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For good health and strong immunity in our diet must be present different vegetables. A special place among vegetables is onion, which is present in almost all dishes: vegetable, meat, fish and others. Therefore, a wide range of varieties of this delicious and healthy vegetable has been bred by breeders.

But relatively recently, no more than 10 years ago, summer residents began cultivating onions excibishen. This is a salad bow of giant size with a delicate slightly sweet taste and practically no characteristic onion odor. Fans of this brand are even those who could not bear the bow before.

This is an annual variety of onion, bred by Dutch breeders, which can be grown in two ways: through sowing and through seedlings. If the crop is more or less clear, then there are many nuances in growing seedlings. In this article, we will take a closer look at how the seedlings of onions are cultivated.

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Cultivation of onion seedlings

To get a good harvest of onions, as in the photo, you need to take care of the seedlings in advance. For this, several conditions must be observed:

  • Fertile soil;
  • Quality seed;
  • Observance of light conditions;
  • Regular watering;
  • Tempering before landing.

So, we store the fertile soil in a specialized store or harvest it from autumn. We prepare a suitable container and in the middle of February we sow the onion seeds in the soil. To do this, pour a layer of soil in the container for planting and evenly moisten the surface of the sprayer with standing warm water. Now sufficiently thickly sow the seeds and close them with a thin layer of soil (-1 cm). We tighten the container with a film and leave it in a warm place.

A week later, young shoots appear. As soon as this happens, remove the film and put the container in the light. So that the seedling does not stretch and do not turn yellow, it needs a lot of light. Therefore, the light day for the onion seedlings should be extended for several hours. For this, you can use fluorescent lights.

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As the seedling grows, it is necessary to apply fertilizing. As soon as the first hooks-leaves are straightened we introduce a complex fertilizer (1 teaspoon per 1 liter. water). This fertilizing should be done every 14 days until the very landing in the ground.


When the third leaflet appears, we shorten the shoots to 2/3 of their height so that the seedlings do not lie down and break.

One month before the landing, we are obliged to season the young onions. We carry seedlings on a loggia or on a street on a sunny day. Gradually increasing the hardening time from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Planting of onion seedlings

It is possible to plant the grown seedlings of onions into the open ground not earlier than the second decade of May. At this time, night frosts are unlikely, and seedlings will quickly take root in warm soil.

Before planting sprouts abundantly watered, so that the earthen soil is well soaked and the young roots less damaged during the transplant. The rootlets themselves and green shoots, too, a little bit pruned. And that the roots do not dry out, they are placed in a bucket with liquid earth or a clay chatterbox.

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Cultivated onions seeded exibisin planted in watered holes, made at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Between the plants must observe a distance of 15-20 cm. Seedlings of onion should not be buried, it is enough to sprinkle the ground with a white part of the stem near the rhizome and press it with your fingers.

To ensure that the young onion is better rooted the next day it must be poured with a solution of humate.

Further care for the onion consists in regular watering and loosening of the rows. Harvesting begins when the stems of the stems dry and feathers bend to the ground.

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