When to sow carrots on the lunar calendar

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The change in the phases of the moon influences both the growth of cultivated plants and their fruiting. It was noticed a long time by a man, and today it is successfully used by truck farmers to get amicable shoots and a good harvest.

Carrots, which occupy not the last place in the plantings of summer residents, are also subject to the influence of the night luminary. The lunar month, lasting 28 days, is exactly four weeks, each of which corresponds to its phase of a satellite of the earth.

When to sow carrots on the lunar calendar, so that the germination of the seed was high, and pleased with the size, were smooth and tasty?

Growing Moon and shoots of carrots

When the moon grows, and its sickle becomes wider and brighter, nutrients and moisture from the soil actively rushes from the root system to the foliage and the tops.

For the benefit of the future harvest of carrots in these two weeks will be:

  • top dressing of young plants with mineral substances;
  • thinning and diving sprouts;
  • weeding weeds in beds.

Often the first week after the new moon is considered a good time for sowing, but this is not true of carrots. Since the aim of the summer resident in the cultivation of this crop is the root crop, and not the lush tops, then the time of sowing the carrots in the open ground is better to move.

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Is it possible to plant carrots in spring in the full moon?

While the Moon is in the sky in all its glory, the root system of garden crops is clearly weakened and sensitive to all kinds of interventions. These days it is impossible not only to plant carrots, but also to thin out densely sprouting sprouts. After all, the damage to the roots in the full moon plants is extremely difficult to tolerate.

Since the aboveground part of plants, including seeds, is saturated with useful substances, this time is ideal for harvesting planting material for the coming season.

When you can plant carrots on a waning moon

When the lunar disc begins to decrease, the juices, moving to the crown before the full moon, change direction, and nutrients rush to the root system. So, the time comes when you can plant carrots, beets, radishes and other similar crops.

Seeds that enter the soil in the third week of the lunar cycle actively give roots. And in grown plants with developed foliage, root crops are formed. If carrots react calmly to damage to the above-ground part, then it is better not to carry out any work affecting the roots these days.


But carrots, like other roots, on the waning moon respond well to:

  • organic fertilizing and growth stimulants;
  • copious watering;
  • pest and weed control;
  • introduction of organic materials;
  • loosening of soil and digging.
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This rule applies to the spring and, especially, the autumn sowing. When planting carrots for the winter, the gardener should be sure that in the spring there will be amicable shoots on the beds. While the moon is in a phase of decline, the seeds that have fallen into the ground have all the conditions to take root well.

  • If the seeds are sown in dry form, it's better not to hesitate and put them into the soil of the code, the lunar disc has only begun to decrease.
  • If swollen seeds are used for planting, they can be sown in the fourth week of the lunar month, when the aging sickle is already narrowing noticeably.

Harvested in this period, root crops have a decent quality, they are kept well and long.

New Moon and the lunar eclipse

Vegetation for the time of the new moon is braked, so it will be useful to abandon any work related to transplanting, weeding and planting. Not fully sowing can take and fertilizing, if it is done on days close to the new moon. It is much more useful to devote time to weeding.

Determination of the timing of sowing carrots in the open ground by the Zodiac

All root crops, not excluding carrots, are close to the elements of the Earth, so they respond better to caring in those days of the month when the moon is in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

The period of time when it is better to sow carrots for the winter, in the middle lane can better start in October and end at the end of November. In this case, the seeds should remain dry, which will delay their germination, but with prolonged fall and warm winter, such crops are at risk of dying.

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In different regions, the planting of carrots in spring in the lunar calendar takes place at different times, as the climatic conditions in the south and north of the country seriously differ. The main thing is that the soil is ready to accept the seeds and not lose thawed moisture, and the waning moon fell on the days of the signs of the Earth. If such a combination is difficult to achieve, work is carried out at the end of the moon from a favorable sign.

Watering and top dressing of carrots according to the lunar calendar and the Zodiac

On watering plants, the phases of the Moon are not seriously affected, but it is possible to make the water supply more efficient and economical. For this, carrots are best watered on days when the Moon is in the signs of Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer.

Mineral fertilizers for carrots make on the growing moon, and infusions of herbs, stimulants and other organic substances on days when the night star is already decreasing. And more sense from such events will be with the Moon passing through the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.

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