What are the spots on cacti: causes of problems and ways to solve them?

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Tell me what to do if there are spots on the cactus? I have a small collection, and a few plants noticed soft dark spots on the stem, while in others it became some sort of yellow. Is it dangerous and how to save flowers?

Although cacti are considered to be unpretentious plants, they can also ache and often even die if not helped in time. One of the most common problems is the appearance of various spots on cacti. In most cases, they arise as a result of improper care, but there are also more dangerous causes, such as pests and diseases.

Set the "diagnosis" and start an effective treatment will help the color and shape of the stain. More often on cacti there are such traces:

  • white patches in the form of a continuous deposit;
  • yellow-brown spots completely covering the lower part of the succulent;
  • Blurred yellow patches throughout the plant or on one side;
  • rusty spots;
  • wet dark spots;
  • dry, yellowish, turning into each other, spots.
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If the body of the cactus is first covered with smallwhite spots, and then almost continuouswhite touchSucculent attacked mealybug. It sucks the juices, the stems cease to grow, they "lose weight" and become discolored.

To get rid of the pest, you should sprinkle the cactus with the solution of Aktara (on 2 liters of water), and for watering prepare a weaker solution (5 g for the same amount of water). This treatment should be done 4 times, taking a break for 7 days.

"Aging" or age-related changes in the flower

Beautiful, green and juicy, the cactus usually stands in a pot before the age of 4. Then in the lower part of the stem begin to appearyellow spots, which gradually capture the entire trunk and becomebrownish. In addition, the surface of the body in this place is coarsened and covered with a continuous corky coating.

If such a raid is dry and without additional ulcers - there is nothing to worry about, the flower is just old and the youth with the same old look, alas, can not return it. But the appearance of soft areas indicates another problem - decay.

The result of "tanning"

Yellowish stainA blurry shape appears on the cactus after the pot is rearranged from the penumbra to the bright window sill. These are traces of a "sunny kiss and they appear in those places, which touched the rays. To rehabilitate the succulent, it must be returned back or shaded, and also regularly sprayed.

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Spider mite - a dangerous enemy

If on a plant are visiblebrown spots with a rusty tinge- You need to look for a spider mite. In the case when the beginning of his attack is missed, and the pest has time to settle down, one does not even need to look for it: the presence of an insect will confirm the spider web between the thorns. Against mites are effective spraying and watering fungicides (Actellik, Fufanon).

Unfortunately, to remove ugly spotting does not work out - the mite will die, but they will remain on the flower forever.

Cactus killer - wet rot

Wet brown or black spotson the body of succulent signal that he is dying from stem rot. Save the patient can only "amputation" of damaged areas to living tissue. Be sure to cut the slices and allow the plant to dry.


Naturally, after the "circumcision" the wound will no longer grow and the cactus will remain ugly, especially if the area of ​​damage is decent. In this case, it is better to root healthy side shoots.

Dry rot - kills from the inside

Dry pale yellow, almost imperceptible, spots, accompanied by loss of the turgor and shrinking cactus inside the stem - this is also rot, but already dry. To save her from the flower is almost impossible, but prevent the disease preventive spraying fungicides.

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This is only a brief selection of problems associated with the appearance of various spots on cacti. Most of them can be avoided by properly caring for succulents.

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