized by Push & amp; ash. It is enough to press one button to activate the program and adjust the spin. Also distinguish the series Eco Time, Prime.
  • Explanation of the next letter W: type of household appliances. The manufacturer says that you have a washing machine in front of you.
  • The third letter S indicates the type of washing machine. This is a narrow model, which can be installed in a small room. If the symbol T is indicated here, then the machine has an upper load.
  • Marking without letters in this case means standard parameters.
  • The value of the last letter K is the type of machine control: electronic or mechanical. Basically, modern models are equipped with electronic control, and the display shows the specified functions.
  • Next comes the serial number. The first digit 8 means the load weight of laundry for one washing cycle - 8 kg.
  • The number 10 indicates the number of revolutions during the spin cycle. It is 1000 revolutions maximum. If you specify 12 - then 1200 turns, 14 - 1400.
  • The last figure 8 is the type of design that is inherent in this series.
  • The letter L denotes the country of the manufacturer - RF. If the EU is registered, it means that the equipment was collected in Europe.

Consider the notation of other models.


Washing machine "Indesit" class "Premium".

  • What does the first character P mean? The series "Premium". Clippers are very spacious, silent. Stiralka carefully treats woolen and delicate products.
  • Then the letter S. Its value indicates the depth of the body of the model - 40 cm. This is a narrow washing machine. If nothing is indicated here, the CMA has standard dimensions.
  • The decipherment of the letter D sounds like a "machine with a drying function." Plus the washing and drying model is that you do not need to bother hanging clothes. Minus - consumes more energy than an ordinary styaralka. Drying can be several kilograms of laundry less than loaded when washing.
  • The last character of A is the type of control. The panel is equipped with a LED-display. If the letter E is specified, the display is digital.
  • The first digit of the serial number 6 is the drum capacity of 6 kg. This series is designed for loading from 5 to 7 kg, which is suitable for a family of several people.
  • The number of revolutions is denoted by the number 12. The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm.
  • The figure 8 at the end tells the user that the machine's operation is noiseless. The figure 5 at this point means that the styralka is operating in the standard mode.
  • The letter W indicates the color of the case. This is a white model of the AGR. The letter S means that the model is silvery-blue.


Decipher the model from the Giugiaro series.

  • The W symbol suggests that this is a washing machine.
  • The next letter I denotes the stamp of the styaralka - "Indesit". The combination of the letters IT means that the machine "Indesit" has a vertical load of laundry. The combination of the ID characters indicates a washer with a drying function.
  • The third letter S means that this is a narrow model with a body depth of 40 cm. The symbol U indicates a super-slender model - 33 cm. If there is no letter, then the model is standard - 60 cm.
  • Standing on this place the letter X indicates the amount of load of laundry - 6 kg. If it costs XX - loading 7 kg.
  • The last designation A is the type of control panel. A - basic LED, N - also basic on the new platform, E - LED with digital display.
  • The figure 8 indicates the number of revolutions - 800, 10 - 1000, 12 - 1200 per minute.
  • The number 1 means the noise level of the machine during operation. The modification is calculated from 0 to 7.
  • The last character of the X indicates the material of the tank. X is stainless steel, this tank is quite noisy in operation. If nothing is specified, it means that the tank is made of polyplex - light and quiet in the work of the material.

Consider an updated model from this series of ECO-TimeIWDE 8 12 8S:

  • I - Indesit ECO-Time. There may be a letter P - Prime, the technique refers to the premium version.
  • W is a stiralk. S - model MOON.
  • D - equipped with drying, U - super narrow, S - narrow.
  • E - aesthetics. A - LED (1 handle), B - LED (2 handles), C - LED (3 handles), D - small display, E - large screen.
  • 8 - download. 3 kg; 4 -, ; 5 - 5; 6 to 6; 7-7; 8 - 8 kg.
  • 12 - the number of revolutions per minute - 1200.
  • 8 - three-phase motor (quiet), 0-5 - collector.
  • S - silver coloring, W - white, SL - silver hatch, B - gray hatch.

What is the labeling of "Indesit" spinners from Europe

What is the labeling of

  • The first letter E indicates a series of washing machines Energy Saver. This washing machine is designed to save resources. Class A +++ allows you to consume 30% less electricity. There is a shortened washing cycle and a laundry weighing system, which saves water by 70%.
  • The next letter W, as always, indicates the type of equipment - washing machine.
  • The symbol S, as in previous cases, indicates the dimensions of the shell. S - a narrow model, T - vertical load of laundry, without a letter - the standard size of the shell.
  • Explanation of the letter D - type of control of the styaralka.
  • Next comes the serial number. The first number 6 means loading the laundry for 6 kg.
  • The number 12 will tell you the spinning power is 1200 rpm.
  • The last combination of the numbers 52 indicates the design of the model of this series.
  • WR letters indicate the color of the washing machine body.

Now you know that the labeling of the automatic machine "Indesit" carries important information. It is also useful when buying equipment in an online store. If you can ask the seller for the label number, you will have no doubt about the main characteristics of the model.

The serial number "Indesit" is also indicated in the instruction manual of the washing machine.

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