Do you know how to grow a full-fledged potato from sprouts?

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Hello everybody! I want to plant my summer cottage area with a new potato variety. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive - buying planting material for the whole site is very expensive. I decided to use sprouts for saving. Therefore I want to learn with all the details how to grow seedlings of potatoes from sprouts.

Knowing how to grow seedlings of potatoes from sprouts, you can really save a lot of money, and at the same time get the opportunity to dig up the first tubers in mid-July. Of course, with this growing there are certain subtleties you need to know about.

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Getting sprouts for seedlings

Approximately 2-3 weeks before planting potatoes (in different regions this date differs by more than a month), it is necessary to create suitable conditions selected from autumn or later purchased seed tubers. The tubers are laid out on cloth or just in boxes with earth. You can stack them tightly, one to the other, to save space. The temperature should be high enough - not below + 10... + 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, the tubers need to be well illuminated - without this, eyes will not poke. Tubers should be filled with soil to prevent drying out and death. Soil composition does not play a role - it acts as a protection, not a nutrient medium.

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After 15-20 days sprouts will rise above the ground - strong and healthy. They should be carefully broken off at the base and as soon as possible (the main thing here is not to allow drying out) to proceed to planting.

Tubers can be used for food - they are not suitable for re-planting.

Planting sprouts

Sprouts sit down just like ordinary potato tubers - digging a pit deep in one bayonet spade, after which it sits a sprout. Of course, you need to do it carefully, so that fragile shoots are not damaged. It is advisable to plant two or three sprouts in one well, but if there is no need to save a useful area plot, you can plant and one by one - let not every hole yields a harvest, but in the amount of potatoes will be more.

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Immediately after planting, the area should be watered abundantly. Do not forget - shoots will not have such a supply of nutrients, as when planting tubers. Therefore, the slightest drought can ruin the harvest. It is also desirable for the summer several times to feed the site with fertilizers - sprouts need to provide the most suitable conditions for growth.


More information about growing potatoes from sprouts you will learn from the video:

The result of the experiment - video in 2 parts

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