Refrigerator compressor does not work

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The products remain fresh and chilled only if all systems are working smoothly and smoothly. The basis, the central unit of any refrigerator is a motor-compressor. And if this node stops working, the equipment fails, the products deteriorate, and the user has to think about repairs.

Consider: causes of engine failure, what to do if the refrigerator does not work and the compressor does not start, and it also heats or runs without interruption.

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  • 3 constantly runs What to do when the compressor of the refrigerator

is heated, "Indesit" or any other brand, not every user will be able to quickly identify its breakdown - the part is hidden from the back of the refrigerator. Therefore, to find the problem, you need to carefully observe the operation of the equipment.

The main causes of compressor failure:

  • The starting protective relay is broken. If the motor tries to turn on, but something clicks and blocks its operation, this is often the fault of the relay. The problem is solved by replacing the defective part.

  • Loss of motor performance. .If the refrigerator is getting worse, it can speak not only about the leakage of the refrigerant, but also about the natural wear of the motor. Due to the leaky fit of the door or the constant loading of large batches of products into the chamber, as well as for other similar, but constant reasons, the compressor wears out faster and its efficiency drops. The item is beyond repair and requires replacement.
  • Violation of the integrity of the internal winding .This is a problem on the part of the electrics, which only the master can diagnose and eliminate. Usually, failure is expressed in the fact that the motor starts, but, not having time to gain power, it turns off after a few seconds.

  • Valve sticking. These internal components of the refrigerator in case of breakage can also lead to unstable operation of the compressor.

  • Breakdown of the electronic board. Concerns modern refrigerators equipped with electronic control system. If the guesses are confirmed, and the master diagnoses the failure of the module, painstaking work is necessary - electrical circuit firmware or complete replacement of the unit.

Some works, such as replacing a valve or a relay, do not require deep technical knowledge. You only need to figure out how this or that refrigerator system is arranged, watch a couple of videos and equip yourself with the necessary tools and details. But "dirty" work, such as replacing a motor, requires not only a special tool, but also practical experience, because it is necessary not only to replace the motor, but also to fill the system with freon.

The same applies to the electronic module: its firmware and replacement is a difficult job with a lot of technical nuances and difficulties. Therefore, the best solution is to call the master. But if you ventured to replace the compressor yourself, use our recommendations from the relevant article.

What to do if the compressor of the refrigerator

is constantly working. It’s bad when the engine is not working, but worse when it is running all the time, almost without turning off for “rest”.

If the compressor does not make interruptions, the cause may be either an “imaginary” breakdown or a real one.“Imaginary” causes are failures that occur not because of a malfunction, but because of external factors or due to improper operation. To adjust the operation of the refrigerator, check these points:

  1. Density of closing the door .If something on the shelves interferes with the normal closing of the door, the compressor can operate continuously, trying to compensate for the lack of cold. Until this causes a breakdown, ensure that the cabinet is sealed by inspecting the gasket or adjusting the door of the refrigerator.
  2. low temperature mode. If you do not have an electronic refrigerator, in which the super-freezing or express cooling mode is turned off automatically after a few hours, then manually switch off the mode by pressing the corresponding button.
  3. Ambient Temperature .If there, where the refrigerator is installed, it is too hot( or the equipment is installed near the radiator), it is necessary to provide ventilation or move it to a cool place so that the compressor does not experience excessive load.

Important! Many users believe that the temperature outside and inside the refrigerator is somehow related. This is not entirely true. If the summer was particularly hot, you should not choose the lowest temperatures - so you just overload the engine. As a result - the compressor is working, but not cold.

If the refrigerator does not freeze, and the compressor is working, and none of the above reasons have been confirmed, it is worthwhile to start the search for a malfunction that caused this behavior. Before starting self-diagnosis, de-energize the equipment by gently pulling the power cord from the outlet.

We have collected all the possible causes of a constantly working motor in one table.

Symptom Cause How to eliminate
The motor runs all the time, being overloaded and not resting. The door seal may be damaged or worn. The constant work is explained by his attempts to normalize the temperature in the cells, cooling the warm air. Due to the constant influx of heat into the chamber, the compressor works “for wear”, sometimes it buzzes too noisily. Need to replace the gum. Work on the strength of almost any user. On the replacement of the seal read in our article.
Failure of the electronic module - the board does not receive signals from the temperature sensor, so it does not order the compressor to stop. Light module failures are solved by firmware. In a difficult case, a major overhaul is required - replacement of the control unit.
Light module failures are solved by firmware. In a difficult case, a major overhaul is required - replacement of the control unit. Detection of the exact leak location, replacement of the damaged section of the circuit, sealing of the system. If necessary - refueling or refueling the circuit with freon.
Freon leak. Due to the decrease in volume, the system stops producing cold. Refill or recharge the system with refrigerant.
Loss of performance. When the efficiency( decompression) decreases, the motor fails to build up the required pressure in the tube; therefore, the temperature set by the user is not reached, and the compressor is not turned off. Need a replacement motor.

Thermistor or thermostat failure.

When the temperature sensor or temperature controller( in electronic or electromechanical models, respectively) stops working, the signals about the set temperature do not reach the module. From this compressor and "thresh" non-stop.

Elimination of the defect is to replace the sensor or thermostat.

There are also cases of engine breakdown:

  • compressor is loud;
  • the refrigerator does not work, and the compressor is hot.

Consider them in the next section.

What to do when the compressor of the refrigerator

heats up If the compressor is buzzing and is getting very hot, or it is heating and not freezing, you need a full check of all systems. First of all, you need to make sure that the motor overheats. In order to understand what the temperature of the unit is, turn the fridge on the back wall towards you to gain access to the part you are looking for.

Important! Be careful not to touch the case with your bare hands. Wear coarse working gloves - if the motor heats up, you will feel it through the fabric.

The main reasons that the motor heats up but does not start( or buzzing heavily) are:

  • blown or “stuck” starting relay;
  • enabled super-freeze mode;
  • depressurization of the chamber, the door is not tightly covered;
  • refrigerant leak from the circuit;
  • capillary blockage;
  • board failure.

As you can see, the reasons are the same as in the case of a permanently on motor, only in addition there is heating. You can consider the engine overheating not as a breakdown, but an additional “symptom” of a breakdown of the unit.

If you are worried about overheating of the part, during its normal( or worse, abnormal) work, you should turn off the refrigerator for inspection and repair. And how to fix the refrigerator - independently or with the help of a master, this is only your decision.

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