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For a long time, the geysher practically did not stand out among the garden plants. It can be compared to a modest rural girl who dreams of becoming a princess. And now, the long-awaited moment has come: the breeders turned their attention to the flower. As a result of their painstaking work in the garden, original types of newly-made princess appeared.

Botanical characteristics of Geiger

The flower belongs to the perennial colorful plants of the famous herbal family "Kamnelomkovy". The flower was first noticed on the rocky mountain slopes of the North American prairies. Its exclusive name was awarded to Geiker in memory of the German scientist I. G. the background of the Geiger. He was a famous physician, biologist and, of course, a fan of green plants.

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An unusual flower looks from the side like a half-meter rounded bush. Its main feature is luxurious leaves. Many believe that this plant is a real gourmet. In one season it is capable of several times changing the color of the leaves. No garden flower has as many options for coloring a leaf plate as a geiger.

Its dense original bush consists of a number of leathery leaves with jagged edges. Each of them is kept on a long handle and has a special texture:

  • with a smooth surface;
  • corrugated;
  • curly character.

Especially impressive is their coloring:

  • almost black;
  • a dark maroon shade;
  • bright red variations;
  • purple colors palette;
  • pinkish and pale colors;
  • yellow plates with a bright tint;
  • various variants of green shades.

In addition, the leaves are:

  • patterned;
  • with streaks;
  • in small tochechki;
  • with formless spots.

The Geiger blooms in early summer with small sweet buds, which are collected in original panicles. In form, they resemble bells, so, looking at them, it seems that they are now rattling. Exclusive photos of varieties of geyher during flowering and lush decoration help appreciate the unusual garden princess. They are clearly visible colors and shades of buds:

  • snow-white;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • cream.

Only with the advent of autumn on the spot buds are formed fruits in the form of a box. By the time of full maturation, it stores more than 20 thousand seeds, the size of a poppy seed.

Due to its wide variety and detailed description of the Geicher, it is often used to decorate the infield area. And the designers create unique landscape masterpieces from a colorful flower.

Color harmony in landscape design

If Geiker once was in the role of Cinderella in the flowerbed, then today she leads the list of applicants for decorating the flower zone. Cultivated breeders do not cease to amaze garden lovers. Therefore, the magnificent plant - Geiger, in landscape design took its place of honor. It can be seen in various green compositions:

  • flower and shrub mixborders;
  • in the company of proud roses, irises, ferns and lilies;
  • in combination with tulips, crocuses and daffodils, geraniums and hosts;
  • when forming rock gardens;
  • for decorating curbs;
  • in container versions in the garden area (gazebos, terraces);
  • for the design of coastal zones of artificial reservoirs.
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The bright leaves of Geicher serve as an irreplaceable accent of green garden planting throughout the season. They are used for a harmonious transition from a plant to a plant. Thus, the emptiness of the site is completely filled during the flower off-season.

Geiger does not require much care. Perfectly takes root in the sun and shady places. It is frost-resistant. Easily multiplies. He is not sick.

In the photo shown, the geiger looks wonderful in the company of his congeners. A variety of shades of its leaves, allows you to create a motley multicolored corner on the site.

Many gardeners noted that working with geyheroi a pleasure. It harmoniously combines with any plants in the suburban area and always looks royally.

Surrounded by charming varieties of geyer

Many people believe that the only queen of the garden is a rose. And indeed, it is beyond competition. But thanks to the diligent work of breeders, geyheru can be planted in the place of a pretty princess. After all, the abundance of various colors and forms of flower foliage and original paniculate buds has no analogues among plants. Considering the photos below with the names of species and varieties Geicher, we will try to plunge into the charming world of flowers.

Unsurpassed blood-red geysher

This kind of flower is considered the ancestor of most varieties of this lovely plant. Geiger blood-red refers to a very hardy mountain species. Because of the cute little buds, the flower is called a coral bell. Leaf plates are mostly green. Some specimens are distinguished by subtle marbling in a light green tone. The feel of the foliage is very dense, in comparison with other species geyhery. The shape is round, the edges are notched, which looks quite stylish against the background of other plants. It's amazing, but some grades of blood-red geyhery have white or cream spots on the leaves.

Small buds are originally collected in a harmonious whisk. Often they are painted in red, coral or pink. Lovely bells attract not only insects, but also connoisseurs of natural beauty.

Historical facts show that some Native American tribes used the blood-red flowers of geyer to treat various ailments. If you grow such a beauty at your dacha, you can "recover" only from her presence.

"Delicious" geyhera Marmalade

When you hear the word marmalade, a pleasant taste appears in your mouth. And when you see flowers like candy - you get a sweet treat. Geiger Marmalade is considered one of the most common varieties of this class of plants. Its dense leaves of carved texture amaze with its variety of shades:

  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • bright red;
  • with a red underside:
  • with the purple back of the sheet.

They are collected in a basque lush rosette, which looks gorgeous on a flower bed. The plant develops very quickly and is not afraid of winter cold. It is used in various garden landscape designs.

Purple Geiger Forever Purple

Extraordinarily beautiful purple bushes about 55 cm wide and 30 cm high, harmoniously fit into any garden front garden. Geiger Forever Purple amazes its fans with a delicate frame of leaves. Their rich purple color remains unchanged throughout the growing season.

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Buds in the form of small bells are located on low peduncles. They are collected in paniculate inflorescences and are decorated in a light purple hue. Against the background of lush foliage, the flowers are hardly noticeable, but this gives the plant an unsurpassed charm.

Fiery Geiger Cajun Fire

Try to imagine a burning fire among the lushly flowering plants. Someone will say: "This is impossible." In fact, Geiger Cajun Fire is such a "fire". The main feature of the species is the change in the coloring of large leaves of a matte character. In early spring they are saturated red. In the summer - almost black tone, with a barely noticeable note of redness. When autumn comes, the leaves become burgundy. A truly "glamorous chameleon".

The height of the Geiger is about 25 cm. It grows pretty quickly. Excellent winter frosts. Blossoms with white buds the first two summer months. They modestly rise above the bush, which attracts the glances of people passing by.

Gentle Geiger Cherry Cola

A small growth of a sweet bush with rounded foliage of wavy character - an indispensable decoration of the country site. It is interesting that when the leaves grow old, they change their color. From orange or reddish color matte sheet plates become yellowish with a green outflow.Peduncles gejhery Cherry Cola are painted in brown color, that is practically imperceptible behind coral or red buds.

Since the flower grows very slowly, and its maximum height is about 20 cm, it is advisable to think about this before starting the formation of the garden flower bed.

Silvery Geiger Glitter

Most often the plant grows up to 25 cm in height and is distinguished by unusual silver leaves. On each of them, black veins are visible. The back side of the sheet plate is made of geyer Glitter painted in a lavender shade. It is interesting that in spring the plant blossoms pink leaves, which over time "dress" in silver. Buds are usually large in size. In appearance they resemble fuchsia. They blossom in June and flourish blossom until early September.

"Sweet" geyser Caramel

When you see a plant in a garden with golden-orange leaves, reminiscent of sweet caramel, you involuntarily want to taste them. In fact, we have before us a refined geiger Karamel, who can admire for an infinitely long time. Its large leaves, barely born in the spring, are painted red. Over time, they become yellow or amber in tone. The scarlet shade remains only on the back side. During a lush bloom on the bushes there are peduncles with cream buds in the form of small bells.

Majestic Geiger Purple Castle

Under such a chic name is classified the totality of all sorts of geychery small-flowered. They are abundant in the presence of branched rhizomes, which promotes rapid reproduction. As a result, the plant is used to decorate curbs along garden paths. It is also considered an indispensable attribute in the creation of rock gardens.

Geiger has large burgundy purple leaf plates. The original color makes the plant indispensable in the garden bed during the whole summer. It is interesting that in ancient times purple paint was considered one of the most expensive goods of wandering merchants. Having planted a geyher Purple Castle in the suburban area, you can quite feel like a possessor of a valuable "pearl".

Another purple beauty - Geikhera Melting Fire

When the plant only dissolves early in the spring, its leaves are painted purple-reddish. But over time they become darker, acquiring a special saturation. The back of the leaf of the flower has a red tint. When it hits the sun, an unusual shine appears. Really amazing spectacle.

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Geiger Melting Fire forms a compact bush of rosette leaves of undulating structure. On the erect peduncles open small fish buds, resembling miniature bells. During the lush flowering they are painted in a dazzling white color.

Multicolored Geiger Zipper

For lovers of flowers with a colorful color suit Geiger Zipper. It differs in such shades:

  • Orange;
  • amber;
  • golden.

It is especially striking that the flower changes color over time. In spring, leaves are orange, in summer - golden. The back of their side is decorated in purple, which gives the plant some intricate charm. Blossoms Geiger in July with white or creamy small bells.

Spotted Geiger Midnight Rose

In 2008, at an exhibition of garden plants in England, Geiger Midnight Rose was recognized as one of the best varieties of greenery. It is distinguished by the incredibly rich color of the heart-shaped foliage of a miniature bush. Most often this is a maroon shade, on which are scattered spots of pink color. The plant grows about 25 cm and blossoms in early June with small bells.

The name of this variety - Geicher Midnight Rose recalls the unchanged queen of the garden. This plant can rightfully be attributed to the royal nobility in the world of flowers.

Geiger Palace Purple

This variety has been used in horticulture since 1980. It was derived by combining several species of a flower, one of which is a small-flowered plant variety. Despite its hybrid origin, the Geiger Palace Purple is a perennial garden. It strikes with the beauty of its cherry leaves, which cover the soil with an incredibly lush carpet. The shape of the leaf plate resembles ivy or holly maple. Above it is decorated with a purple color, and on the back side of a beet. If there is a prolonged heat in summer, the leaves burn out, finding a bronze color.

Bell-shaped buds are collected in paniculate inflorescences, which are located on erect peduncles. Most often they are beige in color and look original against the background of cherry leaves.

Geiger Hybrid

Thanks to the unsurpassed talent of breeders, a Geiger hybrid appeared. One of the most popular varieties of this class of plant is the American Geiger. It was obtained by crossing three initial materials: small-flowered, American and hairy Geiger.

The plant may have leaf plates with blunt or pointed tips. And the frame is almost always wavy in nature. They are painted in purple, purple and brown. During flowering on the bushes of hybrid geyhery there are graceful bells.

Geiger Comet

The unusual name of the plant hints at "unearthly" origin. Geiger Comet features jagged leaves with a gentle edge. They compactly exit from the main rhizome and form a beautiful rosette. From its center rises a slender flower stalk about 40 cm high, decorated with small red buds. Bright bells gently swing even with a slight blow of the wind, which attracts new fans. A truly wonderful flower!

A wonderful geiger in the garden - video

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