How to make a brazier for a dacha with a roof with your own hands

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Dacha is a place for recreation and active work in nature. Working on the beds, on the day off, you can invite your friends to a shish kebab. For frequent gatherings in nature, it is best to make a brazier for a summer house with a roof, highlighting one of the most comfortable places on the site. It can be a light metal structure or a stationary brick complex consisting of barbecue, barbecue, hob.

Choose a place for a barbecue

The villa is already planned and planted, but you still want to install a fixed brazier with a roof. What should be considered when building a barbecue for cottages? The word stationary means solid, strong, located in a specially designated place.

Basic requirements for selection:

  • Building a barbecue with a rest area should not violate the integrity of the site design, but become its complement and decoration.
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  • Consider the rose of the winds of the terrain so that the smoke does not interfere with the neighbors and you.
  • Location of water supply and sewage.
  • The size of the structure depends on the possibilities and personal preferences.
  • It is desirable that the construction is not located too far from the residential structure.
  • The possibility of a clear separation of the cooking area and rest area.

The construction of stationary facilities requires certain skills. Under one roof at the same time there is an oven with barbecue and charcoal functions, a place for storing firewood, a preparation surface for meat, a wash basin, a place for kitchen utensils, a comfortable table with benches or sofa.

Lightweight mobile structures made of metal can be installed next to an already constructed resting place. They do not require special binding to the terrain.

Metal construction by own hands

Easy mobile or portable design of the barbecue for cottages with a roof of iron you can buy in the store. It is advisable to make an option for a more solid structure on your own. The simplest option is a barbecue with a small roof without rest area arrangement. The metal structure is made separately and installed in the gazebo.

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To work on the brazier you need to prepare:

  • pipes with a diameter of 40 mm or corners;
  • roofing iron thickness of 4 mm and more (the thicker the sheet, the stronger the brazier);
  • welding machine.

The amount of material is determined after the development of the project. The length of the brazier is no more than 1 m. The width depends on the length of the skewers, but the optimal size is equal to half the length. The minimum height is 15 cm. With a lower position of the skewers, the meat will be quickly fried from the outside, remaining moist inside. In high braziers there is one significant drawback, this is a large firewood consumption. The distance from the base to the bottom of the brazier is not less than 80 cm and not more than 100 cm. The height to the roof is chosen individually. The basic requirement is that it is convenient to cook.

In the lower part it is desirable to make a shelf for firewood. If a brazier is to be installed in the gazebo, the roof is not made, and the chimney is built in the roofing structure of the gazebo. For a free-standing barbecue, a roof is needed to protect the shish kebab from getting rain drops. This means that the roof construction should be larger than the size of the barbecue. For convenience of preparation of a shish kebab make on both parties of a shelf in the size to 30 sm.

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We consider: the length of the brazier is 100 cm, two shelves of 30 cm. The result is a roof length of 160 cm. The width is not less than 60 cm. Metal structures of barbecues for cottages can be decorated with decorative elements and covered with heat-resistant paint.


Important! Painting brazier is possible only from the outside.

We are building brick braziers

Everything begins with a careful planning of the location of the building and the work. Brick mangals suggest the construction of a spacious gazebo with a base. Instead of a simple brazier, it is desirable to build a small complex of barbecue, barbecue, fireplace and hob. If properly planned, you will receive a multifunctional facility for organizing evenings with friends.

During the development of the project, it is necessary to determine the size of each operational element. Knowing the parameters of the brick and the whole complex, make up the order of the structure. Look at the end of the article photos of summer cottages with roofs in different versions. One of them can settle in your summer residence.

A brick foundation is necessary for laying a foundation. After compiling the order, accurately determining the size of the arbor, the location of the brick structure, proceed to excavation and preparation of building materials.

Construction works

Step # 1. Dig a trench under the foundation laying. On the bottom layer up to 7 cm pour sand and install reinforced mesh and formwork. Pour concrete solution. The ground must be above ground level by 10 centimeters. Allow the foundation to freeze.

Important! The tape of the foundation is made along the perimeter of the gazebo and under the area of ​​the laying of the barbecue.

Step # 2. Remove formwork and cover the foundation with ruberoid. Proceed to erecting the brazier. The first two rows of bricks are laid out with a continuous layer and continue to work according to the composition of the order.

Important! The barbecue, barbecue, firewood is laid out of brick and clay-sand mortar. All other elements are erected with the use of cement-sand mortar.

Step # 3. To proceed with the construction of the gazebo and the construction of the roofing structure. Support pillars for the roof can be made of brick, metal pipe or wooden posts. The type of roof depends on the shape of the gazebo with barbecue and on personal preferences. The construction of the chimney flue mangal lead to the roof of the gazebo.

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Step # 4. Proceed to the decoration of the barbecue, a recreation area. As a facade, ceramic tiles are perfect. Floor gazebo can be laid out with floor tiles or concrete. To cover the roof use metal, metal profiles and other roofing materials.

The barbecue for the dacha with the roof is ready and now it's time to gather friends for the weekend to taste fresh shish kebab. Pleasant rest will not be able to prevent even torrential rain, because you have thought of everything and the recreation area is reliably protected.

A selection of photos of summer cottages with a roof

Brick laying mangal from brick (video)

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