The refrigerator does not cool

It often happens that the freezer perfectly copes with its functions, and the main camera does not cool well. The first sign that you can notice such a problem is that perishable products quickly disappear. If the refrigerator does not cool well, then milk, desserts, meat will spoil 5 times faster than usual. This is an important signal, which indicates that the refrigerator has become worse frost and, perhaps, it needs repair.

Determine what broke in the refrigerator, if it stopped cooling products, it's easy, but it's worth considering the type of its design. In refrigerators with one and two compressors, the reasons that they are slightly frosty may be different. To determine the type of refrigerator, look in the technical documentation or inspect it visually.

In this publication, we will consider the breakdown of two-compressor models, because the problem of an inoperable refrigerating chamber is relevant mainly for such a technique.

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  • 1The main camera does not cool, and the freezer works - what to check
  • 2Why the camera does not work in the refrigerator

The main camera does not cool, and the freezer works - what to check

When the upper chamber does not cool, you may encounter two problems: spoiled products or high wear on the main parts of the refrigerator. When something in the system does not work, the remaining nodes are under increased load. Therefore, if you notice that the camera does not cool, but warms, you should take urgent repair measures.

To avoid damage, check the following first:

  • How tightly the door closes. Most likely, the camera is not closed tightly enough. Change the location of the products on the shelves, place the containers and pans, and the temperature will soon enter normal mode. If you notice an ice or snow "coat" on the wall, perform a complete defrost - after switching on the work of the technician should be normalized.

  • Fan work. Often in two-compressor models, fan blades can freeze, which blocks its rotation. As a result, the camera works, but does not cool, because the cold is not pumped. To detect a fan failure, listen to the operation of the technique - usually a quiet operation of the cooler is audible. If the fan is silent or on the contrary - it creaks violently because the blades are fighting against the ice, it is worthwhile to think about defrosting for 10 hours.

Important! Defrost the equipment for at least 10 hours - less time will not be enough to completely thaw the ice, and the problem will not be solved.

If after checking the door and the fan it turned out that everything is in order, or if the defrost did not help, then the qualified help of the master is required. Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains and contact the service or try to find out the cause of the failure yourself.

Why the camera does not work in the refrigerator

If the factors listed above are excluded, the cause of the absence of cold in the main compartment lies in the failure. If you have a refrigerator brand "Samsung "Indesit "Stinol "Shivaki" or any other, a table with possible breakdowns will come to your rescue.

Sign of breakage What caused the malfunction
The fan does not turn, and defrosting for 10 hours did not help. Most likely, the motor responsible for the rotation of the fan blades burned out. The solution is to replace the broken node.
From under the fridge flowed an oily consistency liquid. At the same time, the compressor starts, runs for a few seconds and then stalls. The motor responsible for cooling the refrigerating chamber is broken. It is required to inspect the motor and, if necessary, completely replace it.
The wall of the chamber was blown up, the ice was unevenly layered on the walls, the chamber was frozen with ice or ice too much. The possibility of refrigerant leakage in the foamed part of the housing is high. In this case, it is necessary to install a new evaporator and refill the equipment with freon.
Rusty stains and stains on the body in the freezer zone. Such symptoms also indicate a refrigerant leak, only in the vicinity of the steel circuit of the freezer compartment (in models with the bottom location of the freezer).

Clogs of the drainage system provoke the flow of excess water to the front of the freezer compartment. In this area, behind the plastic panel, there are pipes of the steel circuit, which prevent condensation on the seal. Plastic in view of its porous structure lets the water inside, because of what the steel part rusts, cracks appear on it, and freon disappears.

It is necessary to cut the damaged section of the circuit, seal the system and refill the refrigerant.

When defrosting, you chipped the ice from the walls of the chamber, after which the camera stopped working. The same leak of freon, only due to mechanical damage to the evaporator. The system must be sealed, refueling.

Not every fault has "symptoms by which it can be identified. The failure of the camera can also provoke such failures:

  1. Breakage of the starting relay. Usually caused by the natural wear of the part or the jump in the voltage in the network. Requires replacement parts.

  2. Capping of the capillary systemorfilter filter dehumidifier. The oil circulates in the system, sometimes it causes the clogging of the capillary tube, which interferes with the normal circulation of freon. If the master confirms the problem, oil and freon change.

  3. Air temperature sensor failurerefrigerating compartment orthe evaporator sensor(for electronic models). In this case, the control board does not receive signals about the temperature in the chamber, so the compressor does not start, the temperature rises. You need to replace the failed node.

  4. Temperature controller failure(for mechanical models). The situation is similar - the compressor does not start because of incorrect temperature readings. Replacing the part will solve the problem.

If you did not manage to identify the failure yourself and find out why the refrigerator does not cool, instruct this task to a good specialist so that your refrigerator would work for many more years.

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