How to replace a heater in a washing machine

If you notice a malfunction in the machine-machine - it does not heat the water - probably a heater breakdown occurred. Failure of the heater can be caused by several factors, which we will consider in this article.

Also, you will learn how to replace the heating element in the washing machine with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and signs of a fault in the heater
    • 1.1Where is the heater located
  • 2The course of work on replacing the heater in the washing machine

Causes and signs of a fault in the heater

How can you understand that the cause of the failure in the heater? You can assume the breakdown by external signs:

  • There is no heating of water.
  • Some models of the SMA stop work in the middle of washing.
  • The linen does not wash properly, there is a musty smell.
  • The error code is displayed on the CM display.

Before removing the heater from the washing machine, check this:

  1. Is there really no heating of the water. After all, depending on the selected mode, washing can take place in cold water. So, when you start the "Delicate Wash" program, the water temperature is only 30 degrees.
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    If you are convinced that the temperature is set high, then 15 minutes after the start of the program, attach the palm to the hatch. If it is warm, the water is heated.
  2. Is the washing machine correctly connected. It happens that if the hoses are connected incorrectly, the water, without having enough time to accumulate, immediately merges. As a result, the heater simply does not have time to perform heating.

For what reasons may need to replace the spiral TEN in the washing machine:

  • There was a short circuit. As a result, short-circuited contacts of the element are burned, so it loses connection with the control unit. It will take a replacement for the wiring or removal and installation of a new heater.
  • The reason is in scale. This is number one enemy for all the elements of the styralke. What is dangerous scum? Being collected in large quantities on the heater, it prevents the element from giving off heat, which leads to overheating and breakage. The temperature sensor can also fail, which measures the temperature of the water heating.
    To ensure the presence of scale, you need to know how to pull and remove the heater from the machine.

Where is the heater located

To understand where the heater is located in your washing machine, you need to inspect it. Usually, if the back cover is quite large, then the heating element is there.

Bear in mind that such brands as Indesit, Ariston, Electrolux, Kandy, TEN are behind. At the spin dryers of BOSH, Samsung and LG, the heater is behind the front cover.

If you are not sure of the location of the part, first remove the back panel, since it is the easiest to unscrew. Now proceed to dismantling the heater of the washing machine.

The course of work on replacing the heater in the washing machine

Disconnecting the styralka from power and communications, you need to push it away from the wall. Then proceed as follows:

  1. In the AGR with the location of the TEN at the back, unscrew the bolts along the perimeter of the rear panel. Leave her alone. At the bottom of the tank you will see a heater.
  2. To get to the element from the front, you need to pull out the detergent drawer. Unscrew the screws on the control panel and unfasten the latches. Now remove the plinth panel and drain the water from the drain filter.
    After opening the door of the hatch, remove the cuff clamp and thread it into the tank. Unscrew the screws from the top and bottom, remove the panel to the side.
    The heater is under the tank.

Before changing the heater, it is necessary to check it. You can do this without removing the element from its place. You will need a tester configured in Ommet mode. Do this:

  • Disconnect all wiring connectors from the TEN.
  • Connect the test leads to the heater contacts.

  • Measure the resistance: the norm is 20-30 ohms.

To remove the heater from the machine, loosen the nut on the center bolt and press it into the tank. Using a screwdriver, pull out the element.

Now about how to insert and connect a heater in the washing machine: take a new heater, insert it into the socket, tighten the nut and connect the wiring.

It remains to assemble the car and run it for verification.

Knowing how to replace and install the heater in the washing machine, you can easily cope with the repair yourself. You will be helped by video on the topic:

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