How to erase anti-stress toys and cushions in a washing machine

Toy anti-stress - not only a colorful children's toy, but also a great opportunity to relax for an adult. Due to the fact that such toys are often taken in hand, they get dirty much faster than teddy bears and bunnies. Therefore, after a few months mistresses begin to look for an answer to the question - how to erase anti-stress toys. Features of washing depend on the filler, on the fabric and on the washing schedule - let's talk about this in detail later.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparation for washing
  • 2Washing Mode
  • 3Drying Toys
  • 4Further Care

Preparation for washing

Toys and pillows with the function of "anti-stress" in most cases are filled with polystyrene beads. Balls are resistant to moisture, so washing this filler is not terrible. If you have an eco-product, and you do not know how to wash an antistress pillow stuffed with buckwheat husk or flaxseed, you will have to rip open the seams and remove the organic filler. Before you erase anti-stress toys in a washing machine, carefully inspect each centimeter of the cover. If the product has at least the slightest holes, a portion of the balls will fall out during washing, and filter clogging can not be avoided. In a severe case, the balls will fall into other systems, and you have to repair the machine.

If you are worried that the cover will tear, use a laundry bag. For the same purposes, a plain pillowcase can be used.

Advice! Wash the stain on the toy before sending it to the machine. Arming with soap or any detergent and treat it with a stain. Wash off after half an hour.

Washing Mode

Many people are worried about the question whether it is possible to wash a pillow-antistress in a washing machine-machine? Experts believe that it is possible, most importantly - to choose the right washing regime. Such programs of the AGR are preferable:

  1. "Handwash".
  2. "Delicate wash".
  3. "Washing pillows and blankets."

Important! Do not load too much laundry in the drum. For the product to be washed, it needs a lot of space.

How to wash an anti-stress pillow in a washing machine - tips:

  • Use a gel to wash the wool. This remedy is better washed from the fabric. Use a little less money than is required by the instructions.
  • Pour the detergent into the drum or detergent container - this is not the point.
  • Do not use bleach so as not to damage the color of the toy.
  • Choose a low-temperature mode - it is important that the wash temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Do not put high spin speeds - it will be enough 600, and better - 400 revolutions. If your stylalka does not provide a spin at low speed - do not expose at all.
  • Select the rinse function.

Drying Toys

Drying is allowed only natural. If you have a fashionable machine with the function of drying, leave this chip for other things, and dry the anti-stress product in the fresh air so that it does not deform. Balls made of polystyrene do not absorb moisture, so you need to dry one cover. Tips for drying:

  • Dry the toy horizontally, straightening it.
  • A place for drying: the balcony or the yard (in the shade) is best suited.
  • Do not dry anti-stress toys in the sun and even more so on the battery!
  • Before you send the product to dry, shake it to distribute the filler.
  • Do not squeeze the toy, if you rub it with your hands - just squeeze it lightly so that some of the water is poured into the bathroom, and not on your balcony. Blot the toy with a bath towel - it will take away excess moisture.

Further Care

Having figured out how to erase anti-stress pillows and toys, you need to know how to keep their impeccable appearance for long. We have prepared useful tips for your care:

  • Add pleasant aromas. A couple of drops of soothing essential oil will not hurt.
  • Make a schedule for washing: it will be needed at least once in 2 months: for both toys and pillows.
  • To the toy does not lose its bright color during washing, drip a couple of drops of ammonia into the water.
  • If you think that the filler has already served its own, you can replace it with your own hands, buying a new filler in the department of selling bed linen.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the label on your anti-stress product - some of them do not tolerate washing in the machine and require only manual care.

Now you know how to wash a pillow with balls and how to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible, remaining fresh, beautiful, bright and supple.

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