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Cleomia in the garden is a real piece of jewelry. To describe in words all the superiority of such a plant is impossible. Appreciate its appearance and characteristics better from the photos, which are given in the material below. Cleom is more often than one-year culture, which designers use with pleasure when decorating plots.

Features of the plant

In Germany, a clown is called a "spider" because of its specific colors. They really have a rather unusual shape: elongated pestle and stamens are on one side, and four petals adorn another part of the bud.

Huge inflorescences of Cleoma reach a length of 20 cm. With careful care, the bush will become the highlight of the garden, especially if grown with a lavator or fragrant tobacco. These plants only emphasize the beauty of the majestic Clemus. She will fit well in the role of hedgerows. High and lush bushes will be an excellent backdrop of a large flowerbed.

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Florists number about 170 varieties of this culture. Botanists say that the plant has more than 200 varieties.

The most popular varieties of prickly clover are:

  1. Cherry Queen is also a cherry queen. The most favorite variety among landscape designers. How does the cherry queen look like you can see in the photo below. The flowers of this plant have a specific form and an unusual flavor. In height, shrubs grow to 60 cm. This variety, like many others, can be grown from seed without too much effort and then transplanted to the site.
  2. Cleoma White Queen. More elegant grade. Snow-white petals of flowers are very harmoniously combined with the dark green foliage of the plant, complement their long thin stamens.
  3. Splashes of champagne. This is one of the varieties of Hassler's Clematis. The plant forms very high bushes - up to, meter. A huge inflorescence in the form of a ball of brushes has a diameter of about 20 cm. Large buds of 3-4 cm have a milky or pinkish hue. They please their owners from July until the frost.
  4. Cleomia Colorful fountain. It is a mix of colorful plants. He is very popular. Pistil and stamens of opened buds are similar to splashes of a fountain.
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The Queen series is unique in that it combines flowers of various colors. The names of the variety correspond to the color: Pink, Purple queen. Varieties of Pin Quinn and Lime's clover will please flower growers with petals of various shades of pink.

Cultivation from seeds

The soil composition is an important condition for the successful cultivation of clover from the seeds. And, as in the cultivation of seedlings in pots in the home or apartment, and when sowing directly into the open ground. The land must have high fertility and nutritional value. Avoid stagnation of water in those areas where the flower will dwell. An obligatory condition is the introduction of compost, as well as complex mineral fertilizers.

To get abundant and earlier flowering you need to know when to sow the glue. In the open ground, the seeds are planted in April or late autumn. This way of growing has one drawback: bushes will start to bloom quite late. Therefore, it is better to germinate seeds and get seedlings in the greenhouse or in the house. For this, the crop is produced in late February or in the first half of March. You can use ordinary flower pots. Although it is preferable to get seedlings in wooden boxes.

The optimum composition of soil for germination of seeds of Cleoma:

  • 20% - river sand;
  • 40% - humus;
  • 40% is the land from the garden.

The height of the pedicel can reach 100 cm.

Planting material is planted in shallow pits (up to 1 cm), after which they cover with a small layer of earth. You can use compost for these purposes, it will serve not only as a protection, but also as an additional fertilizer. The sprouts appear three weeks later. To speed up this process, it is necessary to process the seeds before planting the growth stimulator. Then they will sprout two weeks. It is better to use Epin or Zircon. In the prepared mixture, soak the seeds for 12 hours.

The plant should be mildly watered and provide enough light. Cleoma loves well-lit places, so in the evening for seedlings you need to turn on the lamp.

To prevent diseases of the root system, you can apply a solution of potassium permanganate once. After the appearance of the first full-grown leaves, each specimen should be transplanted into a separate peat container. It is convenient because it is buried in the ground with the plant, so when planting the roots are not injured and the earthenware of the usual composition is not destroyed.

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Planting seedlings in the open ground

The first thing to do is to choose a suitable place for the landing of the Cleoma. It must be protected from drafts and gusts of wind. Plant seedlings in the garden or on the site only when the threat of frost completely passes. Usually this is the end of May or the beginning of June.

Kleoma is unpretentious to the composition of the soil, but it grows worse on poor soil. Therefore, to create optimal conditions, it is better to make a little compost and fertilizer for flowers before digging.

Since Cleoma is a fairly large shrub that actively grows, it is necessary to plant young specimens at a distance of at least half a meter from each other. And it is even better to leave gaps of 70 cm. If you plant the clay denser, then its bushes will not be so lush, it will not bloom well. Because of the dense planting the plant is poorly ventilated, which can lead to the spread of rot.

Outdoor care

Cleom is a rather unpretentious plant. But despite this, some rules of care are required.

To have a flower with beautiful buds, you can use additional feeding in the form of ash.

Watering. Irrigate flowers only in hot and arid weather. The plant does not tolerate frequent watering, so it is better to do it less often, but abundantly. Excess moisture is destructive for bushes, from overflowing the clover can perish.

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Fertilizer. Every 14 days the bushes are fed with mineral fertilizers of a complex composition. Plants with injuries, as well as affected by disease, are best sprayed with mixtures, rather than applied to the soil.

Pests. Kleoma prickly is quite resistant to diseases. Its main enemy is too much water. Therefore, it is necessary periodically to loosen the soil near the bushes. A bright and specific aroma of flowers drives away insect pests.


Collection of seeds. The grains of the plant are rather large, round in shape, brown or yellow in color. After the flowering is over, they should be collected in order to get seedlings for the next year. Collection of seeds should be carried out from specimens that have faded first. In order not to miss the moment of opening pods and not lose grain, they can be tied with gauze. On the remaining stalks, the wilted flowers are cut off before they begin to form pods. This will prevent self-sagging.

Preparation for winter. With the first frosts, shoots of this annual plant are cut off and disposed of. In late November or early December, you can sow collected seeds to a depth of about, The beds are covered with lapnik. With the advent of spring, the kernels are pecked and then the hide is removed.

The spider is a very beautiful garden plant with unique inflorescences. This annual is easy to grow from seeds. Planting and care in the open ground of Cleoma are simple, but require some rules. If you follow the advice, then the garden will be the best resting place.

Cultivation of Cleoma from seeds to flowering - video

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