Zinnia seedlings turn yellow: why and what to do?

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Last year, my seedlings of zinnia almost completely recovered. Of course, I do not know, but the leaves at the shoots gradually turned yellow, and some plants even crumbled. Not everyone managed to save. I would like to avoid such mistakes this season. Tell me, why does zinnia seedlings turn yellow and how to deal with it?

Cultivation of zinnia by seedling is widely practiced by flower growers, since it allows one to obtain an earlier flowering of these beautiful plants. However, the handsome majors have a slightly capricious character, which manifests itself at the stage of seedling. Often young shoots begin to lose color, and the leaves gradually turn yellow. To prevent such a situation, you need to know why the zinnia seedling turns yellow.

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The main causes of yellowing of seedlings are:

  • freezing;
  • lack of nutrition;
  • close planting;
  • damage to the roots;
  • lack or excess of moisture;
  • lack of lighting;
  • presence of the disease.

Freezing seedlings

Zinnia is very sensitive to low temperature, even short-term freezing of the shoots leads to their defeat and yellowing of the leaves. It is especially important not to allow drafts during the ventilation of greenhouses with seedlings and not leave containers near open windows.

When growing zinnia seedlings in the open ground at night, it is necessary to cover the planting with a film.

Lack of food

For the full development of seedlings, zinnia needs a loose and nutritious soil. The lack of nitrogen and other microelements in the soil can lead to yellowing of the shoots.

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It is necessary to regularly feed seedlings with nitrogen and complex mineral fertilizers, so that plants have sufficient nutrient reserves for active growth.

Close planting and damage to the root system

Yellow leaves of zinnia seedlings also appear in case of thickening of shoots, when they lack space for growth, as a result of which plants are interwoven with roots and are fighting for survival. It is necessary to arrange the zinnia in separate cups, trying not to damage the thin roots, which in turn can lead to a discoloration of the leaves and further death of seedlings.


Violation of irrigation and lack of light

Leaves in young zinnia can turn yellow and as a result of missed or insufficient watering. It is important not to allow complete drying of the soil, but also not to fill the seedlings. With excess moisture, the decay process can begin, which will lead to the death of the seedlings.

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Lack of lighting leads to yellowing and stretching of seedlings, so the container with zinnia should be placed on a sunny place.

Sprouting disease

Unbreakable seedlings are defenseless against various diseases. Often seedlings are prone to fading, which manifests as yellowing of the leaves. First the yellow leaves turn yellow, gradually the germ grows sluggish and shrinks. You can try to save the remaining zinnia, shedding the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. For prevention and treatment of diseases, sprays should be sprayed with Bactofit.

Completely faded zinnia seedlings should be carefully removed from the soil.

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